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541March2017Breaking Through Gridlock To Protect Human Rights: The Case For A Congressional Human Rights CommitteeDr. Joanne SweenyMore detail
541March2017The History and Future of Capital Punishment in the United StatesRobert A. SteinMore detail
541March2017User "Safer Harbor" from Statutory Damages: Remixing the DOC's IP Task Force White PaperTonya M. EvansMore detail
541March2017Mandatory Ultrasounds and the Precession of SimularcaJessica KnouseMore detail
541March2017The Never-Ending Quest for Clarity Amidst Uncertainty: Hospital M&A and Antitrust ScrutinyRoss E. BautistaMore detail
541March2017Ownership Not Required: The Expansion of Section 167(h) in CGG Americas, Inc. v. CommissionerThompsonMore detail
534December2016Catholic Social Teaching, the Right to Immigrate, and the Right to Regulate Borders, a Proposed Solution for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Based Upon Catholic Social PrinciplesChad G. Marzen & William Woodyard IIMore detail
534December2016Building a Bench: A Close Look at State Appellate Courts Constructed by the Respective Methods of Judicial SelectionThe Hon. Diane M. JohnsenMore detail
534December2016A Battlefield Map for NFL v. Insurance Industry Re: Concussion LiabilitiesChristopher C. FrenchMore detail
534December2016When Everything is Small: The Regulatory Challenge of Scale in the Sharing EconomyKellen ZaleMore detail
534December2016Saving the Farm or Giving Away the Farm: A Critical Analysis of the Capital Gains Tax PreferencesPhyllis C. TaiteMore detail
534December2016California's Curse: Perpetual Drought and Persistent Land DevelopmentGabrielle KavounasMore detail
5332016Net Legal PowerSteven FerreyMore detail
5332016Better Sex Through Criminal Law: Proxy Crimes, Covert Negligence, and Other Difficulties of "Affirmative Consent" in the ALI's Draft Sexual Assault ProvisionsKevin ColeMore detail
5332016Negotiating the Terms of Corporate Human Rights Liability Under Federal LawR. George WrightMore detail
5332016Three's a Crowd or a Charm? Third Party Liability for Participating in Breaches of Fiduciary DutyAlison GurrMore detail
5332016Consumers' Obsession Becoming Retailers' Possession: THe Way That Retailers Are Benefitting from Consumers' Presence on Social MediaVivian AdameMore detail
5332016Notice and the Claim Presentation Requirements Under the California Government Claims Act: Recalibrating the Scales of JusticeSamanta LewisMore detail
5332016Making the Grade: School-Based Telemedicine and Parental ConsentEmily G. NarumMore detail
5322016Funding Terrorism: The Problem of Ransom PaymentsYvonne M. DuttonMore detail
5322016Article III Standing for Private Plaintiffs Challenging Greenhouse Gas RegulationsBradford C. MankMore detail
5322016Sealing and Destruction of Criminal Records for the Factually Innocent: A "Second Chance" for California Penal Code Section 851.8Irina FoxMore detail
5322016Masking Your Rights: Facemask Requirements Under Mandatory Influenza-Vaccination Policies Violate Privacy Rights of Health Care WorkersJanet S. KimMore detail
5322016There's No Place Like (Your) Home: Evaluating Existing Models and Proposing Solutions for Room-sharing RegulationLara MajorMore detail
531March2015Religion in the Public SquareH.E. BaberMore detail
531March2016The Opposite of Anarchy and the Transmission of Faith: The Freedom to Teach after Smith, Hosanna-Tabor, Obergefell, and the Ascendancy of Sexual ExpressionismHelen M. AlvaréMore detail
531March2016Master Metaphors and Double-Coding in the Encounters of Religion and StatePerry DaneMore detail
531March2016Free Exercise By MoonlightMarc O. DeGirolamiMore detail
531March2016 Why the Ministerial Exception Is Consistent With Smith—And Why It Makes SenseWilliam A. GalstonMore detail
531March2016RFRA, State RFRAs, and Religious MinoritiesChristopher C. LundMore detail
531March2016Do Religious Exemptions Save?Maimon SchwarzschildMore detail
531March2016Byrne: Closing hte Gap Between HIPAA and Patient PrivacyAustin RutherfordMore detail
525December2015Legitimacy and the International Trade RegimeThomas ChristianoMore detail
525December2015How to Construct Global JusticeAaron JamesMore detail
525December2015From Theory to Practice I: Passing Judgments of ExploitationMathias Risse & Gabriel WollnerMore detail
525December2015Free Trade Then and Now, or Still Manchester UnitedMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
525December2015Two Conceptions of Justice and the Dystopia of Global JusticeHoracio SpectorMore detail
525December2015Revising International Law: A Liberal Account of Natural ResourcesFernando R. TesónMore detail
524November2015Beginning with Brown: Springboard for Gender Equality and Social ChangeThe Honorable M. Margaret McKeownMore detail
524November2015IntroductionStephen C. FerruoloMore detail
524November2015Tribute to the Special IssueMary Jo WigginsMore detail
524November2015Juridical SubordinationRoy L. Brooks & Kelly C. SmithMore detail
524November2015Race and Crime Sixty Years After Brown v. Board of EducationDonald A. DrippsMore detail
524November2015Brown, Fisher, and the Necessity of Context to Achieve Racial Equity in Public InstitutionsKiyana Davis KielMore detail
524November2015Growing Charter School Segregation and the Need for Integration in Light of Obama’s Race to the Top ProgramBrooke FinleyMore detail
524November2015A Better IDEA: Implementing a Nationwide Definition for Significant Disproportionality to Combat Overrepresentation of Minority Students in Special EducationLindsey HerzikMore detail
524November2015The Battle of the Branches: The Impact of the Judiciary and Title VI on Desegregation in the American Public School SystemKelsey D. McCarthyMore detail
523September2015Is Law a Technical Language?Frederick SchauerMore detail
523September2015The Rule of Reason and the Scope of the PatentHerbert HovenkampMore detail
523September2015High-Speed Trading on Stock and Commodity Markets—From Courier Pigeons to ComputersJerry W. MarkhamMore detail
523September2015Do Free Mobile Apps Harm Consumers?J. Gregory SidakMore detail
523September2015A Reason to Resist: The Use of Deadly Force in Aiding Victims of Unlawful Police AggressionKindaka SandersMore detail
523September2015Whose Genome Is It Anyway?: Re-identification and Privacy Protection in Public and Participatory GenomicsSejin AhnMore detail
522June2015Delaware’s FamiliarityBrian J. Broughman & Darian M. IbrahimMore detail
522June2015Deliberate Destitution as Deterrent: Withholding the Right to Work and Undermining Asylum ProtectionLori A. NesselMore detail
522June2015From Calder to Walden and Beyond: The Proper Application of the “Effects Test” in Personal Jurisdiction CasesLee GoldmanMore detail
522June2015Matched Preferences and Values: A New Approach to Selecting Legal SurrogatesNina A. KohnMore detail
522June2015Toward Coherent Federal Oversight of MedicinePatricia J. ZettlerMore detail
521March2015A Generation of Patent LitigationMichael RischMore detail
521March2015An Agency Theoretical Approach To Corporate Board DiversitySandeep GopalanMore detail
521March2015Rosemond, Mens Rea, and the Elements of ComplicityKit KinportsMore detail
521March2015When Condoms Fail: Making Room Under the ACA Blanket for PREP HIV PreventionJason Potter BurdaMore detail
521March2015Unregulated Tax Return Preparers: Not Loving the PenaltiesSarah OyerMore detail
514December2014Introduction to the 2014 Editors’ Symposium: Laurence Claus’s Law’s Evolution and Human UnderstandingLarry Alexander & Steven D. SmithMore detail
514December2014Law’s Evolution and Law as CustomWilliam A. EdmundsonMore detail
514December2014Freedom, Benefit and Understanding: Reflections on Laurence Claus’s Critique of AuthorityJohn FinnisMore detail
514December2014Prediction Theories of Law and the Internal Point of ViewMichael S. GreenMore detail
514December2014Do People Obey the Law?Frederick SchauerMore detail
514December2014Law’s Evolution and Human UnderstandingLaurence ClausMore detail
514December2014Introduction for the SymposiumSteven D. Smith & Larry AlexanderMore detail
514December2014Religion and Insularity: Brian Leiter on Accommodating ReligionChristopher J. EberleMore detail
514December2014Where's the Beef?Stanley FishMore detail
514December2014Religion, Conscience, and the Case for AccommodationWilliam A. GalstonMore detail
514December2014Galston on Religion, Conscience, and the Case for AccommodationLarry AlexanderMore detail
514December2014Religion, Meaning, Truth, LifeFrederick Mark GedicksMore detail
514December2014“Religion” as a Bundle of Legal Proxies: Reply to Micah SchwartzmanAndrew KoppelmanMore detail
514December2014Religion as a Legal ProxyMicah SchwartzmanMore detail
514December2014How Much Autonomy Do You Want?Maimon SchwarzschildMore detail
514December2014Why Distinguish Religion, Legally Speaking?Winnifred Fallers SullivanMore detail
513August2014Constitutional Theories: A Taxonomy and (Implicit) CritiqueLarry AlexanderMore detail
513August2014After Caronia: First Amendment Concerns in Off-Label PromotionStephanie M. GreeneMore detail
513August2014Fortune Favors the Franchisor: Survey and Analysis of the Franchisee’s Decision Whether To Hire CounselRobert W. EmersonMore detail
513August2014Keep Your Facebook Friends Close and Your Process Server Closer: The Expansion of Social Media Service of Process to Cases Involving Domestic DefendantsAlyssa L. EisenbergMore detail
513August2014Those Doggone Police: Insufficient Training, Canine Companion Seizures, and Colorado’s SolutionKaylan E. KaatzMore detail
512June2014The Punishment Should Fit the Crime—Not the Prior Convictions Of the Person That Committed the Crime: An Argument for Less Impact Being Accorded to Previous Convictions Mirko BagaricMore detail
512June2014Drugged Out: How Cognitive Bias Hurts Drug InnovationCynthia M. HoMore detail
512June2014Should Organizations Promoting Dangerous Sports Enjoy Maximum Tax Benefits?William A. DrennanMore detail
512June2014Regulating Three-Dimensional Printing: The Converging Worlds Of Bits And AtomsLucas S. OsbornMore detail
511March2014Should Public Law Accommodate the Claims of Conscience?William A. GalstonMore detail
511March2014False Speech: Quagmire?Christopher P. GuzelianMore detail
511March2014National Geographics: Toward a “Federalism Function” of American Tort LawRiaz TejaniMore detail
511March2014Will the “Nexus” Requirement of Apple v. Samsung Preclude Injunctive Relief in the Majority of Patent Cases?: Echoes of the Entire Market Value RuleDaniel Harris BreanMore detail
511March2014Overseas Lawful Permanent Resident Terrorists: The Novel Approach for Revoking Their LPR StatusDaniel PinesMore detail
511March2014The Chairman or the Board? Appointments at Multimember AgenciesSean CrostonMore detail
511March2014A Modern King Solomon’s Dilemma: Why State Legislatures Should Give Courts the Discretion To Find that a Child Has More than Two Legal ParentsAnn E. KinseyMore detail
504December2013Introduction to the 2013 Editors’ Symposium: The Status of International Law and International Human RightsLarry Alexander & Steven D. SmithMore detail
504December2013The Morality of Human RightsMichael J. PerryMore detail
504December2013Natural Law as Part of International Law: The Case of the Armenian GenocideFernando R. TesónMore detail
504December2013Ineffective, Opaque, and Undemocratic: The IOUs of—Too Much—International Law and Why a Bit of Skepticism Is WarrantedJames AllanMore detail
504December2013The Limits of Custom in Constitutional and International LawMichael D. RamseyMore detail
504December2013Shame, Memory, and the Unspeakable: The International Criminal Court as Damnatio MemoriaeMichael BlakeMore detail
504December2013Does the Existing Human Rights Regime Have Political Authority?Christopher Heath WellmanMore detail
504December2013Achieving the DREAM: Extending Immigration Reform to Administrative Case ClosureTory E. SmithMore detail
504August2013A Shrouded Remedy: Increasing Transparency in the IRS Advance Pricing and Mutual Agreement Program by Releasing Redacted Advance Pricing Agreements and Increasing Administrative DisclosuresBlake L. CurreyMore detail
503August2013The Role of the Federal Judge in the Constitutional Structure: An Originalist PerspectiveDiarmuid F. O'ScannlainMore detail
503August2013Holmes, Cardozo, and the Legal Realists: Early Incarnations of Legal Pragmatism and Enterprise LiabilityEdmund UrsinMore detail
503August2013“Unmistakably Clear” Coercion: Finding a Balance Between Judicial Review of the Spending Power and Optimal FederalismDale B. ThompsonMore detail
503August2013Electronic Data Discovery Sanctions: The Unmapped, Unwinding, Meandering Road, and the Courts’ Role in Steadying the Playing FieldAhunanya AngaMore detail
503August2013Reasonable Persons, Reasonable CircumstancesChristopher JacksonMore detail
503August2013Is Freedom of Expression a Universal Right?Larry AlexanderMore detail
503August2013Joyless Life and Lifeless Joy: The Recovery of Hedonic Damages by Plaintiffs in a Persistent Vegetative StateAlexandra PreeceMore detail
502June2013Hedge Fund Manager Registration Under the Dodd-Frank ActWulf A. KaalMore detail
502June2013The Spatial: A Forgotten Dimension of PropertyPaul BabieMore detail
502June2013Wrongful Death and Survival Actions for Torts in Violation of International LawAlastair J. AgcaoiliMore detail
502June2013A Class Act? Social Class Affirmative Action and Higher EducationMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
502June2013Sharpening the Tools of an Adequate Defense: Providing for the Appointment of Experts for Indigent Defendants in Child Death Cases Under Ake v. OklahomaLaurel GilbertMore detail
501March2013Brown v. Board in the World: How the Global Turn Matters for School Reform, Human Rights, and Legal KnowledlgeMartha MinowMore detail
501March2013Parity at a Price: The Emerging Professional Liability of Mental Health ProvidersT. L. Hafemeister, L.G. McLaughlin, J. SmithMore detail
501March2013Level Up: Employing the Commerce Clause To Federalize the Sale of GoodsJennifer CameroMore detail
501March2013Rights Come with Responsibilities: Personal Jurisdiction in the Age of Corporate PersonhoodRoger M. MichalskiMore detail
501March2013Disparate Impact: Fairness or Efficiency?Larry AlexanderMore detail
501March2014Left to Their Own (Security) Devices: The Need for the California Legislature To Define Deeds of Trust and Update California Civil Code Section 2932.5 in Accordance with the ModernJoshua NortonMore detail
494December2012Introduction to the 2012 Editors’ Symposium: The Philosophical Foundations of Intellectual PropertyLarry Alexander & Steven D. SmithMore detail
494December2012The Relationship Between Foundations and Principles in IP LawRobert P. MergesMore detail
494December2012Managing the Intellectual Property SprawlShubha GhoshMore detail
494December2012On Cowbells in Rock Anthems (and Property in IP): A Review of Justifying Intellectual PropertyEric R. ClaeysMore detail
494December2012A Lockean Theory of Intellectual Property RevisitedAdam D. MooreMore detail
494December2012Toward a Lockean Moral Justification of Legal Protection of Intellectual PropertyKenneth Einar HimmaMore detail
494December2012Access and the Public DomainRandal C. PickerMore detail
494December2012Traditional Knowledge, Cultural Expression, and the Siren’s Call of PropertyJustin HughesMore detail
494December2012Patents as Promoters of Competition: The Guild Origins of Patent Law in the Venetian RepublicTed Sichelman & Sean O'ConnorMore detail
494December2012Harmonizing Equitable Exceptions: Why Courts Should Recognize an “Actual Innocence” Exception to the AEDPA’s Statute of LimitationsMorgan SuderMore detail
494December2012Transition Relief for Tax Reform’s Third Rail: Reforming the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction After the Housing Market CrashNicholaus W. NorvellMore detail
493August2012Comparing Single-Sex and Reformed Coeducation: A Constitutional AnalysisNancy Chi CantalupoMore detail
493August2012Antitrust as Regulation Alan DevlinMore detail
493August2012The Constitutional Jurisprudence of Justice Kennedy on SpeechCharles D. Kelso & R. Randall KelsoMore detail
493August2012Adolescent Identity Versus the First Amendment: Sexuality and Speech Rights in the Public SchoolsSteven J. MaciasMore detail
493August2012Indian Tribes and Human Rights AccountabilityWenona T. SingelMore detail
493August2012Find the Cost of Freedom: The State of Wrongful Conviction Compensation Statutes Across the Country and the Strange Legal Odyssey of Timothy AtkinsJustice Brooks & Alexander SimpsonMore detail
493August2012Patronage Employment: Limiting LitigationSusan Lorde MartinMore detail
493August2012PLIVA Shields Big Pharma from Billions, Cuts Consumers' RightsDana TaschnerMore detail
493August2012The Informational and Institutional Theories of Off-Label PromotionMiguel A. LopezMore detail
492June2012Judicial Line-Drawing and the Broader Culture: The Case of Politics and EntertainmentR. George WrightMore detail
492June2012Cognitive Illiberalism and Institutional Debiasing StrategiesPaul M. SecundaMore detail
492June2012Sexual Liberty and Same-Sex Marriage: An Argument from BisexualityMichael BoucaiMore detail
492June2012Clarifying the Normative Dimension of Legal Realism: The Example of Holmes's The Path of the LawEdmund UrsinMore detail
492June2012The FTCA, Veterans, and Future Medical ExpensesR.J. PintoMore detail
492June2012Shareholder to Intermediary: "Thanks...It Is 'Appreciated'!"Terri GunnMore detail
491February2012The Missing Normative Dimension in Brian Leiter's "Reconstructed" Legal RealismEdmund UrsinMore detail
491February2012Deconceptualizing Artists' RightsSteven G. GeyMore detail
491February2012A "Lawyer for All Seasons": The Lawyer as Conflict ManagerMichael T. Colatrella Jr.More detail
491February2012Gray Matters: Autism, Impairment, and the End of BinariesKevin BarryMore detail
491February2012Contingent Capital with Sequential TriggersWulf A. Kaal & Christoph K. HenkelMore detail
491February2012Age of an Information Revolution: The Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Industry and the Need for a Holistic Regulatory ApproachMichelle D. IrickMore detail
484November2011Introduction to the 2011 Editors' Symposium: The Morality of Preventive Restriction of LibertyLarry Alexander & Steven D. SmithMore detail
484November2011Protecting Liberty and Autonomy: Desert/Disease JurisprudenceStephen J. MorseMore detail
484November2011Prevention as the Primary Goal of Sentencing: The Modern Case for Indeterminate Dispositions in Criminal CasesChristopher SloboginMore detail
484November2011Lifting the Cloak: Preventive Detention as PunishmentDouglas HusakMore detail
484November2011Prevention and Imminence, Pre-Punishment and ActualityGideon YaffeMore detail
484November2011A Punitive Precondition for Preventive Detention: Lost Status as a Foundation for a Lost ImmunityAlec WalenMore detail
484November2011Inchoate Crimes at the Prevention/Punishment DivideKimberly Kessler FerzanMore detail
484November2011Dangerous Psychopaths: Criminally Responsible but Not Morally Responsible, Subject to Criminal Punishment and to Preventive DetentionKen LevyMore detail
484November2011Proposed 2009 Regulations Dealing with § 356 Nonrecognition Rules Should Be Given the BootTerri GuinnMore detail
483August2011The Regrettable Clause: United States v. Comstock and the Powers of CongressH. Jefferson PowellMore detail
483August2011Socioeconomic Rights and Theories of JusticeJeremy WaldronMore detail
483August2011The Federal Trade Commission and Privacy: Defining Enforcement and Encouraging the Adoption of Best PracticesAndrew SerwinMore detail
483August2011Independent Counsel in InsuranceDouglas R. RichmondMore detail
483August2011Neoformalism and the Reemergence of the Right-Privilege Distinction in Public Employment LawPaul M. SecundaMore detail
483August2011Do Sexting Prosecutions Violate Teenagers' Constitutional Rights?Dr. JoAnne SweenyMore detail
483August2011The Trouble with Investment Banking: Cluelessness, Not GreedWill BuntingMore detail
482May2011Joe the Ploughman Reads the Constitution, or, The Poverty of Public Meaning OriginalismJack N. RakoveMore detail
482May2011The Untaxed King of South Beach: LeBron James and the NBA Salary CapMitchell L. EnglerMore detail
482May2011Dangerous Discretion: Protecting Children by Amending the Federal Child Pornography Statutes To Enforce Sentencing Enhancements and Prevent Noncustodial SentencesHolly H. KrohelMore detail
482May2011Closing One Loophole and Opening Another: Why Section 271(f) Patent Infringement Should Apply to Method Patents After Cardiac PacemakersMichael SilhasekMore detail
481February2011Selected Works-Professor Fred C. ZachariasMore detail
481February2011Fred C. Zacharias-ReminiscencesLarry ZachariasMore detail
481February2011Fred Zacharias: Scholar, Colleague, FriendLarry AlexanderMore detail
481February2011Remembering FredGuido CalabresiMore detail
481February2011Old School Loses a Teacher: A Recollection of Fred ZachariasKevin ColeMore detail
481February2011A Tribute to Professor Fred ZachariasNeil Coughlan, John Gulliver, Dick Keenan et al.More detail
481February2011A Tribute to Professor Fred C. ZachariasMichael R. DevittMore detail
481February2011In Memoriam to Professor Fred C. ZachariasOrly LobelMore detail
481February2011A Letter to Professor Fred Zacharias's Sons in Memory of Their FatherAnne LukingbealMore detail
481February2011In Memoriam: Fred C. ZachariasRussell K. OsgoodMore detail
481February2011A ListFrank PartnoyMore detail
481February2011Tribute to Professor Fred ZachariasMichael J. PerryMore detail
481February2011Tribute to Professor Fred ZachariasFaust F. RossiMore detail
481February2011Remembering Fred ZGary J. SimsonMore detail
481February2011In MemoriamSteven D. SmithMore detail
481February2011Prosecutors' Ethical Duty of Disclosure In Memory of Fred ZachariasBruce A. GreenMore detail
481February2011Some Reflections on Ethics and Plea Bargaining: An Essay in Honor of Fred ZachariasR. Michael CassidyMore detail
481February2011Our Federalism: The United States and the Regulation of LawyersMichael J. ChurginMore detail
481February2011Zacharias's Prophecy: The Federalization of Legal Ethics Through Legislative, Court, and Agency RegulationDaniel R. Coquillette & Judith A. McMorrowMore detail
481February2011The Zealous Prosecutor as Minister of JusticeBennett L. GershmanMore detail
481February2011Confidentiality Explained: The Dialogue Approach to Discussing Confidentiality with ClientsElisia M. Klinda & Russell G. PearceMore detail
481February2011Images and Aspirations: A Call for a Return to Ethics for LawyersRobert P. LawryMore detail
481February2011Fred Zacharias and a Lawyer's Attempt To Be Guided by Justice: Flying With Harry Potter and Understanding How Lawyers Can Prosecute the People They RepresentRandy LeeMore detail
481February2011Conflicts of Interest: Slicing the Hot Potato DoctrineJohn LeubsdorfMore detail
481February2011Taking the Ethical Duty to Self Seriously: An Essay in Memory of Fred ZachariasSamuel J. LevineMore detail
481February2011Fred Zacharias's Skeptical MoralismDavid LubanMore detail
481February2011Fred Z.David McGowanMore detail
481February2011Prosecutorial Ethics in the Postconviction Setting from A to ZachariasDaniel S. MedwedMore detail
481February2011The Complexities of Lawyer Ethics Code Drafting: The Contributions of Professor Fred ZachariasNancy J. MooreMore detail
481February2011Confidentiality and Common Sense: Insights from PhilosophyThomas MorawetzMore detail
481February2011Globalization and Eligibility To Deliver Legal Advice: Inbound Legal Services Provided by Corporate Counsel Licensed Only in a Country Outside the United StatesCarol A. NeedhamMore detail
481February2011Facing the Unfaceable: Dealing with Prosecutorial Denial in Postconviction Cases of Actual InnocenceAviva OrensteinMore detail
481February2011Behind Closed Doors: Shedding Light on Lawyer Self-Regulation-What Lawyers Do When Nobody's WatchingJohn SahlMore detail
481February2011When Realism and Idealism Collided in Fred Zacharias's Work on the Purposes and Limitations of Legal Ethics CodesTed SchneyerMore detail
481February2011Federalizing Legal Ethics, Nationalizing Law Practice, and the Future of the American Legal Profession in a Global AgeEli WaldMore detail
481February2011Three Concepts of RolesW. Bradley WendelMore detail
474November2010Introduction to the 2010 Editors' Symposium: Freedom of Conscience: Stranger in a Secular LandLarry Alexander & Steven D. SmithMore detail
474November2010The Significance of ConscienceKent GreenawaltMore detail
474November2010Alternative Burdens on Freedom of ConscienceAdam J. KolberMore detail
474November2010Foundations of Religious Liberty: Toleration or Respect?Brian LeiterMore detail
474November2010How Shall I Praise Thee? Brian Leiter on Respect for ReligionAndrew KoppelmanMore detail
474November2010Comment on Koppelman and LeiterChristopher T. WonnellMore detail
474November2010From Religious Freedom to Moral FreedomMichael J. PerryMore detail
474November2010Against Freedom of ConscienceRichard J. ArnesonMore detail
474November2010Theses on SecularismNomi Maya StolzenbergMore detail
474November2010The First Amendment's Religion Clauses: "Freedom of Conscience" Versus Institutional AccommodationMichael J. WhiteMore detail
474November2010Three Versions of the Politics of Conscience: Hobbes, Spinoza, LockeRonald BeinerMore detail
474November2010Was It Science, Not Religion?Maimon SchwarzschildMore detail
474November2010Fundamental Questions About the Religion Clauses: Reflections on Some CritiquesKent GreenawaltMore detail
474November2010Response to Professor Kent Greenawalt's LectureLarry AlexanderMore detail
474November2010Response to Professor Kent Greenawalt's LectureSteven D. SmithMore detail
474November2010An Affair To Remember: The State of the Crime of Adultery in the MilitaryKatherine AnnuschatMore detail
473August2010In Memoriam: Jack Wm. Hodges 1947-2010 1975 Editor-in-Chief San Diego Law ReviewClassmates of Jack HodgesMore detail
473August2010Conscious Parallelism RevisitedReza DibadjMore detail
473August2010Licensed To Kill: Spy Fiction and the Demise of LawRosanna CavallaroMore detail
473November2010Drug Testing Students in California - Does It Violate the State Constitution?Floralynn EinesmanMore detail
473August2010Free Speech, Fleeting Expletives, and the Causation Quagmire: Was Justice Scalia Wrong in Fox Television Stations?Clay Calvert & Matthew D. BunkerMore detail
473August2010Targeted Reform of Commercialized Intercollegiate AthleticsM. Mitten, J. Musselman, B. BurtonMore detail
473August2010Drug Safety and Commercial Speech: Television Advertisements and Reprints on Off-Label UsesMargaret GilhooleyMore detail
472May2010Protecting Our Aging Retirees: Converting 401(K) Accounts Into Federally Guaranteed Lifetime AnnuitiesLawrence A. FrolikMore detail
472May2010The ADAAA: Opening the FloodgatesAmelia Michele JoinerMore detail
472May2010Private Regulation and Foreign ConductAdam I. MuchmoreMore detail
472May2010Walking the Legal Tightrope: Solutions for Achieving a Balanced Life in LawLeslie Larkin CooneyMore detail
472May2010Teaching with Emotion: Enriching the Educational Experience of First-Year Law StudentsGrant H. MorrisMore detail
472May2010"Criminal Cases Gone Paperless": Hanging With the Wrong CrowdDaniel B. Garrie, Esq. et alMore detail
472May2010The Greatest Legal Movie of All Time: Proclaiming the Real WinnerGrant H. MorrisMore detail
472May2010A Place For Famous Market Niche Trade and Service Marks Wihtin Federal Trademark Dilution LawKatherine D. JochimMore detail
471February2010Impeach Brent Benjamin Now!? Giving Adequate Attention to Failings of Judicial ImpartialityJeffrey W. StempelMore detail
471February2010The End of OriginalismJeffrey M. ShamanMore detail
471February2010Pesticides As "Pollutants" Under The Clean Water ActJohn H. Minan & Tracy M. FrechMore detail
471February2010Regulatory Takings and Emergency Medical TreatmentGary E. JonesMore detail
471February2010Nudging Mutual Fund Fees Downward: Using Default Rules to Combat Excessive Advisory FeesColin B. DavisMore detail
471February2010Marrying into Financial Abuse: A Solution To Protect The Elderly in CaliforniaAshley E. RathburnMore detail
464November2009Introduction to the 2009 Editors' Symposium: Isaiah Berlin, Value Pluralism, and the LawLarry AlexanderMore detail
464November2009On This Side of the Law and On That Side of the LawMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
464November2009Pluralism, Liberalism, and Distributive JusticeGeorge CrowderMore detail
464November2009What Value Pluralism Means for Legal-Constitutional OrdersWilliam A. GalstonMore detail
464November2010Value Pluralism and the Two Concepts of RightsHoracio SpectorMore detail
464November2010Berlin's Methodological ParsimonyDaniel M. WeinstockMore detail
464November2010The Path Between Value Pluralism and Liberal Political Order: Questioning the ConnectionPatrick NealMore detail
464November2009Normative Conflict in International LawCarmen PavelMore detail
464November2009The Plural Implications of Value Pluralism: A Comment on Maimon Schwarzschild's On This Side of the Law and On That Side of the LawIddo PoratMore detail
464November2009Value Pluralism Does Not Support Liberalism: A Comment on William A. Galston's What Value Pluralism Means For Legal-Constitutional OrdersRichard J. ArnesonMore detail
464November2009Urbanization, the Intelligentsia, and Meaning Change: A Comment on Horacio Spector's Value Pluralism and the Two Concepts of RightsChristopher T. WonnellMore detail
463August2009In Memoriam: Professor Richard E. Speidel 1933-2008Kevin ColeMore detail
463August2009The Insurance Relationship as Relational Contract and the "Fairly Debatable" Rule for First-Party Bad FaithJay M. FeinmanMore detail
463August2009A Unified Rationale for Section 2-607(3)(A) NotificationWilliam H. Henning & William H. LawrenceMore detail
463August2009Maybe Dick Speidel Was Right About Court AdjustmentRobert A. HillmanMore detail
463August2009Blowing the Whistle on Mandatory Arbitration: Unconscionability as a Signaling DeviceCharles L. KnappMore detail
463August2009Arbitrator Integrity: The Transient and the PermanentWilliam W. ParkMore detail
463August2009The Collateral Source Rule in Contract CasesJoseph M. PerilloMore detail
463August2009Good Faith Revisited: Some Brief Remarks Dedicated to the Late Richard E. Speidel - Friend, Co-Author, and U.C.C. SpecialistRobert S. SummersMore detail
463August2009Warranties in the BoxJames J. WhiteMore detail
462May2009“Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”: Assessing the Competence of Counsel in Mental Health Conservatorship ProceedingsGrant H. MorrisMore detail
462May2009State Laws for Student Suspension Procedures: The Other Progeny of Goss v. LopezPerry A. Zirkel & Mark N. CovelleMore detail
462May2009The Hidden Foreign Law Debate in Heller: The Proportionality Approach in American Constitutional LawMoshe Cohen-Eliya & Iddo PoratMore detail
462May2009Evidence and Ideology in Assessing the Effectiveness of Financial Literacy EducationLauren E. WillisMore detail
462May2009The Violent Bear It Away: Emmett Till and the Modernization of Law Enforcement in MississippiAnders WalkerMore detail
462May2009“Looking and Feeling Your Best”: A Comprehensive Approach to Groom and Dress Policies Under Title VIIElizabeth MalcomMore detail
461February2009Networks of Heightened Scrutiny in Corporate LawReza DibadjMore detail
461February2009Moving Beyond Animal Rights: A Legal/Contractualist CritiqueRichard L. Cupp, Jr.More detail
461February2009Sprawl in Europe and AmericaMichael LewynMore detail
461February2009“Corrective” Surgery and the Americans with Disabilities ActJeannette CoxMore detail
461February2009Apologies All Around: Advocating Federal Protection for the Full Apology in Civil CasesMichael B. RunnelsMore detail
461February2009Unreasonable: Involuntary Medications, Incompetent Criminal Defendants, and the Fourth AmendmentDora W. KleinMore detail
461February2009A Downwind View of the Cathedral: Using Rule Four to Allocate Wind RightsTroy RuleMore detail
461February2009There Is a Pink Elephant at Our Patent Negotiation, and His Name Is Declaratory JudgmentGreg HalseyMore detail
454November2008Introduction to the 2008 Editors' Symposium: National Borders and ImmigrationLarry AlexanderMore detail
454November2008The Morality of Immigration PolicyPeter H. SchuckMore detail
454November2008Brain DrainFernando R. TesonMore detail
454November2008Immigration, Political Community, and CosmopolitanismThomas ChristianoMore detail
454November2008Immigration and Political EqualityMichael BlakeMore detail
454November2008Equal Justice: Comment on Michael Blake's Immigration and Political EqualityLori WatsonMore detail
454November2008In Search of Market Discipline: The Case for Indirect Hedge Fund RegulationPaul M. JonnaMore detail
453August2008Property Rights, Public Use, and the Perfect Storm: An Essay in Honor of Bernard H. SieganRichard A. EpsteinMore detail
453August2008Take-ingsWilliam Michael TreanorMore detail
453August2008Originalism: Lessons from Things that Go Without SayingRobert W. BennettMore detail
453August2008Economic Liberties and the Original Meaning of the ConstitutionJames W. Ely, Jr.More detail
453August2008The Constitution of Economic LibertyJohn HarrisonMore detail
453August2008Originalism and Regulatory Takings: Why the Fifth Amendment May Not Protect Against Regulatory Takings, but the Fourteenth Amendment MayMichael B. RappaportMore detail
453August2008"No Taking Without a Touching?" Questions from an Armchair OriginalistNicole Stelle GarnettMore detail
453August2008Blackstone's Commentaries and the Privileges or Immunities of United States Citizens: A Modest Tribute to Professor SieganEric R. ClaeysMore detail
453August2008Human Law, Higher Law, and Property Rights: Judicial Review in the Federal Courts, 1789-1835John F. HartMore detail
452May2008The Gross Progeny: An Empirical Analysis Youssef Chouhoud & Perry A. ZirkelMore detail
452May2008Clarifying Duty: California's No-Duty-for-Sports Regime Edmund Ursin & John N. CarterMore detail
452May2008Preparing Law Students for Disappointing Exam Results: Lessons from Casey at the Bat Grant H. MorrisMore detail
452May2008The Emperor's New Clothes: Lifting the NCAA's Veil of Amateurism Amy Christian McCormick & Robert A. McCormickMore detail
452May2008Advocacy Under Islam and Common Law Liaquat Ali KhanMore detail
451February2008Networks of Fairness Review in Corporate Law Reza DibadjMore detail
451February2008Legislative Facts in Grutter v. Bollinger Carl A. AuerbachMore detail
451February2008An Economic Analysis of the Duty to Disclose Information: Lessons Learned From the Caveat Emptor Doctrine Alex M. Johnson, Jr.More detail
451February2008Jeremy Waldron and the Philosopher's Stone James AllanMore detail
451February2008Waiving the Effectiveness of the FMLA: The Anti-Waiver Approach to Enforceability of FMLA Severance Agreement Waivers Jessica SnorgrassMore detail
451February2008Speak No Evil: Circumventing Chinese Censorship Jennifer ShyuMore detail
451February2008Is a Free Appropriate Public Education Really Free? How the Denial of Expert Witness Fees Will Adversely Impact Children with Autism Leslie ReedMore detail
451February2008Fighting Terrorism: Assessing Israel's Use of Force in Response to HezbollahZachary MyersMore detail
444November2007Introduction to the 2006 Editors' Symposium: The Rights and Wrongs of DiscriminationLarry AlexanderMore detail
444November2007The Human Right to PrivacyJames GriffinMore detail
444November2007Does Warrantless Wiretapping Violate Moral Rights? Evan Tsen LeeMore detail
444November2007"I've Got Nothing to Hide" and Other Misunderstandings of Privacy Daniel J. SoloveMore detail
444November2007The Right to Privacy Unveiled Samuel C. RicklessMore detail
444November2007Some Questions for the Barrier TheoryAlan RubelMore detail
444November2007Toward Informational Privacy RightsAdam D. Moore More detail
444November2007Separation, Risk, and the Necessity of Privacy to Well-Being: A Comment On Adam Moore's Toward Informational Privacy Rights Kenneth Einar HimmaMore detail
444November2007Privacy Versus Security: Why Privacy is Not an Absolute Value or Right Kenneth Einar HimmaMore detail
444November2007Claims to Privacy and the Distributed Value View Alan RubelMore detail
444November2007What Statutes Mean: Interpretive Lessons from Positive Theories of Communication and Legislation Boudreau, Lupia, McCubbins, RodriguezMore detail
444November2007How to Understand Legislatures: A Comment on Boudreau, Lupia, McCubbins, and Rodriguez Larry AlexanderMore detail
444November2007Intentionalism's RevivalJames J. BrudneyMore detail
444November2007Statutory Interpretation as a Parasitic Endeavor Stephen F. RossMore detail
443August2007Introduction to the Third Criminal Procedure Discussion ForumRussell L. WeaverMore detail
443August2007The Supreme Court, Confessions, and Judicial SchizophreniaArnold H. LoewyMore detail
443August2007Miranda at FortyRussell L. WeaverMore detail
443August2007Interrogating Terrorists: From Miranda Warnings to "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"Ronald J. RychlakMore detail
443August2007Preventing False Confessions: Is Oickle Up to the Task?Dale R. IvesMore detail
443August2007Privacy as StruggleAndrew R. TaslitzMore detail
443August2007Truth, Justice, and the American DilemmaRobert BateyMore detail
443August2007Toward a More Robust Right to Counsel of ChoiceJanet C. HoeffelMore detail
443August2007Justice Powell's Garden: The Ciraolo Dissent and Fourth Amendment Protection for Curtilage-Home PrivacyCatherine HancockMore detail
443August2007Smith v. Hooey: Underrated But UnfulfilledLeslie W. AbramsonMore detail
443August2007International Criminal Jurisdiction in the Twenty First Century: Rediscovering United States v. BowmanEllen S. Podgor & Daniel M. FillerMore detail
443August2007Striking a Balance in Unlawfully Obtained Confession Cases: United Kingdom Pragmatism Against PrincipleJenny McEwanMore detail
443August2007Lenders and Consumers Continue the Search for the Truth in Lending Under the Truth in Lending Act and Regulation ZElwin GriffithMore detail
443August2007Keeping It PrivateMaimon SchwarzchildMore detail
442May2007The EPA's Prosecution of Clean Air Act Asbestos NESHAP Cases Based Upon Nonbinding Bulk Material Test MethodsHoward, Guerrero, McGrath & Van OrdenMore detail
442May2007Too High a Price for Some Drugs?: The FDA Burdens Reproductive ChoiceLars NoahMore detail
442May2007Fiction, Form, and Substance in Subchapter K: Taxing Partnership Mergers, Divisions, and IncorporationsHeather M. FieldMore detail
442May2007The Web of LawThomas A. SmithMore detail
442May2007Continuing the Evolution: Why California Should Amend Family Code Section 8616.5 to Allow Visitation in All Postadoption Contract AgreementsKirsten WidnerMore detail
442May2007How the Court Got It Wrong in Woodford v. NGO By Saying No to Simple Administrative Exhaustion Under the PLRAKaren M. Harkins SlocombMore detail
441February2007Public Services Meet Private LawMichael I. KraussMore detail
441February2007The (Always) Imminent Death of the LawSteven D. SmithMore detail
441February2007Legal Commitments and Religious CommitmentsJoseph ViningMore detail
441February2007On Questions and Answers in Law's QuandaryBrian H. BixMore detail
441February2007A Quandary in Law? A (Qualified) Catholic DenialPatrick McKinley BrennanMore detail
441February2007Constitutional TextingLawrence B. SolumMore detail
441February2007Deconstruction of Marriage: The Swedish CaseAllan CarlsonMore detail
434November2006IntroductionLarry AlexanderMore detail
434November2006Defining the Antidiscrimination Norm to Defend ItMark KelmanMore detail
434November2006What Is Wrongful Discrimination?Richard J. ArnesonMore detail
434November2006Justice for Large Earlobes! A Comment on Richard Arneson's "What Is Wrongful Discrimination?"Andrew KoppelmanMore detail
434November2006Private Discrimination: A Prioritarian, Desert-Accommodating AccountKasper Lippert-RasmussenMore detail
434November2006Sameness, Subordination, and Perfectionism: Toward a More Complete Theory of Employment Discrimination LawKimberly A. YurackoMore detail
434November2006Reflections on Equality, Adjudication, and the Regulation of Sexuality at Work: A Response to Kim YurackoOrly LobelMore detail
434November2006Explanation, Vindication, and the Role of Normative Theory in Legal ScholarshipConnie S. RosatiMore detail
434November2006Reflections on DiscriminationAlan WertheimerMore detail
434November2006Left Libertarianism and Private DiscriminationPeter VallentyneMore detail
434November2006Left Libertarianism: What's in It for Me?H.E. BaberMore detail
434November2006The Discriminating ShopperMichael BlakeMore detail
434November2006Discriminating Shoppers BewareDana K. NelkinMore detail
434November2006Why Not Regulate Private Discrimination?Matt ZwolinskiMore detail
434November2006Is the Privilege of Private Discrimination an Artifact of an Icon?Donald A. DrippsMore detail
434November2006In Re Blair Misses the Mark: An Alternative Interpretation of the BAPCPA's Homestead ExemptionShaun MulreedMore detail
433August2006The Role of News Leaks in Governance and the Law of Journalists' Confidentiality, 1795-2005Richard B. KielbowiczMore detail
433August2006On Art Theft, Tax, and Time: Triangulating Ownership Disputes Through the Tax CodeAnne-Marie RhodesMore detail
433August2006Dignity and Conflicts of Constitutional Values: The Case of Free Speech and Equal ProtectionR. George WrightMore detail
433August2006The Law and Norms of File SharingYuval Feldman & Janice NadlerMore detail
433August2006Recoiling from ReligionMarc O. DeGirolamiMore detail
433August2006Keelhauling Pirates: How Ex Parte Seizure of Non-Interfering LPFM Does Not Further the FCC'S "Public Interest"Buck EndemannMore detail
433August2006Water, Water Everywhere, and Not a Bite to Eat: Sovereign Immunity, Federal Disaster Relief, and Hurricane KatrinaNathan SmithMore detail
432May2006Honorable Gerald Brown: A Life Well LivedDavid NiddrieMore detail
432May2006The Copyright MomentLior ZemerMore detail
432May2006In Summary It Makes Sense: A Proposal to Substantially Expand the Role of Summary Judgment in Nonjury CasesJack Achiezer GuggenheimMore detail
432May2006Foreign Extradition, Provisional Arrest Warrants, and Probable CauseRoberto IraolaMore detail
432May2006Freedman Seating Co. and the Claim Vitiation DoctrineRobert PribishMore detail
432May2006Assuming Too Much: An Analysis of Brown v. SandersNicholas A. FromherzMore detail
431February2006Constitutional Rights Coming Home to Roost? Rights Internationalism in American CourtsJames Allan & Grant HuscroftMore detail
431February2006Congressional AdministrationJack M. BeermannMore detail
431February2006The Duress Defense's Uncharted Terrain: Applying It to Murder, Felony Murder, and teh Mentally Retarded DefendantSteven J. MulroyMore detail
431February2006De Novo Review Under the Freedom of Information Act: The Case Against Judicial Deference to Agency Decisions to Withhold InformationNathan SlegersMore detail
424November2005After Roper v. Simmons: Keeping Kids Out of Adult Criminal CourtEllen Marrus, Irene Merker RosenbergMore detail
424November2005Crawford and the Forfeiture by Wrongdoing ExceptionJoan Comparet-CassaniMore detail
424November2005Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Regulation Under the Federal Clean Water Act: The Role of Water Quality Standards?John H. MinanMore detail
424November2005The Unitary Waters Apprach: The Government's Misguided Attempt to Limit the Reach of the Clean Water ActBrad W. BlankMore detail
424November2005The Comparative Catalyst: Reforming Graham v. DaimlerChryslerKevin LoganMore detail
423August2005IntroductionLarry AlexanderMore detail
423August2005Everything I know About Marriage I Learned From Law ProfessorsBrian H. BixMore detail
423August2005A Response to Professor BixRobert F. NagelMore detail
423August2005Who Knows?Michael B. KellyMore detail
423August2005Evaluating Marriage: Does Marriage Matter to the Nurturing of Children?Robin Fretwell WilsonMore detail
423August2005Privileging the Privileged? Child Well-Being as a Justification for State Support of MarriageLaura S. AdamsMore detail
423August2005Does Marriage Make People Good or Do Good People Marry?Kimberly A. YurackoMore detail
423August2005Why the Federal Marriage Amendment is NecessaryChristopher WolfeMore detail
423August2005Why the Federal Marriage Amendment is Not Only Not Necessary, But a Bad Idea: A Response to Christopher WolfeMichael PerryMore detail
423August2005Three Tensions and One Omission, In the Case for the Federal Marriage AmendmentDonald A. DrippsMore detail
423August2005Liberals and Libertines: The Marriage Question in the Liberal Political ImaginationNomi Maya StolzenbergMore detail
423August2005Sexuality and the "System of Liberty": Comment on StolzenbergWilliam A. GalstonMore detail
423August2005The Meaning of Marriage: State Efforts to Facilitate Friendship, Love, and ChildrearingRichard ArnesonMore detail
423August2005What is the "Meaning" of "Marriage"?Connie S. RosatiMore detail
423August2005Who's Afraid of Polygamous Marriage? Lessons for Same-Sex Marriage Advocacy from the History of PolygamyCheshire CalhounMore detail
423August2005Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage: A Response to CalhounSamuel C. RicklessMore detail
423August2005Thinking About PolygamySanford LevinsonMore detail
423August2005The Conservative's Dilemma: Traditional Institutions, Social Change, and Same-Sex MarriageAmy L. WaxMore detail
423August2005Traditionalism and Rationalism in the CourtsGail HeriotMore detail
423August2005Tradition and the Law: A Response to WacDana NelkinMore detail
423August2005Marriage, Pluralism, and Change: A Response to Professor WaxMaimon SchwarzschildMore detail
423August2005Metaphysics for the Marriage DebateJanet Radcliffe RichardsMore detail
423August2005Natural Law and Evolutionary Conservatives: Comments on Janet Radcliffe RichardsMatt ZwolinskiMore detail
422May2005IntroductionLarry AlexanderMore detail
422May2005Word Meaning in Legal InterpretationWalter Sinnott-ArmstrongMore detail
422May2005Legislative Intentions, Legislative Supremacy, and Legal PositivismJeffrey GoldsworthyMore detail
422May2005A Synthetic Approach to Legal AdjudicationSamuel C. RicklessMore detail
422May2005A Pluralist Approach to Interpretation: Wills and ContractsKent GreenawaltMore detail
422May2005Three Strategies of InterpretationAdrian VermeuleMore detail
422May2005There is No Textualist PositionStanley FishMore detail
422May2005Not a Matter of InterpretationSteven Knapp, Walter Benn MichaelsMore detail
422May2005Moderate versus Strong Intentionalism: Knapp and Michaels RevisitedJeffrey GoldsworthyMore detail
422May2005Interpretation in LawDennis PattersonMore detail
422May2005Against InterpretationMiranda Oshige McGowanMore detail
422May2005"And My Best Friend, My Doctor/Won't Even Say What It Is I've Got": The Role and Significance of Counsel in Right to Refuse Treatment CasesMichael L. PerlinMore detail
422May2005Pursuing Justice for the Mentally DisabledGrant H. MorrisMore detail
422May2005Private Securities Litigation Reform Failure: How Scienter Has Prevented The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 from Achieving Its GoalsShaun MulreedMore detail
421February2005Liberty Versus Property: Cracks in the Foundation of Copyright LawRichard A. EpsteinMore detail
421February2005Is Copyright Property?Adam MossoffMore detail
421February2005IP as Conflict Resolution: A Micro View of IPSolveig SingletonMore detail
421February2005Introduction to the Symposium on the Rationality of Rule-FollowingLarry AlexanderMore detail
421February2005The Rationality of Rule-Guided Behavior: A Statement of the ProblemScott J. ShapiroMore detail
421February2005Personal Rules and Rational WillpowerMichael E. BratmanMore detail
421February2005Talk for AALS - What Personal Rules Can Teach Us About Basic Institutions Claire FinkelsteinMore detail
421February2005Why You Should Be a Law-Abiding Anarchist (Except When You Shouldn't)Heidi M. HurdMore detail
421February2005Imposing RulesFrederick SchauerMore detail
421February2005Rational Commitment and Legal ReasonBruce ChapmanMore detail
421February2005The Right to Reject: The First Amendment in a Media-Drenched SocietyPatrick M. GarryMore detail
421February2005Appellate Mediation - "Settling" the Last Frontier of ADRIgnazio J. RuvoloMore detail
421February2005An Original Misunderstanding: Akhil Amar and Fourth AmendmentDavid E. SteinbergMore detail
421February2005"Random Recollections"Justice John Paul StevensMore detail
421February2005Barnett and the Constitution We Have LostStephen M. GriffinMore detail
421February2005The Administrative Law Legacy of Kenneth Culp DavisRonald M. LevinMore detail
421February2005Making "Lemon-Aid" From the Supreme Court's Lemon: Why Current Establishment Clause Jurisprudence Should be Replaced by a Modified Coercion TestLisa M. KahleMore detail
421February2005Exporting Software Components - Finding a Role for Software in 35 U.S.C. Section 271(F) Extraterritorial Patent InfringementSteven C. TietsworthMore detail
421February2005Response to Charles R.P. Pouncy, Applying Heterodox Economic Theory to the Teaching of Business Law: The Road Not Taken, 41 San Diego Law Rev. 211Robert J. Reinstein, JoAnne A. EppsMore detail
415September1984Risk in the 1980's: New Perspectives on Managing Chemical HazardsCheryl F. CoodleyMore detail
414November2004Introduction: Third Remedies Discussion ForumRussel L. WeaverMore detail
414November2004The Republican Model and Punitive DamagesDavid F. PartlettMore detail
414November2004Do Punitive Damages Compensate Society?Michael B. KellyMore detail
414November2004Comparison to Criminal Sanctions in the Consitutitional Review of Punitive DamagesColleen P. MurphyMore detail
414November2004Reforming Reprehensibility: The Continued Viability of Multiple Punitive Damages After State Farm v. CampbellRachel M. JanutisMore detail
414November2004Prometheus Bound or Loose Cannon? Punitive Damages for Pure Breach of Contract in CanadaJohn D. McCamusMore detail
414November2004Reconceptualizing Aggravated Damages: Recognizing the Dignitary Interest and Referential LossJeffry BerrymanMore detail
414November2004Punitive Damages - A View From EnglandAndrew TettenbornMore detail
414November2004Brown II's "All Deliberate Speed" at Fifty: A Golden Anniversary or A Mid-Life Crisis for the Constitutional Injunction as a School Desegregation Remedy?Doug RendlemanMore detail
414November2004The Rise and Decline of Structural RemediesRussell L. WeaverMore detail
414November2004Ubi Jus, Ibi Remedium: The Fundamental Right to a Remedy Under Due ProcessTracy A. ThomasMore detail
414November2004"Preliminarily" Enjoining Elections: A Tale of Two Ninth Circuit PanelsJames M. FischerMore detail
414November2004Comparing Remedies for School Desegregation and Employment Discrimination: Can Employees Now Help Schools?Candace Saari Kovacic-FleishcerMore detail
414November2004The Law of Remedies in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century: An Australian PerspectiveGary Davis & Michael TilburyMore detail
414November2004Why We Write: Reflections on Legal ScholarshipEmily SherwinMore detail
414November2004Why Do Emprirical Legal Scholarship?Theodore EisenbergMore detail
414November2004Why I Write (And Why I Think Law Professors Generally Should Write)Yale KamisarMore detail
414November2004Legal Scholarship: A Corporate Scholar's PerspectiveJonathan R. MaceyMore detail
414November2004Legal Scholarship as Resistance to "Science"Steven D. SmithMore detail
414November2004Writing Highs and LowsKimberly A. YurackoMore detail
414November2004False Endorsement or First Amendment?: An Analysis of Celebrity Trademark Rights and Artistic ExpressionJoshua BeserMore detail
414November2004California's Unfair Competition Law - Making Sure the Avenger Is Not Guilty of the Greater GameMathieu BlackstonMore detail
414November2004Raich v. Ashcroft: Medical Marijuana and the Revival of FederalismSamantha EverettMore detail
413August2004ForewordDaniel B. RodriguezMore detail
413August2004The Jurisdiction of Justice: Two Conceptions of Political MoralityLarry AlexanderMore detail
413August2004"Is That English You're Speaking?" Why Intention Free Intrepretation is an ImpossibilityLarry Alexander & Saikrishna PrakashMore detail
413August2004Guarentees and Limits of the Independence and Impartiality of the JudgeJoseph J. DarbyMore detail
413August2004Six Easy Pieces: Teaching ExperientiallySteven HartwellMore detail
413August2004Toward Reasonable Limitations on the Exercise of General JurisdictionWalter W. HeiserMore detail
413August2004Lapides v. Board of Regents and the Untrustworthiness of Unanimous Supreme Court DecisionsPaul HortonMore detail
413August2004Rolling Contracts Rolling Over Contract LawWilliam H. LawrenceMore detail
413August2004Criteria of International Tax PolicyHerbert I. LazerowMore detail
413August2004The San Diego River: A Natural, Historic, and Recreational ResourceJohn H. MinanMore detail
413August2004Mental Disorder and the Civil/Criminal DistinctionGrant H. MorrisMore detail
413August2004An Enterprise (No-Fault) Liability Suitable for Judicial Adoption - With a "Draft Judicial Opinion"Virginia E. Nolan & Edmund UrsinMore detail
413August2004The Empirical Dilemma of International LawMichael D. RamseyMore detail
413August2004Recovering (From) Enlightenment?Steven D. SmithMore detail
413August2004Does the Tax Law Discriminate Against the Majority of American Children? The Downside of Our Progressive Rate Structure and Unbalanced Incentives for Higher EducationLester B. SnyderMore detail
413August2004An Introductory Lesson to Mexican Law: From Constitutions and Codes to Legal Culture and NAFTAJorge A. VargasMore detail
413August2004Finance and Factionalism: The Uneasy Present (and Future) of Special Interest Committees in Corporate Reorganization LawMary Jo WigginsMore detail
413August2004Lawyers as GatekeepersFred ZachariasMore detail
412May2004"The Corporate Conscience" and Other First Amendment Follies in Pacific Gas & ElectricAlan Hirsch & Ralph NaderMore detail
412May2004Remembering the Forgotten Ones: Protecting the Elderly from Financial AbuseShelby A.D. Moore & Jeanette SchaeferMore detail
412May2004A Plain Meaning Interpretation of ERISA's Preemption and Saving Clauses: In Support of a State Law Preemption of Section 1132(A) of ERISA's Civil Enforcement ProvisionsLarry J. PittmanMore detail
412May2004Can Promise Enforcement Save Affordable Housing in the United States?Kristen David AdamsMore detail
412May2004Likelihood of ConfusionAnn BartowMore detail
412May2004The Deferred Action Program of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services: A Possible Remedy for Impossible Immigration CasesLeon WildesMore detail
412May2004Obstructing Justice: The Rise and Fall of the AEDPAAnkush AgarwalMore detail
412May2004In the Wake of Enzo: The Impact of the Federal Circuit's Decision on the U.S. Life Science IndustryHal GibsonMore detail
411February2004Introduction: Teaching SocioeconomicsJune CarboneMore detail
411February2004What is Socioeconomics?Robert AshfordMore detail
411February2004Teaching Law and SocioeconomicsLynne L. DallasMore detail
411February2004A Crowded House: Socioeconomics (and Other) Additions to the Law School and Economics CurriculaThomas S. UlenMore detail
411February2004Why Law Schools Do Not Teach Contracts and What Socioeconomics Can Do About ItEdward RubinMore detail
411February2004Teaching in a Larger Social Context: Using Simulations to Demonstrate Socioeconomic Principles and Their Relevance to LawJeffrey Evans Stake & Kenneth Glenn Dau-SchmidtMore detail
411February2004Teaching Labor Law Within a Socioeconomic FrameworkEllen DanninMore detail
411February2004Labor and Finance as Inevitably Transnational: Globalization Demands a Sophisticated and Transnational LensT. Canova, C. Dickerson, K. StoneMore detail
411February2004Socioeconomics and Professional Responsibilities in Teaching Law-Related Economic IssuesRobert AshfordMore detail
411February2004The Role of Socioeconomics in Teaching Family LawMargaret F. BrinigMore detail
411February2004Teaching Federal Income Taxation Using SocioeconomicsI. Richard GershonMore detail
411February2004Applying Heterodox Economic Theory to the Teaching of Business Law: The Road Not TakenCharles R. P. PouncyMore detail
411February2004The Imperium Strikes Back: The Need to Teach Socioeconomics to Law StudentsWilliam K. BlackMore detail
411February2004Socioeconomics: Choice and ChallengesJeffrey L. HarrisonMore detail
411February2004Spectrum Rights in the Telecosm to ComeEllen P. GoodmanMore detail
411February2004The Clothes Have No Emperor, or, Cabining the Commerce ClauseJohn T. ValauriMore detail
411February2004Models in Social Science: A Review of Law and Public Policy: A Socioeconomic Approach by Lynne L. DallasKenneth G. Dau-SchmidtMore detail
411February2004Enforcing the Public Forum Doctrine on Private Property: First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City v. Salt Lake City CorporationRandall R. SjoblomMore detail
404November2003IntroductionEditorial BoardMore detail
404November2003Hand Rule Damages for Incompensable LossesRobert CooterMore detail
404November2003Can We Compensate for Incompensable Harms?Adi AyalMore detail
404November2003Instrumental Theories of Compensation: A SurveyRichard CraswellMore detail
404November2003For What Must We Pay? Causation and Counterfactual BaselinesMichael MooreMore detail
404November2003Moore, Causation, Counterfactuals, and ResponsibilityRichard FumertonMore detail
404November2003Harm, History, and CounterfactualsStephen PerryMore detail
404November2003Rethinking Injury and Proximate CauseJohn C.P. GoldbergMore detail
404November2003What to Compensate? Some Surprisingly Unappreciated Reasons Why the Problem Is So HardLeo KatzMore detail
404November2003Baselines and CompensationF.M. KammMore detail
404November2003Compensation and RevengeEmily SherwinMore detail
404November2003Compensation: Justice or Revenge?Kenneth W. SimonsMore detail
404November2003The Grounds and Extent of Legal ResponsibilityRichard W. WrightMore detail
404November2003A Pertinent Message for Today from Key Constitutional and Administrative Rulings of YesterdayVictor G. RosenblumMore detail
404November2003Hedge Funds Are Headed Down-Market: A Call for Increased Regulation?Erik J. GreupnerMore detail
404November2003Dramatic Decreases in Clarity: Using the Penn Central Analysis to Solve the Tahoe-Sierra ControversyDana LarkinMore detail
404November2003Dardinger v. Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield: Judicial Redistribution of Punitive Damage AwardsC.J. MartinMore detail
403August2003The Multiple Roles of Corporate Boards of DirectorsLynne L. DallasMore detail
403August2003Statutory Interpretation, Comparative Law, and Economic Theory: Discovering the Grund of Income TaxationWilliam B. BarkerMore detail
403August2003The "Most Valuable Sort of Property": Constructing White Identity in American Law, 1880-1940J. Allen DouglasMore detail
403August2003Spontaneous Mutation: A Sudden Change in the Evolution of the Written Description Requirement as It Applies to Genetic PatentsDuane M. LinstromMore detail
403August2003Undercutting Premises Liability: Reflections on the Use and Abuse of Causation DoctrineJulie DaviesMore detail
403August2003Court Delay and the Waiting ChildJessica K. HeldmanMore detail
403August2003The Bajagua Project: Finding a Solution to the San Diego-Tijuana Sewage CrisisRoss CampbellMore detail
402May2003Escaping the Asylum: When Freedom Is a CrimeGrant H. MorrisMore detail
402May2003The Antitrust-Telecom ConnectionSteven SemeraroMore detail
402May2003The Stubbornness of PretextsDaniel Y. YeagerMore detail
402May2003The Many Faces of Mandates: Beyond Traditional Accommodation Mandates and Other Classic CasesYoram MargaloithMore detail
402May2003Why the Bar Needs Academics - and Vice VersaFred C. ZachariasMore detail
402May2003Failure to WARN: A Proposal that the WARN Act Provide a Compensatory, Make-While Remedy for UnWARNed EmployeesTonya M. CrossMore detail
402May2003The Applicability, Apprpriateness, and Enforcement of the "Background Levels" Standard for Contaminated Sediment Cleanup Under California State Water Resources Control Board Resolution 92-49Benjamin BenumofMore detail
401February2003Foreword: Public Interest Lawyering and Law School Pedagogy Daniel B. RodriguezMore detail
401February2003Keynote AddressRalph NaderMore detail
401February2003Campaign Finance ReformS. Harshbarger, F. Clemente, etalMore detail
401February2003Legislative ReformM. Myers, J. Court, C. Halpern, G. Kimmelman, etalMore detail
401February2003Court StrategyR. Fellmeth, A. Morrison, T. Shaw, etal.More detail
401February2003Agency ReformJ. Claybrook, D. Hawkins, J. Hightower, etal.More detail
401February2003Municipal Storm Water Permitting in CaliforniaJohn H. MinanMore detail
401February2003Were Separate-But-Equal and Antimiscegenation Laws Constitutional?: Applying Scalian Traditionalism to Brown and LovingRonald TurnerMore detail
401February2003Metatags, Keywords, and Links: Recent Developments Addressing Trademark Threats in CyberspaceG. Peter Albert, Jr. & Rita A. AbbatiMore detail
401February2003With Liberty and Domain Names for All: Restructuring Domain Name Dispute Resolution PoliciesAngela L. PattersonMore detail
401February2003The More, the Not Marry-Er: In Search of a Policy Behind Eligibility for California Domestic PartnershipsMegan E. CallanMore detail
401February2003Intel Corp. v. Hamidi: Tresspas to Chattels, the Internet's Greatest Antagonist? Tyson MarshallMore detail
394November2002Unbuckling the "Chemical Straightjacket": The Legal Significance of Recent Advances in the Pharmacological Treatment of PsychosisDouglas MossmanMore detail
394November2002Balancing the Anonymity of Threatened Witnesses Versus a Defendant's Right of Confrontation: The Waiver Doctrine After AlvaradoJudge Joan Comparet-CassaniMore detail
394November2002Sua Sponte Appellate Rulings: When Courts Deprive Litigants of an Opportunity to be HeardBarry A. MillerMore detail
394November2002A Liberty Not Fully Evolved?: The Case of Rodney LeVake and the Right of Public School Teachers to Criticize DarwinismFrancis J. BeckwithMore detail
394November2002Clearer Skies for Investors: Clearing Firm Liability Under the Uniform Securities ActJeannette FilipponeMore detail
394November2002Into Contract's Undiscovered Country: A Defense of Browse-Wrap LicensesDan StreeterMore detail
393August2002PrefaceArti K. RaiMore detail
393August2002IntroductionEditorial BoardMore detail
393August2002Genetic Interventions: (Yet) Another Challenge to Allocating Health CareArti K. RaiMore detail
393August2002Genetic Enhancement, Distributive Justice, and the Goals of MedicineMark A. HallMore detail
393August2002Punishing Reproductive Choices in the Name of Liberal GeneticsAlexander Morgan CapronMore detail
393August2002How Not to End DisabilityJanet Radcliffe RichardsMore detail
393August2002Is Moral Theory Perplexed by New Genetic Technology?Richard J. ArnesonMore detail
393August2002The Ethics of Genetic Intervention: Human Research and Blurred Species BoundariesRebecca DresserMore detail
393August2002A Rawlsian Approach to Solving the Problem of Genetic Discrimination in Toxic WorkplacesRobert A. BohrerMore detail
393August2002Does Technological Enhancement of Human Traits Threaten Human Equality and Democracy?Michael H. ShapiroMore detail
393August2002Reasonable Expectations and the Erosion of PrivacyShaun B. SpencerMore detail
393August2002Deconstructing Binary Race and Sex Categories: A Comparison of the Multiracial and Transgendered ExperienceJulie A. GreenbergMore detail
393August2002The Purloined Personality: Consumer Profiling in Financial ServicesJanet Dean GertzMore detail
393August2002Pavlovich v. Superior Court: Spinning a World Wide Web for California Personal JurisdictionTracey AngelopoulosMore detail
392May2002Ethnography and the Idealized Accounts of Science in Law David S. Caudill More detail
392May2002California's Duty of Confidentiality: Is It time for a Life-Threatening Criminal Act Exception?Kevin E. MohrMore detail
392May2002Feminist Legal WritingKathryn M. StanchiMore detail
392May2002Membership Denied: Subordination and Subjugation Under United States ExpansionismEdiberto Roman & Theron SimmonsMore detail
392May2002Public Defender's Conundrum: Signaling Professionalism and Quality in the Absence of Price Robert J. Aalberts, Thomas Boyt, & L.H. SeidmanMore detail
392May2002Why Repeal of the Death Tax Means the Second Demise of Substantive Due ProcessPaul E. McGrealMore detail
392May2002To Breathe, or Not to Breathe: Passive Alcohol Sensors and the Fourth AmendmentJennifer HartunianMore detail
392May2002Putting the Cart Before the Horse: The Need to Re-Examine Damage Caps in California's Elder Abuse ActMartin RameyMore detail
391February2002Violence, Video Games, and a Voice of Reason: Judge Posner to the Defense of Kids' Culture and the First AmendmentClay CalvertMore detail
391February2002Spouses Need Not Apply: The Legality of Antinepotism and No-Spouse RulesChandler, Gely, Howard, CheramieMore detail
391February2002Responsibility in Capital SentencingSteven SemeraroMore detail
391February2002A Note on the Neutral Assignment of Federal Appellate JudgesCarl TobiasMore detail
391February2002Mixed Signals: The Limited Role of Comparative Analysis in Constitutional AdjudicationLouis J. BlumMore detail
391February2002Internet Gambling: Should Fantasy Sports Leagues be Prohibited?Nicole DavidsonMore detail
384November2001"God Told Me to Kill": Religion or Delusion?Grant H. Morris & Ansar Haroun, M.D.More detail
384November2001Tobacco Tort Litigation in California: A Better Understanding of Civil Code Section 1714.45Stephen D. SugarmanMore detail
384November2001The Supreme Court, the Florida Vote, and Equal ProtectionLarry AlexanderMore detail
384November2001David Versus Goliath: A Law School Debate About Bush v. GoreHonorable H. Lee SarokinMore detail
384November2001Sex Changes and "Opposite-Sex" Marriage: Applying the Full Faith and Credit Clause to Compel Interstate Recognition of Transgendered Persons' ....Shana BrownMore detail
384November2001Which Public, Whose Interest? The FCC, the Public Interest, and Low-Power RadioArthur MartinMore detail
383August2001Smart Growth and Other Infirmities of Land Use ControlsBernard H. SieganMore detail
383August2001Privatizing Social SecurityJerry W. MarkhamMore detail
3832001Hate in Cyberspace: Regulating Hate Speech on the Internet Alexander TsesisMore detail
383August2001The 2000 Federal Civil Rules RevisionsCarl TobiasMore detail
383August2001Limitations on the Consumer's Right to Know: Settling the Debate Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods in the United States Kelly A. LeggioMore detail
383August2001United States v. Locke, 529 U.S. 89 (2000) Kristen A. AschenbeckMore detail
382May2001Teaching Law by Design: How Learning Theory and Instructional Design Can Inform and Reform Law TeachingMichael Hunter SchwartzMore detail
382May2001New Modes of AssessmentGreg SergienkoMore detail
382May2001The Wrong Line Between Freedom and Restraint: The Unreality, Obscurity, and Incivility of the Fourth Amendment Consensual Encounter DoctrineDaniel J. SteinbockMore detail
382May2001Of Courts and Closets: A Doctrinal and Empirical Analysis of Lesbian and Gay Identity in the Courts Todd BrowerMore detail
382May2001Punishing the Causer as the Principal: Mens Rea and the Interstate Transportation Element of the National Stolen Property ActJorge C. GonzalezMore detail
382May2001Proposition 209 and School Desegregation Programs in California Neil S. HyytinenMore detail
381February2001Foreword: Is Reliance Still Dead?Randy E. BarnettMore detail
381February2001Placid, Clear-Seeming Words: Some Realism About the New Formalism (with Particular Reference to Promissory Estoppel)Sidney W. DeLongMore detail
381February2001Expectation, Reliance, and the Two Contractual WrongsChristopher W. WonnellMore detail
381February2001Finding Fault with Wonnell's "Two Contractual Wrongs"George M. CohenMore detail
381February2001The Phantom Reliance Interest in Tort DamagesMichael B. KellyMore detail
381February2001Remedies for Imperfect Transactions in Contracts and TortsDavid W. BarnesMore detail
381February2001Taxing Income from Mailing List and Affinity Card Arrangements: A ProposalKevin M. YamamotoMore detail
381February2001The Pain Relief Promotion Act of 1999 and Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Call for Congressional Self-RestraintChristin A. BattMore detail
381February2001Richardson v. Reno: What is the Proper Application of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act to Criminal Aliens?Teri E. O'BrienMore detail
374November2000Deontology at the ThresholdLarry AlexanderMore detail
374November2000Addiction and CausationMichael CorradoMore detail
374November2000Retribution in Criminal TheoryDouglas N. HusakMore detail
374November2000Cultivating the Genetic Commons: Imperfect Patent Protection and the Network Model of InnovationJonathan M. BarnettMore detail
374November2000A Primer on the Civil Trail of a Sexually Violent PredatorJudge Joan Comparet-CassaniMore detail
374November2000A Guide to Challenging Option RepricingAmanda K. EsquibelMore detail
374November2000Dropping Slugs in the Celestial Jukebox: Congressional Enabling of Digital Music Piracy Short-Changes Copyright HoldersDavid A. HelperMore detail
374November2000An Analysis of California's Common and Statutory Law Dealing with Unsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail: An Argument for RevisionCalvin WhangMore detail
373August2000Has Affirmation Action Been Negated? A Closer Look at Public EmploymentH. Sarokin, J. Babin, A. GoddardMore detail
373August2000Toward a Theory of Regulatory Takings for Intellectual Property: The Path Left Open After College Savings v. Florida PrepaidShubha GhoshMore detail
373August2000The Brandeis LegacyHonorable Mary Murphy SchroederMore detail
373August2000IntroductionEmily SherwinMore detail
373August2000Theories of Areas of LawMichael MooreMore detail
373September2000Two Aspects of Law and TheoryRonald J. AllenMore detail
373August2000What We Do When We Do What We Do and Why We Do ItLeo KatzMore detail
373August2000Theory MinimalismStanley FishMore detail
373August2000Theory's a What Comes NatcherlyLarry AlexanderMore detail
373August2000Is Lowering the Age at Which Juveniles Can Be Transferred to Adult Criminal Court the Answer to Juvenile Crime? A State-by-State AnalysisLisa S. BeresfordMore detail
373August2000Addressing Inequities in the Collection of Social Security Taxes for U.S. Citizens Working AbroadMichael P. LewisMore detail
372May2000"Waive" Goodbye to Tort Liability: A Proposal to Remove Paternalism from Product Sales TransactionsRichard C. AusnessMore detail
372May2000Democracy Within Federalism: An Attempt to Reestablish Middle GroundAlexander HanebeckMore detail
372May2000Alternative Liability in Litigation Malpractice Actions: Eradicating the Last Resort of ScoundrelsLawrence W. KesslerMore detail
372May2000State Constitutionalism and the Domain of Normative TheoryDaniel B. RodriguezMore detail
372May2000The Honeymoon is Definitely Over: The Use of Civil RICO in DivorceErin AlexanderMore detail
371February2000The Market Power Requirement in Antitrust Rule of Reason Cases: A Rhetorical HistoryMark R. PattersonMore detail
371February2000A Tale of Two Counties: Divergent Responses in Los Angeles and Orange County Superior Courts to the Ban of Electronic Recording in California Court Reporters Ass'n v. Judicial CouncilGlenn S. KoppelMore detail
371February2000The Sanctity of Association: The Corporation and Individualism in American LawLiam Seamus O'MelinnMore detail
371February2000Integrating Spiritual Perspectives with the Law School Experience: An Essay and an Invitation Lucia Ann SilecchiaMore detail
371February2000Adequate Special Education: Do California Schools Meet the Test?Jane K. BabinMore detail
364November1999The Devil Made Me Do It: Replacing Corporate Directors' Veil of Secrecy with the Mantle of StewardshipConstance E. Bagley, Karen L. PageMore detail
364November1999Californias' Attempts to Disarm the Blank PanthersCynthia Deitle LeonardatosMore detail
364November1999A Jurisprudence in Disarray: On Battery, Wrongful Living, and the Right to Bodily IntegrityMark StrasserMore detail
364November1999The Future of Bioethics Testimony: Guidelines for Determining Qualifications, Reliability , and HelpfulnessBethany Spielman, George AgichMore detail
364November1999Should a Possession or Use Standard Be Employed to Prove Insider Trading?Teri O?BrienMore detail
364November1999Must Post-Termination Procedural Due Process Include a Full, Trial-like Evidentiary Hearing? A Critique of Townsel v. San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development BoardMatthew S. ButtacavoliMore detail
363August1999Strict Liability for Abnormally Dangerous Activity: The Negligence BarrierGerald W. BostonMore detail
363August1999The Irony of Constitutional Democracy: Federalism, the Supreme Court, and the Seventeenth AmendmentRalph A. RossumMore detail
363August1999A 'Strinkingly Anomalous,' 'Anachronsistic Fiction': Off-Reservation Sovereign Immunity for Indian Tribal Commercial EnterprisesDavid M. LaSpalutoMore detail
363August1999The Rule in Contribution Action Between Third-Party Insurers Wherein the Plaintiff Insurer Seeks Reimbursement of Defense Costs from the Defendant Insurer After a Collusive Fraud on the Plaintiff...Guy William McRoskeyMore detail
363August1999Birbrower, Montalbano, Condon & Frank, P.C. v. Superior Court: A Defensible Outcome, But a Striking Example of the Need to Reform Unauthorized Practice of Law ProvisionsJack Balderson, Jr.More detail
362May1999Race, Space, and Place: The Geography of Economic DevelopmentAudrey G. McFarlaneMore detail
362May1999Jerry-Building the Road to the Future: An Evaluation of the White Commission Report on Structural Alternatives for the Federal Court of AppealsJ. Akrotirianakis, P. Arshagouni, Z. JalotorssianMore detail
362May1999Slaves to Fashion: A Thirteenth Amendment Litigation Strategy to Abolish Sweatshops in the Garment IndustrySamantha C. HalemMore detail
362May1999Legal Rules and Social ReformEmily SherwinMore detail
362May1999The Tort that Refuses to Go Away: The Subtle Reemergence of Public Disclosure of Private FactsJohn A. Jurata, Jr.More detail
362May1999A Proposal for an Alternative to the Private Enforcement of Environmental Regulations and Statutes Through Citizen Suits: Transferable Property Rights in Common ResourcesElizabeth Rae PottsMore detail
361February1999War Decisions in the Late 1990s by Patrial Congressional DeclarationCharles TieferMore detail
361February1999Employer Liability for Harassment Under Title VII: A Functional Rationale for Faragher and EllerthMichael C. HarperMore detail
361February1999The First Women Members of the Supreme Court Bar, 1879-1900Mary L. ClarkMore detail
361February1999Practice Makes Perfect: Reasonable Accomodation of Law Students with Disabilities in Clinical PlacementsSande L. BuhaiMore detail
361February1999Temporal Units of Prosecution and Continuous Acts: Judicial and Constitutional LimitationsJack Balderson, Jr.More detail
361February1999Alienage Jurisdiction Over Stateless Corporations: Revealing the Folly of Matimak Trading Company v. KhalilyFrank Eric MarchettiMore detail
354November1998Patient Advocates or Patient Adversaries? Using Fiduciary Law to Compel Disclosure of Managed Care Financial IncentivesKim JohnstonMore detail
354November1998Pretrial Detention in the Ninth CircuitThomas BakMore detail
354November1998Amalgam in the Americas: A Law School Curriculum for Free Markets and Open BordersMark A. DrumbelMore detail
354November1998Why I Am A LawyerJoseph L. DalyMore detail
354November1998New Concern for Transnational Corporations: Potential Liability for Tortious Acts Committed by Foreign PartnersDanielle EverettMore detail
354November1998Extraterritorial Application of Antitrust Laws and the U.S.-EU Dispute Over the Boeing and McDonnell Douglas Merger: From Comity to Conflict? ...Brian PeckMore detail
354November1998Reevaluating the Food and Drug Administration's Stand on Labeling Genetically Engineered FoodsMichael A. WhittakerMore detail
353August1998ForewordJ. Patrick LoofbourrowMore detail
353August1998Threshold Order: Bilateral Law Enforcement and Regional Public Safety on the U.S./Mexico BorderAlan D. BersinMore detail
353August1998Border Cooperation: The Tijuana/San Diego Region-A Three Models Case StudyLuis Herrera-LassoMore detail
353August1998Harmonizing The Mexican Tax System With the Goals of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)Mauricio MonroyMore detail
353August1998The Economic Impact of International Trade on San Diego and the Application of the United Nations Convention on the International Sales of Goods to San Diego/Tijuana Commercial TransactionsErnesto Grijalva & Alexander P. ImbergMore detail
353August1998Foreign Investment in Mexico's Real Estate: An Introduction to Legal Aspects of Real Estate TransactionsManuel F. Pasero & Hector TorresMore detail
353August1998Financing Cross-Border Businesses and Access to U.S. Capital MarketsThomas M. ShoesmithMore detail
353August1998Dual Nationality for MexicansJorge A. VargasMore detail
353August1998Exiling the New Felons: The Consequences of the Retroactive Application of Aggravated Felony Convictions to Lawful Permanent ResidentsBruce Robert MarleyMore detail
353August1998The Helms-Burton Act: Is The U.S. Shooting Itself in the Foot?Natalie ManiaciMore detail
352May1998The Case for Borrowing a Limitations Period for Deemed-Denial Suits Brought Pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims ActUgo ColellaMore detail
352May1998Reimbursing Insurers' Defense Costs: Restitution and Mixed ActionsDouglas R. RichmondMore detail
352May1998California's Confusing Collateral Estoppel (Issue Preclusion) DoctrineWalter W. HeiserMore detail
352May1998California's Unpredictable Res Judicata (Claim Preclusion) DoctrineWalter W. HeiserMore detail
352May1998Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet Quagmire: Amputating Judicially Created Long-ArmsJohn A. Lowther IVMore detail
352May1998Gagging Physicians: Is That What the Legislature Intended?Patrick M. MaloneyMore detail
352May1998Proposition 209: Public Policy Considerations in Coalition for Economic Equity v. WilsonJeanne-Marie PochertMore detail
351February1998Politics and Plurality in a Lawyer's Choice of Clients: The Case of Stropnicky v. NathansonSteve BerensonMore detail
351February1998Fair Use and Privatization in CopyrightStephen M. McJohnMore detail
351February1998The Uncopyrightability of JokesAllen D. MadisonMore detail
351February1998Racial Disparities in the Delivery of Health CareBarbara A. NoahMore detail
351February1998The Effect of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act On California Native American's IndependenceGregory Elvine-KreisMore detail
351February1998Internet Copyright Infringement and Service Providers: The Case for a Negotiated Rulemaking AlternativeTimothy L. SkeltonMore detail
351February1998People ex rel. Gallo v. Acuna: Pulling in the Nets on Criminal Street GangsEdson McClellanMore detail
344November1997Common Law Duty in Negligence Law: The Recent Consolidation of a Consensus on the Expansion of the Analysis of Duty and the New Conservation Liability Limiting Use of Policy ConsiderationsPeter F. LakeMore detail
344November1997The Illiberalism of Liberalism: Religious Discourse in the Public SquareDouglas G. SmithMore detail
344November1997Bound by the BAP: The Stare Decisis Effects of BAP Decisions Bryan T. CampMore detail
344November1997Apportioning Basis: Partial Sales, Bargain Sales and the Realization PrincipleStephen B. CohenMore detail
344November1997Sharpening the Focus on Daubert's Distinction Between Sceintific and Nonscientific Expert TestimonyEdson McClellanMore detail
344November1997Patent Invalidity and the Seventh Amendment: Is the Jury Out?Barry S. WilsonMore detail
344November1997Tiered Entities and Sovereign Privileges Under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities ActKelly ShaulMore detail
343August1997ForewordRyan Alan MurrMore detail
343August1997Setting Rules in Cyberspace: Congress's Lost Opportunities to Avoid the Vagueness and Overbreadth of the Communications Decency ActJeff MagenauMore detail
343August1997Lost and Found in Cyberspace: Informational Privacy in the Age of the InternetSusan E. GindinMore detail
343August1997Legislating Market Winners: Digital Signature Laws and the Electronic Commerce MarketplaceC. Bradford BiddleMore detail
343August1997Washington's Electronic Authentication Act: Eliminating Legal Uncertainties Through Default RulesThomas G. MellingMore detail
343August1997The Legal Architecture of Virtual Stories: World Wide Web Sites and the Uniform Commercial CodeWalter A. EffrossMore detail
343August1997Privacy and Encryption in Cyberspace: First Amendment Challenges to ITAR, EAR and Their SuccessorsRyan Alan MurrMore detail
343August1997Pursuing Doman Name Pirates Into Uncharter Waters: Internet Domain Names That Conflict With Corporate TrademarksAdrian WolffMore detail
342May1997The Hole in the Code: Good Faith and Morality in Chapter 13Bradley M. ElbeinMore detail
342May1997Hopwood v. Texas: Strict in Theory or Fatal in FactLeslie Yalof GarfieldMore detail
342May1997Reducing the Risks and Realizing the Rewards: An Approach to Teaching Rape LawKevin C. McMunigalMore detail
342May1997The Personal Liability of an Attorney for Expert Witness Fees in California: Understanding Contract Principles and Agency TheoryJohn H. Minan & William H. LawrenceMore detail
342May1997Targeting State Protectionism Instead of Interstate Discrimination Under the Dormant Commerce ClauseCatherine Gage O'GradyMore detail
342May1997A Paradigm Shift in Legal Education: Preparing Law Students for the Twenty-First Century: Teaching Foreign Law, Culture, and Legal Language of the Major U.S. American Trading PartnersGloria M. SanchezMore detail
342May1997Citizenship and the Fourteenth AmendmentDouglas G. SmithMore detail
342May1997The Privileges and Immunities Clause of Article IV, Section 2: Precursor of Section 1 of the Fourteenth AmendmentDouglas G. SmithMore detail
342May1997"Freedom of Assembly" and the Right to Passage in Modern English Legal HistoryRachel VorspanMore detail
342May1997Does the Violence Against Women Act Do Violence to the Limits of Congressional Power?Derek A. KurtzMore detail
341February1997Changing U.S. Tax Jurisdiction: Expatriates, Immigrants, and the Need for a Coherent Tax PolicyJeffrey M. ColonMore detail
341February1997Inapplicability of the Self-Critical Analysis Privilege to the Drug and Medical Device IndustryPatricia L. AndelMore detail
341February1997Leader of the Pack: A Proposal for Disclosure of Board Leadership StructureConstance E. Bagley & Richard H. KoppesMore detail
341February1997The Quintessential Best Case for "Takings" Compensation - A Pragmatic Approach to Identifying the Elements of Land-Use Regulations That Present the Best Case for Government CompensationPaul J. BoudreauxMore detail
341February1997An Analysis of Two Federal Structures: The Articles of Confederation and the ConstitutionDouglas G. SmithMore detail
341February1997On Section 411 of the Copyright Code and Determing the Proper Scope of a Copyright RegistrationDouglas Y'BarboMore detail
341February1997The Existing Indian Family Exception: Denying Tribal Rights Protected by the Indian Child Welfare ActWendy Therese ParnellMore detail
334November1996The Plethora of Consumption Tax Proposals: Putting the Value Added Tax, Flat Tax, Retail Sales Tax, and USA Tax into PerspectiveAlan SchenkMore detail
334November1996From Income to Consumption Tax: Some International ImplicationsReuven S. Avi-YonahMore detail
334November1996Untangling Tax Reforms: Simple Taxes, Complex ChoicesAlice G. AbreuMore detail
334November1996The Distributional Effects of Fundamental Tax Revisions Jane G. GravelleMore detail
334November1996Federal Tax Restructuring and State and Local Governments: An Introduction to the Issues and the LiteratureM. Mazerov, D. R. Bucks, Mulitstate Tax CommissionMore detail
334November1996Evaluating the Consumption Tax Proposals: Changes in the Taxation of Interspousal Transactions, Use of Trusts, and Revising the Meaning of "Tax Planning"Lester B. Snyder & Roger J. HigginsMore detail
334November1996Tax Reforms and Corporate AcquisitionsPeter L. FaberMore detail
334November1996"Complete" Accrual TaxationFred B. BrownMore detail
334November1996Reevaluating the California Sales Tax: Exemptions, Equity, Effectiveness, and the Need for a Broader BaseRobert H. GleasonMore detail
333August1996ForewordBradford D. DueaMore detail
333August1996"Final Thoughts on Litigation Reform" RemarksChairman Arthur LevittMore detail
333August1996Promises Made, Promises Kept: The Practical Implications of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995H. Pitt, K. Groskaufmanis, D. Hardison, D. JohnsonMore detail
333August1996Pleading Scienter Under Section 21D(b)(2) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934: Motive, Opportunity, Recklessness, and the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995William S. Lerach & Eric Alan IsaacsonMore detail
333August1996Legislating on a False Foundation: The Erroneous Academic Underpinnings of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995Leonard B. Simon & William S. DatoMore detail
333August1996Developments in Disclosure: Special Problems in Public Offerings - Forward-Looking Information, Including the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995H. S. Wander, J. I. Cope, J. DariyananiMore detail
333August1996Negotiating Business Combination Agreements - The "Seller's" Point of ViewS. R. Volk, L. H. Leicher, R. S. KoloskiMore detail
333August1996Securities Fraud Prosecutions: Still Viable Under California Securities Law After Simon?G. A. Crawford, N. C. Roberts, S. L. NelsonMore detail
333August1996Misplaced Priorities: The Utah Digital Signature Act and Liability Allocation in a Public Key InfrastructureC. Bradford BiddleMore detail
333August1996California's Sex Offender Notification Statute: A Constitutional AnalysisRobin L. DeemsMore detail
333August1996Patentable Discovery?Stephen McKennaMore detail
332May1996Is Government the Problem or the Solution?Carl A. AuerbachMore detail
332May1996Efficiencies and Horizontal Mergers: In Search of a DefenseMark N. BerryMore detail
332May1996A Critical Review of the Local Rules of the United States Distrcit Court for the Southern District of CaliforniaWalter N. HeiserMore detail
332May1996Race, Gender, "Redlining," and the Discriminatory Access to Loans, Credit, and Insurance: An Historical and Empirical Analysis of Consumers Who Sued Lenders and Insurers in Federal and State Courts...Willy E. RiceMore detail
332May1996"Attitudinal" Decision Making in the Federal Courts: A Study of Constitutional Self-Representation ClaimsJohn R. QuinnMore detail
332May1996Trusts Betrayed: The Absent Federal Partner in Immigration PolicySwati AgrawalMore detail
331February1996Taxes, Power, and Personal AutonomyAlice G. AbreuMore detail
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331February1996Living Without the Avoidable Consequences Doctrine in Contract RemediesMichael B. KellyMore detail
331February1996Constitutional Architecture: The First Amendment and the Single Family HouseJohn NivalaMore detail
331February1996The Constitutional Framework Limiting Compelled Voice Exemplars: Exploration of the Current Constitutional Boundaries of Governmental Power Over a Criminal DefendantMichael A. ConnorMore detail
331February1996Should a Non-Designing Manufacturer Be Held Strictly Liable for a Design Defect? An Approach for CaliforniaBrent Nicholas TriffMore detail
331February1996Vittitow v. City of Upper Arlington: As Mixed Questions of Law and Fact, Should Ordinances and Injunctions be Reviewed Under the Madsen and Frisby Standards of Review...Roger HigginsMore detail
324November1995In Memoriam: Justice Robert O. StaniforthValerie LemanMore detail
324November1995ERISA: Reformulating the Federal Common Law for Plan InterpretationGeorge Lee FlintMore detail
324November1995A Neglected Policy Option: Indemnification of Directors for Amounts Paid to Settle Derivative Suits - Looking Past "Circularity" to Context and ReformMae KuykendallMore detail
324November1995The Case for Limited Enforceability of a Pre-Petition Waiver of the Automatic StayRafael EfratMore detail
324November1995Owning Our Bodies: An Examination of Property Law and BiotechnologyRichard GoldMore detail
324November1995Will California's "One Strike" Law Stop Sexual Predators, or is a Civil Commitment System Needed?Peter A. ZamoyskiMore detail
324November1995California's Three Strikes Law - Should a Juvenile Adjudication be a Ball or a Strike?Lise ForquerMore detail
323August1995Haiti and the United States During the 1980s and 1990s: Refugees, Immigration, and Foreign PolicyCarlos Ortiz MirandaMore detail
323August1995Forced Abortions and Involuntary Sterlization in China: Are the Victims of Coercive Population Control Measures Eligible for Asylum in the United StatesThomas A. Brown IIMore detail
323August1995Women Refugees: Forgotten No Longer?Deborah A. AnkerMore detail
323August1995Patentability of Pioneering Pharmaceuticals: What's the Use?Timothy R. HoweMore detail
323August1995The End of Innocence: The Effect of California's Recreational Use Statue on Children at PlayKathryn D. HorningMore detail
323August1995The Employee/Independent Contractor Classification: Do Loan Officers Working with California Mortgage Brokers Qualify As Statutory Independent Contractors?Bradford D. DueaMore detail
322May1995Judging Judgment: Assessing the Competence of Mental Patients to Refuse TreatmentGrant H. MorrisMore detail
322May1995Educators Who Drive With No Hands: The Application of Analytical Concepts of Corporate Law in Certain Cases of Educational MalpracticeCherly L. WadeMore detail
322May1995Reflections on O.J. and the Gas ChamberJ. Michael EchevarriaMore detail
322May1995Attorneys' Fees for Contractual Non-Signatories Under California Civil Code 1717: A Remedy in Search of a RationaleRobert S. MillerMore detail
322May1995The Evolution of the Capital Punishment Jurisprudence of the United States Supreme Court and the Impact of Tuilaepa v. California on that EvolutionDavid HesseltineMore detail
322May1995Toward a Universal Rule for the Reasonable Disposition of Surface Waters in CaliforniaAdam C. LenainMore detail
321February1995Substantive Due Process and Parental Corporal Punishment: Democracy and the Excluded ChildMary Kate KearneyMore detail
321February1995Of Tort Reform and Millionaire Muggers: Should an Obscure Equitable Doctrine Be Revived to Dent the Litigation Crisis?Robert A. PrenticeMore detail
321February1995Tomorrow's Law Schools: Globalization and Legal EducationAlberto Bernabe-RiefkohlMore detail
321February1995Domestic Partnership: Recognition and Responsibility Raymond C. O'BrienMore detail
321February1995Environmental Claims in Bankruptcy: It's a Question of PrioritiesDeborah E. ParkerMore detail
321February1995People v. Hicks: Sentencing Laws and Sex Offenses - A Disingenuous Approach by the California Supreme CourtMichael A. BarmettlerMore detail
321February1995Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc. Victory or Defeat?Laura Hoffman RoppeMore detail
314November1994By Hook or by Crook: Exploring the Legality of an INS Sting OperationLenni B. BensonMore detail
314November1994Judicial Review of Discretionary Immigration DecisionmakingMichael G. HeymanMore detail
314November1994Entry: What Mama Never Told You About Being ThereKathrin S. MautinoMore detail
314November1994Population, Immigration and Growth in CaliforniaRichard SybertMore detail
314November1994An Immigration Policy for a Just Society?Louis HenkinMore detail
314November1994NAFTA & The Environmental Side Agreement: Fusing Economic Development with Ecological ResponsibilityReid A. MiddletonMore detail
314November1994The Exemption from Patent Infringement and Declaratory Judgments: Misinterpretation of Legislative Intent?Amy StarkMore detail
313August1994The Economics of Federalism and the Proper Scope of the Federal Commerce PowerJacques LeBoeufMore detail
313August1994Trustees of the Justice System: Quasi-Judicial Activity and the Failure of the 1990 ABA Model Code of Judicial ConductMark Scott Bagula & Judge Robert C. CoatesMore detail
313August1994Deference, Tolerance, and Numbers: A Response to Professor Wright's View of the Sentencing CommissionKevin ColeMore detail
313August1994An Index and Table of Contents to the Ali Reporters' Study on Enterprise Responsibility for Personal InjuryJeffrey O'Connell & Alexander S. GlovskyMore detail
313August1994True Blue? Whether Police Should be Allowed to Use Trickery and Deception to Extract ConfessionsLaura Hoffman RoppeMore detail
313August1994Western Security Bank v. Beverly Hills Business Bank: The Vanishing Utility of Letters of Credit in Real Estate TransactionsMonte M. BremMore detail
312May1994Contracts in Wonderland: A Fable Regarding the Administrative Adjudication of Qualifying Facility Contracts in CaliforniaArturo GandaraMore detail
312May1994Paying Back Your Country Through Income-Contingent Student LoansEvelyn BrodyMore detail
312May1994No-Fault Marital Dissolution: The Bitter Triumph of Naked DivorceJ. Herbie DiFonzoMore detail
311February1994Standing Firm, On Forbidden GroundsRIchard A. EpsteinMore detail
311February1994Epstein's Challenge to the Civil Rights RegimeW.B. AllenMore detail
311February1994Alternative Grounds: Epstein's Discrimination Analysis in Other Market SettingsIan AyresMore detail
311February1994Licensing Laws: A Historical Example of the Use of Government Regulatory Power Against African-AmericansDavid E. BernsteinMore detail
311February1994Lonely Libertarian: One Man's View of Antidiscrimination LawLea BrilmayerMore detail
311February1994Market Affirmative ActionRobert CooterMore detail
311February1994RealityDrew S. Days, IIIMore detail
311February1994The Discrimination ShibbolethAndrew KullMore detail
311February1994Epstein's PremisesEvan Tsen LeeMore detail
311February1994Against First PrinciplesJerry L. MashawMore detail
311February1994Epstein on His Own GroundsRichard H. McAdamsMore detail
311February1994Learning to Love Japan: Social Norms and Market IncentivesJ. Mark RamseyerMore detail
311February1994Was the Corruption of Civil Rights Law Inevitable?Christopher T. WonnellMore detail
311February1994Use Restrictions and the Retention of Property Interests in Chattels Through Intellectual Property RightsThomas ArnoMore detail
304November1993ForewordMichael M. BlazinaMore detail
304November1993Grounds for Political Judgment: The Status of Personal Experience and the Autonomy and Generality of Principles of RestraintKent GreenawaltMore detail
304November1993The Place of Religious Argument in a Free and Democratic SocietyRobert AudiMore detail
304November1993Religious Morality and Political Choice: Further Thoughts - And Second Thoughts - On Love and PowerMichael J. PerryMore detail
304November1993Constructing an Ideal of Public ReasonLawrence B. SolumMore detail
304November1993Liberalism, Religion, and the Unity of EpistemologyLarry AlexanderMore detail
304November1993Beyond Religion and EnlightenmentCharles LarmoreMore detail
304November1993Religious Contributions in Public DeliberationJeremy WaldronMore detail
304November1993The Pope's SubmarineJohn H. GarveyMore detail
304November1993Contexts of the Political Role of Religion: Civil Society and CultureDavid Hollenbach, S.J.More detail
304November1993Religion and Public Debate in a Liberal Society: Always Oil and Water or Sometimes More Like Rum and Coca-Cola?Maimon SchwarzschildMore detail
304November1993Triggering One-Year Limitations on Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 Actions: Actual or Inquiry Discovery?Charles Benjamin NutleyMore detail
304November1993Braun v. Soldier of Fortune: Tort Law Enters the Braun's Age as Constitutional Safeguards for Commercial Speech Buckle 'neath the Crunch of Third-Party LiabilityTimothy J. TatroMore detail
303August1993A Critical Analysis of Joint Board Policy at the Federal Energy Regulatory CommissionFrank P. DarrMore detail
303August1993California Code of Civil Procedure Section 580b Revisited: Freedom of Contract in Real Estate Purchase AgreementsJamie O. HarrisMore detail
303August1993Determining Interest and Discount Rates Applicable to Secured Claims in the Specter of Bankruptcy LawAneel M. PandeyMore detail
303August1993An Examination of the Current Status of Rating Agencies and Proposals for Limited Oversight of Such AgenciesFrancis A. Bottini, Jr.More detail
303August1993Central Pathology Service Medical Clinic, Inc. v. Superior Court: Statute Limiting Punitive Damages for the Professional Negligence of Health Care Providers Includes Intentional TortsRussell A. GoldMore detail
302May1993Foreword, Symposium on the American Law Institute's Reporters' Study on Enterprise Reponsibility for Personal InjuryVirginia E. Nolan & Edmund UrsinMore detail
302May1993An ALI Report Markets a Defective Product: Errors at Retail and WholesaleMarshall S. ShapoMore detail
302May1993Comments on the Reporters' Study of Enterprise Responsibility for Personal InjuryJerry J. PhillipsMore detail
302May1993The American Law Institute's Reporters' Study on Enterprise Responsibility for Personal Injury: A Timely Call for Punitive Damages ReformVictor E. Schwartz & Mark A. BehrensMore detail
302May1993Who Pays in the End for Injury Compensation? Reflections on Wealth Transfers from the InnocentAlfred F. ConardMore detail
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302May1993Enterprise Responsibility for Personal Injury: Further ReflectionsKenneth Abraham, Robert Rabin, Paul WeilerMore detail
302May1993Rejoinder: Advances in the AnalysisMarshall S. ShapoMore detail
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302May1993The American Law Institute's Reporters' Study on Enterprise Responsibility for Personal Injury: Reforming the Tort SystemAmerican Law InstituteMore detail
302May1993Formalizing Interspousal Transfers of Real and Personal Property in CaliforniaKim SeaveyMore detail
302May1993Depreciation of Intangibles: An Area of the Tax Law in Need of ChangeAllen WalburnMore detail
301February1993Taming the Asylum Adjudication Process: An Agenda for the Twenty-First CenturyKatherine L. VaughnsMore detail
301February1993The Consequences of Nonappearance: Interpreting New Section 242B of the Immigration and Nationality ActIris GomezMore detail
301February1993Regulation of Physician Self-Referral Arrangements: Is Prohibition the Answer or Has Congress Operated on the Wrong Patient?Christian D. HumphreysMore detail
301February1991County Welfare Department Liability for Handling Reports of Child AbuseKim BoyerMore detail
294November1992Resistance to Military Conscription or Forced Recruitment by Insurgents as a Basis for Refugee Protection: A Comparative PerspectiveArthur C. HeltonMore detail
294November1992Political Asylum in the Ninth Circuit and the Case of Elias-ZacariasBruce J. EinhornMore detail
294November1992Fixing the Wheel: A Critical Analysis of the Immigrant Investor VisaRonald R. RoseMore detail
294November1992Labor Certification: Six Different Ways and Reasons for Establishing Dissimilarity Between Two Employment PositionsLorna Rogers BurgessMore detail
294November1992Safe Haven for Salvadorans in the Context of Contemporary International Law - A Case Study in EquivocationT. Howland, A. Beer, T. Everett, E. N. OrdazMore detail
294November1992An Agenda for the Commission on Immigration ReformCarlos Ortiz MirandaMore detail
294November1992Federal Common Law and the Need for Uniformity in the Regulation of Federal Savings and Loan Associations and Federal Credit UnionsRaquel Maria PrieguezMore detail
294August1992Curing the Ake of an Incompetent Expert: A Separate Reviewable Issue?Kenneth S. RobertsMore detail
294November1992Rider v. County of San Diego: "Special Districts" and "Special Taxes" Under Proposition 13William A. StahrMore detail
293August1992They Often Are Half Obscure: The Rights of the Individual and the Legacy of Oliver W. HolmesSandra Day O'ConnorMore detail
293August1992Corporate Benefits Without Corporate Taxation: Limited Liability Company and Limited Partnership Solutions to the Choice of Entity DilemmaRichard L. ParkerMore detail
293August1992The Exhaustion Doctrine: State Prisoners Caught Between Civil Rights Actions and Writs of Habeas CorpusLinda Marie BellMore detail
293August1992Hahn v. Superior Court: Failing to Take the Doctrine of Strict Premises to Its Logical ConclusionRaquel Maria PrieguezMore detail
293August1992Southwest Diversified, Inc. v. City of Brisbane: New Opportunities for Municipalities to Avoid Referendum in Land Use DecisionsCindy Y. DoblerMore detail
292May1992Constitutional Protection of Property and Economic RightsBernard H. SieganMore detail
292May1992The Applicability of Japanese Labor and Employment Laws to Americans Working in JapanRyuichi YamakawaMore detail
292May1992The AIDS Blood-Transfusion Cases: A Legal and Economic Analysis of Liability Ross D. EckertMore detail
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292May1992Flying the Warsaw Convention's Not-So-Friendly Skies: Should Air Carriers' Wilful Misconduct Go Unpunished?Thomas P. O'BrienMore detail
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291February1992The Role of Incentive in Government and Private BehaviorMilton FriedmanMore detail
291February1992Obscenity's Meaning, Smut-Fighters, and Contraception: 1872-1936Elizabeth HoveyMore detail
291February1992The Public Piggy Bank Goes to Market: Public Pension Fund Investment in Common Stock and Fund Trustees' Social AgendaDeborah J. MartinMore detail
291February1992The Lacey Act: Extraterritorial Application Based on an Antitrust Paradigm Julia C. ShepardMore detail
291February1992Hazardous Waste: Liability of Predecessors in TitleQuinn ScallonMore detail
291February1992The California Environmental Quality Act: Alternative Site Analysis Requirements in Envrionmental Impact ReportsCindy Y. DoblerMore detail
284November1991The Canadian Environmental Legal Regime: A Road Map for the Foreign InvestorRoger Cotton & John S. ZimmerMore detail
284November1991A Foreign Investor's Guide to the Environmental Legal Regime of Hong KongFerheen MahomedMore detail
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284November1991A Guide for Foreign Investors to Environmental Laws in the United StatesScott H. PetersMore detail
284November1991Controlling Biotech Babies Following the Transfer of Self-Replicating InventionsJeffrey W. GuiseMore detail
284November1991"With the Intent to Inflict Such Injury": The Courts and the Legislature Create Confusion in California Penal Code Section 12022.7Michael M. BlazinaMore detail
284November1991Zarin v. Commissioner: The Continuing Validity of Case Law Exceptions to Discharge of Indebtedness IncomeJon D. RigneyMore detail
283August1991The Fourth Amendment and the INS: An Update on Locating the Undocumented and a Discussion on Judicial Avoidance of Race-Based Investigative Targeting in Constitutional AnalysisHenry G. WatkinsMore detail
283August1991Spouse-Based Immigration Laws: The Legacies of CovertureJanet M. CalvoMore detail
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283August1991Uncle Sam Wants You: Foreign Investment and the Immigration Act of 1990Gary Endelman & Jeffrey HardyMore detail
283August1991"Strike Three, Yer Out!?" Examining the Constitutional Limits on the Use of Prior Uncounseled DWI Convictions to Impose Mandatory Prison Sentences on Repeat DWI OffendersMarty JaquezMore detail
283August1991AIU Ins. Co. v. Superior Court: Insurers Liable for Environmental Reponse CostsDeane S. ShokesMore detail
283August1991Raven v. Deukmejian: A Modern Guide to the Voter Initiative Process and State Constitutional IndependenceJoseph GoldbergMore detail
282April1991"Design Immunity For Public Entities"Girard FisherMore detail
282April1985Parochial School Aid Revisited: The Lemon Test, The Endorsement Test and Religous LibertyEric J. SegallMore detail
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282April1991Expansion of the Scope of Disclosure Required Under the Informed Consent Doctrine: Moore v. The Regents of The University of CaliforniaJeffrey W. GuiseMore detail
282April1991Knight v. Jewett: Reasonable Implied Assumption of Risk as a Complete Defense in Sports Injury CasesAnn K. BradleyMore detail
281February1991Communists And The First Amendment: The Shaping Of Freedom Of Advocacy In The Cold War EraMarc RohrMore detail
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281February1991Human Rights And Responsibilities At The WorkplaceWillard WirtzMore detail
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281February1991Private Extradition Companies: A Benefit To The State At The Expense Of The Individual?Maria PowersMore detail
274November1999A New Look at Actual Minimum Job Requirements and Experience In Similar Occupations And With The Same Employer: BALCA's 20 C.F.R. Section 656.21(b)(6)Lorna Rogers BurgessMore detail
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274November1990United States Immigration Planning for Cross-Border Mergers and AcquisitionsCharles M. MillerMore detail
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274November1990Reclaiming the Beautiful Island: Taiwan's Emerging Environmental RegulationMichael Scott FeeleyMore detail
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273September1990California's Insurance Regulation Revolution: The First Two Years of Proposition 103Stephen D. SugarmanMore detail
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273September1990Medication Regulations of the California Horse Racing Industry: Are Changes Needed to Prevent the Use of Illegal Drugs?Elizabeth A. BartlettMore detail
272March1990A Tribute to Bernard H. SieganLarry AlexanderMore detail
272MarchConserving and Developing the LandBernard H. SieganMore detail
272March1990Majorities May Limit the People's Liberties Only When Authorized To Do So by the ConstitutionBernard H. SieganMore detail
272March1990Economic Analysis and Unconstitutional Conditions: A Reply to Professor EpsteinHoward E. AbramsMore detail
272March1990Unconstitutional Conditions Obscured: A Brief Response to Professor AbramsRichard A. EpsteinMore detail
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272March1990Optional Cumulative Voting & Staggered Terms of Directors: Is the California Climate Warming to Corporations?Susan A. RoseMore detail
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271January1990Judicial Immunity from Civil and Criminal LiabilityJeffrey M. ShamanMore detail
271January1990A Comprehensive Assessment of Employment Drug Testing: Legal Battles Over Delicate InterestsStephen PlassMore detail
271January1990Social Clubs and the Profit Motive Test: Allowability of Excess Deductions Against Investment IncomeAlan BanspachMore detail
271January1990Nonverbal Communication from the Other Side: Speaking Body LanguageJohn L. BarkaiMore detail
271January1990Ethical Opportunity in the Practice of LawGeoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.More detail
271January1990Wetland Protection Under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act: An Enforcement ParadoxTed GriswoldMore detail
271January1990Reversal of a RICO Predicate Offense on Appeal: Should the RICO Count be Vacated?Debra L. WeberMore detail
271January1990Mistretta v. United States: Mistreating the Separation of Powers Doctrine?Arthur C. LeahyMore detail
271January1990Fabricated Quotations - Facts or Falsehoods? Mason v. New Yorker Magazine, Inc.Michael D. OsteenMore detail
265September1989Foreword: Choosing Among Systems of Auto Insurance for Personal InjuryStephen D. SugarmanMore detail
265September1989No-Fault Auto Insurance Back by Popular (Market) Demand?Jeffrey O'ConnellMore detail
265September1989Reducing Noneconomic Damages by TrickJoseph W. LittleMore detail
265September1989Choosing the Best Auto Insurance Choice SystemRobert H. JoostMore detail
265September1989Whither No-Fault In California: Is There Salvation After Proposition 103?William C. GeorgeMore detail
265September1989Giving Motorists a Choice Between Fault and No-Fault Insurance: An Economic CritiqueJack L. CarrMore detail
265September1989A Choice of Choice: Adding Postaccident Choice to the Menu of No-Fault ModelsCraig BrownMore detail
265September1989Legislating Reversions: A Mistaken Path Leading to Drastic ResultsJohn H. AbbottMore detail
265September1989Right to Counsel: Balancing the Burden of Persuasion on the Adversarial Scales of Criminal JusticeLoretta A. Neary-WestMore detail
265September1989Allegheny Pittsburgh Coal Co. v. County Commission of Webster County: Equal Protection in Property Taxation, A New Challenge to Proposition 13?Marian Adams HarveyMore detail
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264July1989Swords into Ploughshares: Why the United States Should Provide Refuge to Young Men Who Refuse to Bear Arms for Reasons of ConscienceKaren MusaloMore detail
264July1989Review of Visa Denials: The American Consul as 20th Century Absolute MonarchLeon WildesMore detail
264July1989Restricting the Use of "Sound-Alikes" in Commercial Speech by Amending the Right of Publicity Statute in CaliforniaKatherine L. BlanckMore detail
264July1989Freitas after Villegas: Are "Sneak-and-Peek" Search Warrants Clandestine Fishing Expeditions?Gail ArmistMore detail
264July1989National Collegiate Association v. Tarkanian: If NCAA Action is Not State Action, Can its Members Meaningfully Air Their Dissatisfaction?Susan WestoverMore detail
263May1989The Ecosystem Model Mandate for a Comprehensive United States Ocean Policy and Law of the SeaMartin H. BelskyMore detail
263May1989State Responsibility and Assessment of Liability for Damage Resulting from Dumping OperationsGeorge C. KasoulidesMore detail
263May1989Solutions in the Convention on the Law of the Sea to the Problem of Overfishing in the Central Bering Sea...Lourene MiovskiMore detail
263May1989Protecting United States Interests in AntarticaRonald W. ScottMore detail
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263May1989Pondering the Scope of Premises Search Warrants After Ybarra v. IllinoisJeffrey D. WinterMore detail
263May1989Weaver v. Bishop and Negligence: A Path Toward Clearing the Muddy WaterJohn H. AbbottMore detail
263May1989Matek v. Murat: Back to "Terms of Agreement"Jeffrey D. WinterMore detail
262March1989Understanding Constitutional Rights in a World of Optional BusinessLarry AlexanderMore detail
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262March1989Unconstitutional Conditions: Unrecognized Implications for the Establishment ClauseMichael W. McConnellMore detail
262March1989Conditional Federal Spending as a Regulatory DeviceAlbert J. RosenthalMore detail
262March1989Offers, Threats, and Unconstitutional ConditionsKenneth W. SimonsMore detail
262March1989Unconstitutional Conditions and the Distribution of LibertyKathleen M. SullivanMore detail
262March1989Is There an Unconstitional Conditions Doctrine?Cass R. SusteinMore detail
262March1989Relativism and Normative Choice in the Legitimation of Transnational CoercionEvan Tsen LeeMore detail
262March1989The Deductibility of Punitive Damages as an Ordinary and Necessary Business Expense: Reviving the Public Policy DoctrineK. Todd CurryMore detail
262March1989DNA Fingerprinting Evidence: The Road to Admissibility in CaliforniaAlison Priske AdemaMore detail
261January1989A Draftsman's Wishes That He Could Do Things Over Again - U.C.C. Article 9Homer KripkeMore detail
261January1989Expection and Desire In The Law On Forcible RapeSteven B. KatzMore detail
261January1989Tortious Breach Of The Covenant Of Good Faith and Fair Dealing Since Foley: Opportunity Or EfficiencyDennis DollarMore detail
261January1989Use Of "Like/Love" Slogans In Advertising: Is The Trademark Owner Protected?Diane Martens ReedMore detail
261January1989An Evaluation Of The Federal Employees Liability Reform And Tort Compensation Act: Congress' Response To Westfall v. ErwinWilliam T. CornellMore detail
261January1989Shareholder Liability For Postdissolution Claims In California: Pacific Scene, Inc. v. Penasquitos, Inc.Faye H. RussellMore detail
255September1988Racial Subordination Through Formal Equal OpportunityRoy L. BrooksMore detail
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255September1988Relations Between the Sexes: Timely vs. Timeless PrinciplesJoel J. KuppermanMore detail
255September1988Local Knowledge, Local Color: Critical Legal Studies and the Law of Race RelationsGerald TorresMore detail
255September1988California's Characterization of Credit Acquisitions During the Post Separation PeriodWm. Curtis Barnes, Jr.More detail
255September1988What is an Action for the Purposes of California Civil Procedure Code Section 726?Beth Jo ZeitzerMore detail
255September1988Taylor v. Illinois: Supreme Court Approves Preclusion of Defense Witnesses for Discovery ViolationWilliam PolanskyMore detail
254July1988The Constitutional Requirement of "Some Evidence"Gerald L. NeumanMore detail
254July1988Should Payments to a Church for Participation in Religious Practices be Tax Deductible?Ted D. Billbe, IIMore detail
254July1988Accountants' Liability for Unaudited Historical and Prospective Financial StatementsAndrew L. KozlowskiMore detail
254July1988Death With Dignity: Proposed Amendments to the California Natural Death ActLance L. SheaMore detail
253May1988The Exclusive Economic Zone of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: When do Uninhabited Islands Generate an EEZ?Jon M. Van Dyke, Joseph Morgan, Jonathan GurishMore detail
253May1988Coastal State Fishery Regulation Under International Law: A Comment on the La Bretagne Award of July 17, 1986 (The Arbitration Betwen Canada and France)William T. BurkeMore detail
253May1988Will Canada Ratify the Law of the Sea Convention?Ted L. McDormanMore detail
253May1988The Effect of a Petition for Decertification on the Bargaining Process: The Reversal of Dresser IndustriesTimothy SilvermanMore detail
253May1988Foreign Search and Seizure: The Fourth Amendment at LargeKimberly A. StrangMore detail
252March1988Legal Immigration ReformAlan K. SimpsonMore detail
252March1988A Research Agenda for Immigration Law: A Report to the Administrative Conference of the United StatesStephen H. LegomskyMore detail
252March1988Implementing Family Unification Rights in American Immigration Law: Proposed AmendmentsJohn GuendelsbergerMore detail
252March1988Leave for Appeal: Departure as a Requirement for Review of Deportation OrdersPeter J. SpiroMore detail
252March1988Rethinking the Role of Politics in United States Immigration Law: The Helsinki Accords and Ideological Exclusion of AliensCarlos Ortiz MirandaMore detail
252March1988A Comparative Study of the Legal Rights and Duties of Lawful Aliens in the United States and the People's Republic of ChinaJames Kraus & Wang HuijunMore detail
252March1988Protection for Undocumented Workers Under the FLSA: An Evaluation in Light of IRCASusan CharneskyMore detail
252March1988IRCA's Antidiscrimination Provisions: Protections Against Hiring Discrimination in Private EmploymentRichard MagalskiMore detail
251January1988"No Law to Apply"Kenneth Culp DavisMore detail
251January1988Some Reflections on the Process of Tort ReformRobert L. RabinMore detail
251January1988An Evaluation of the Federal Employers' Liability ActJerry J. PhillipsMore detail
251January1988Subjective Employment Practices: Does the Discriminatory Impact Analysis Apply?David L. RoseMore detail
251January1988Trade Secrets and Secret TradingNicholas WolfsonMore detail
251January1988Theories of Recovery for Sexual Harrassment: Going Beyond Title VIITerry M. Dworkin, Laura Ginger, Jane P. MallorMore detail
251January1988Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing on Public Lands: At What Point Does NEPA Require the Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement?Thomas D. MaurielloMore detail
251January1988The Duty of California Counties to Provide Mental Health Care for the Indigent and HomelessMarsha Anne RedmonMore detail
245September1987Empathy, Subjectivity, and Testamentary CapacityJane B. BaronMore detail
245September1987Challenges to Jury Composition: Purging the Sixth Amendment Analysis of Equal Protection ConceptsLaurie MagidMore detail
245September1987Equal Protection for the Poor: Fair Distribution to Meet Brutal NeedsWilliam RichMore detail
245September1987Justice Brennan and Freedom of Expression Doctrine in the Burger CourtEdward V. HeckMore detail
245September1987Sherman v. Lloyd and "Mutual Selection" in California Limited Partnership LawGeorge M. MeansMore detail
245September1987Expanding Bankruptcy Protection to the Individual Businessman: Taking Chapter 12 One Step FurtherAndrew D. SimonsMore detail
245September1987A California Juvenile's Right to Trial by Jury: An Issue Now Overripe for ConsiderationCarol R. BerryMore detail
245September1987RCRA Immunity from NEPA: The EPA Has Exceeded the Scope of Its AuthorityKristina HauensteinMore detail
244July1987Serious Tort Law ReformStephen D. SugarmanMore detail
244July1987On Sugarman on Tort-ChoppingOscar S. GrayMore detail
244July1987Up With TortsJoseph W. LittleMore detail
244July1987How Serious Is Sugarman's "Serious Tort Law Reform"?Monroe BerkowitzMore detail
244July1987Serious Tort Reform Isn't: A Critique of Professor Sugarman's "Serious Tort Law Reform"Harry M. SnyderMore detail
244July1987Defining the Agenda For Serious Tort ReformAlfred W. Cortese, Jr. & Yosef J. RiemerMore detail
244July1987North America's Most Ambitious No-Fault Law: Quebec's Auto Insurance ActJeffrey O'Connell & Charles TenserMore detail
244July1987The Social Insurance-Deterrence Dilemma of Modern North American Tort Law: A Canadian Perspective on the Liability Insurance CrisisMichael J. TrebilcockMore detail
244July1987Wrongful Death Damages in California: On the Brink of Full CompensationThomas E. Courtney, Jr.More detail
244July1987Wickline v. State: The Emerging Liability of Third Party Health Care PayorsDorsett Marc LydeMore detail
243May1987ForewordElisabeth Mann BorgeseMore detail
243May1987Marine Pollution: Injury Without a Remedy?M. Casey JarmanMore detail
243May1987The 1982 U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea: A "Midstream" Assessment of the Effectiveness of Article 309John King Gamble, Jr.More detail
243May1987The Removal of Offshore Installations and Conflicting Treaty Obligations as a Result of the Emergence of the New Law of the Sea: A Case StudyPaul V. McDadeMore detail
243May1987Marine Pollution and the Law of the SeaJ. Peter A. BernhardtMore detail
243May1987Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1986Heidi E. BrownMore detail
243May1987Sand Rights: Using California's Public Trust Doctrine to Protect Against Coastal ErosionMichael A. CorfieldMore detail
243May1987The Gulf of SidraRoger Cooling HaerrMore detail
243May1987The Doctrine of Ancient Title: Unknown Origins, Uncertain FutureBarry Lawrence RudermanMore detail
242March1987IntroductionDaniel E. LungrenMore detail
242March1987The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986Daniel E. LungrenMore detail
242March1987Detention of AliensPaul Wickham SchmidtMore detail
242March1987Setting Bail in Deportation Cases: The Role of Immigration JudgesJanet A. GilboyMore detail
242March1987Walking a Gray Line: The "Color of Law" test Governing Noncitizen Eligibility for Public BenefitsRobert RubinMore detail
242March1987Redefining Refugee: A Proposal for Relief for the Victims of Civil StrifeMichael G. HeymanMore detail
242March1987Back to Dred Scott?Gerald L. NeumanMore detail
242March1987Significant Developments in the Immigration Laws of the United States 1986Robert C. NiesleyMore detail
242March1987The Substantial Presence Test Exceptions: Taxing Problems for the AlienJ. Scott KircherMore detail
242March1987The Turning Point Approaches: The Political Offense Exception to ExtraditionJohn LaffertyMore detail
242March1987Remedies for Undocumented Workers Following a Retaliatory DischargeJoseph NalvenMore detail
241January1987ForewordWillard WirtzMore detail
241January1987The NLRB in the Doghouse - Can an Old Board Learn New Tricks? Charles J. MorrisMore detail
241January1987The Burger Court and Labor Law: The Beat Goes On - MarcatoWilliam B. Gould IVMore detail
241January1987COBRA: Congress Provides Partial Protection Against Employer Termination of Retiree Health Insurance David L. GregoryMore detail
241January1987The Problematic Provision and Protection of Health and Welfare Benefits for RetireesDonald T. WecksteinMore detail
241January1987A Modest Proposal: The Statutory "No-Cause" Alternative To Wrongful Discharge in CaliforniaEllis T. Prince IIIMore detail
241January1987A Misapplication of the Sherman Act to Rent Control: Fisher v. City of BerkeleyRobin M. BernhardtMore detail
241January1987Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 Federal Securities Law Claims: The Need for the Uniform Distribution of the Arbitration IssueAudrey V. NelsonMore detail
241January1987The Spring Has Sprung: The Fate of Plant Relocation as a Mandatory Subject of BargainingJoAnne D. RoakeMore detail
241January1987Habitat Conservation Plans Under the Endangered Species ActRichard E. WebsterMore detail
235September1986The Invasion of Sexual PrivacyAli KhanMore detail
235September1986What Are Law Clerks for?-Comments on Nix v. WhitesideCarl A. AuerbachMore detail
235September1986Constitutional Limitations on Prosecutorial DiscoveryEdward A. TomlinsonMore detail
235September1986Like Kind Replacement Property: Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?Ridgeley A. ScottMore detail
235September1986Strict Products Liability On the Move: Cigarette Manufacturers May Soon Feel the HeatDavid M. ReavesMore detail
235September1986Internal Revenue Code Section 1034: Sale of a Residence to a Related Corporation-A Viable Strategy?Mary TsengMore detail
234July1986The President's Veto Power: An Important Instrument of Conflict in Our Constitutional SystemCarl McGowanMore detail
234July1986The Constitution, Original Intent, and Economic RightsRobert H. BorkMore detail
234July1986Barbed Wire in the Borderland: Statute of Limitations Choices for Wrongful Discharge ClaimsMary E. MillerMore detail
234July1986Hospital and Blood Bank Liability to Patients Who Contract AIDS Through Blood TransfusionsRobert C. GreifMore detail
234July1986Theft of Employee Services Under the United States Penal CodeRalph G. PicardiMore detail
234July1986The Use of Closed-Circuit Television Testimony in Child Sexual Abuse Cases: A Twentieth Century Solution to a Twentieth Century ProblemSteven M. RomanoffMore detail
234July1986The Bankruptcy Amendments and Federal Judgeship Act of 1984: An Unconstitutional Vesting of Subject Matter JurisdictionSheldon A. WilenskyMore detail
233May1986ForewordFrank B. SwayzeMore detail
233May1986Georges Bank-Common Ground or Continued Battle Ground?Donna R. ChristieMore detail
233May1986United States Jurisdiction Over the 200-Mile Maritime ZoneKathleen L. Walz & L. Poe LeggetteMore detail
233May1986International Environmental Law and Policy: An Overview of Transboundary PollutionJohn Warren KindtMore detail
233May1986The Management Function of Ocean BoundariesKenneth P. BeauchampMore detail
233May1986Taming Troubled Waters: Joint Development of Oil and Mineral Resources in Overlapping Claim AreasMark J. ValenciaMore detail
233May1986The Soviet Doctrine of the Closed SeaJoseph J. DarbyMore detail
233May1986Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1984-1985Ellen Moffat FryMore detail
233May1986Surviving the "Chubasco" Liability of California Beach Communities for Natural Conditions of Unimproved Public PropertyRobert J. Gerard, Jr.More detail
233May1986Must the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Bar International Human Rights Claims?Denise HarbaughMore detail
233May1986The Doctrine of Historic Bays: Applying An Anachronism in the Alabama and Mississippi Boundary CaseJames Michael ZimmermanMore detail
232March1986ForewordLeon WildesMore detail
232March1986The Board of Appellate Review of the Department of State: The Right to Appellate Review of Administrative Determinations of Loss of NationalityAlan G. JamesMore detail
232March1986The Ninth Circuit and the Protection of Asylum Seekers Since the Passage of the Refugee Act of 1980Carolyn P. BlumMore detail
232March1986Actual Minimum Job Requirements in Labor Certifications: Application of Title 20, Section 656.21(b)(6) of the Code of Federal Regulations to Experience or Training Gained with the EmployerLorna Rogers BurgessMore detail
232March1986INS v. Phinpathya: Literalist Statutory Interpretation in the Supreme CourtEleanor PeltaMore detail
232March1986Significant Developments in the Immigration Laws of the United States 1985Diane H. SparrowMore detail
232March1986Should Undocumented Aliens be Eligible for Resident Tuition Status at State Universities?Nancy J. BrinkacMore detail
231January1986The Federal Employers' Liability Act, a Bane for Workers, a Bust for Railroads, a Boon for LawyersVictor E. Schwartz & Liberty MahshigianMore detail
231January1986Alternatives to the Tort System for Personal InjuryJeffrey O'ConnellMore detail
231January1986Economic Loss in American Tort Law: The Examples of J'Aire and of Products LiabilityGary T. SchwartzMore detail
231January1986Should Tort Law Protect Property Against Accidental Loss?Richard AbelMore detail
231January1986Strict Tort Liability of Landlords: Becker v. IRM Corp. in ContextVirginia E. Nolan & Edmund UrsinMore detail
231January1986California's MICRA: The Need for Legislative ReformLouis ArnellMore detail
231January1986Substantive Consolidation: The Back Door to Involuntary BankruptcyJeanne MacKinnonMore detail
231January1986California's Sliding Scale Settlement Agreements-Finality Instead of FairnessMarianne ShippMore detail
225September1985ForewordMaurice A. RobertsMore detail
225September1985Professional Responsibility in Immigration Practice and Government ServiceRobert G. Heiserman & Linda K. PacunMore detail
225September1985The Proper Role of Discretion in Political Asylum DeterminationsArthur C. HeltonMore detail
225September1985Alien Rights and Government Authority: An Examination of the Conflicting Views of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme CourtSana LoueMore detail
225September1985Streamlining Deportation Proceedings: Self-Incrimination, Immunity From Prosecution and the Duty to Testify in a Deportation ContextHenry G. WatkinsMore detail
225September1985Significant Developments in the Immigration Law of the United States 1983-1984Margaret O'B. ScottMore detail
225September1985From Mezei to Jean: Toward the Exit of the Entry DoctrineJoseph M. CooperMore detail
225September1985Naturalization of Filipino War VeteransDavid W. ShermanMore detail
225September1985The Need for Regulation of Artificial Insemination by DonorRichard J. DorenMore detail
225September1985The Problem with General Utilities: Are There Solutions?Dennis J. DoucetteMore detail
225September1985Defining a Single Entity for Purposes of Section 1 of the Sherman Act Post Copperweld: A Suggested ApproachThomas W. McNamaraMore detail
225September1985Community Reimbursement for a Professional Degree Upon DissolutionSusan C. PeshelMore detail
224July1985ForewordMyron H. NordquistMore detail
224July1985Management of Large Marine Ecosystems: Developing A New Rule of Customary International LawMartin H. BelskyMore detail
224July1985The Legal Character of the Right to Explore and Exploit the Natural Resources of the Continental ShelfF.V.W. PenickMore detail
224July1985Assessing the Reality of the Deep Seabed RegimeJohn King Gamble, Jr.More detail
224June1985Freedom of Fisheries Research in the U.S. in the Best Interest of the United StatesWilliam L. Sullivan, Jr.More detail
224July1985Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1983-1984John A. ClemonsMore detail
224July1985Self-Determination in Hong Kong: A New Challenge to an Old DoctrineEric M. AmbergMore detail
224July1985Korean Airline Flight 007: Stalemate in International Aviation Law-A Proposal for EnforcementJeffrey D. LavesonMore detail
224July1985The Legal Implications of United States Policy Towards Nicaragua: A Machiavellian DilemmaKeith T. SchulzMore detail
224July1985Watchout Watchmen! Congress has Excluded Security Employees From "Maritime Employment" Coverage Under the Longshore and Harborworkers' Compensation Act Amendments of 1984Kenneth J. WitherspoonMore detail
222May1985DedicationSheldon KrantzMore detail
222May1985Nathaniel L. NathansonKenneth Culp DavisMore detail
222May1985Nathaniel L. Nathanson, A Personal RemembranceHonorable Louis M. WelshMore detail
222May1985TributeCarl A. AuerbachMore detail
222May1985My Professor: A Tribute To Nathaniel L. NathansonWillard H. PedrickMore detail
222May1985Judicial RestraintJustice John Paul StevensMore detail
222May1985Rehabilitating LochnerBernard H. SieganMore detail
222May1985The Concept of Equal Protection of the Laws-A Historical InquiryEarl A. MaltzMore detail
222May1985Is There an Overbreadth Doctrine?Lawrence A. AlexanderMore detail
222May1985Consumer Boycotts and Freedom of Association: Comment on a Recently Proposed TheoryMaimon Schwarzschild & Lawrence A. AlexanderMore detail
222May1985Sex Offenders and the Use of Depo-ProveraLauren J. AbramsMore detail
222May1985The Use of Force by Law Enforcement Officers in Effecting Seizures of PersonsEve M. CoddonMore detail
222May1985Antenuptial Agreements and California Law: Building ConfidenceLinda D. FortMore detail
222May1985Duties in Conflict: Must Psychotherapists Report Child Abuse Inflicted by Clients and Confided in Therapy?Mary M. HurleyMore detail
222May1985Cancelled Utility Plant and Traditional Ratemaking Theories: Are Either Used and Useful?Phillip L. Poirier, Jr.More detail
222May1985Compensation for Collegiate Athletes: A Run for More Than the RosesLeonard M. ShulmanMore detail
221January1985ForewordLester B. Snyder & Karla W. SimonMore detail
221January1985The Acquisitions Proposals and Their Effect on Corporations, Shareholders and Creditors: Reform of Reorganizations and LiquidationsPeter L. Faber & John Andre LeDucMore detail
221January1985Taxing Corporate Distributions of Appreciated Property: Repeal of General Utilities Doctrine, Relief Measures and entity Reclassification ProposalsBernard Wolfman, John S. Nolan, Richard D. HobbetMore detail
221January1985The Destiny of Net Operating LossesJames S. Eustice & Gerald G. PortneyMore detail
221January1985A Comparison of the Merger and Acquisition Provisions of Present Law with the Provisions in the Senate Finance Committee's Draft BillSamuel C. Thompson Jr. & Martin D. GinsburgMore detail
221January1985Dividend Distribution Proposals: The Dividends Received Deductions by Corporations and Related MattersWalter J. Blum, Howard G. Krane, Lawrence M. StoneMore detail
221January1985Developments in the Application of Section 367(a) to Transfers of Property to Foreign CorporationsRIchard C. Pugh & Pamela B. GannMore detail
221January1985The Impact of Proposed Corporate Tax Reform on Closely Held CorporationsRichard A. Shaw & Dudley M. LangMore detail
221January1985The Meaning of the Changes Within the Framework of Subchapter C and the Impact on Proposals for Integrationi of the Corporate and Individual TaxEdwin Cohen, Alvin Warren, William AndrewsMore detail
221January1985Alleluia, The Buck Stops Here: The Parameters of Individual Protected Concerted Activity Under the National Labor Relations ActPatrick J. DuffyMore detail
221January1985Media Liability for Injuries that Result from Television Broadcasts to Immature AudiencesNancy L. MillerMore detail
221January1985Interference with Prospective Gain: Must There be a Contract?James V. TelferMore detail
215September1984Proposal for a Workable Good Faith Exception to the Exclusionary Rule: Prospective JudgmentsKelly J. SaltMore detail
215September1984Ice-Covered Areas: The Competing Interests of Conservation and Resource ExploitationJohn Warren Kindt & Todd Jay ParriottMore detail
215September1984The Impact of Manned Space Stations on the Law of Outer SpaceHamilton DeSaussureMore detail
215September1984Risk in the 1980's: New Perspectives on Managing Chemical HazardsCheryl F. CoodleyMore detail
215September1984Laying Down the Law to RobotsMichael GemignaniMore detail
215September1984Equal Protection for Illegitimate Children Conceived by Artificial InseminationJohn M. DwyerMore detail
215September1984The Coming Jurisprudence of the Information Age: Examinations of Three Past Socio-Economic Ages Suggest the FutureGary G. KlueckMore detail
215September1984Bargaining Over the Introduction of Robots into the WorkplaceRoxanne Story ParksMore detail
215September1984Tender Offer Defenses: The Need for National Guidelines in LIght of MobilTimothy N. WillMore detail
214July1984Confronting the Question of Clinical Faculty StatusGrant H. Morris & John H. MinanMore detail
214July1984A Common Sense Approach to Understanding Statistical EvidenceDavid W. BarnesMore detail
214July1984Other-than-Honorable Military Administrative Discharges: Time for ConfrontationCharles P. SandelMore detail
214July1984The Tender Years Presumption: Is It Presumably Unconstitutional?Robb StromMore detail
214July1984State Unitary Business Taxation: Are Multinational Corporations Being Subjected to an Unconstitutional Tax?Douglas M. VenturaMore detail
214July1984Cetacean Rights Under Human LawsMary A. WintersMore detail
213June1984The 1982 Convention and Customary Law of the Sea: Observations, a Framework, and a WarningJohn King Gamble, Jr. & Maria FrankowskaMore detail
213June1984Institutional Aspects of Fishery Management Under the New Regime of the OceansJ.E. CarrozMore detail
213June1984Conflict Resolution in the Assignment of Area Entitlements for Seabed MiningJ.M. Broadus & Porter Hoagland IIIMore detail
213June1984The International Regulation of Small CetaceansCynthia E. CarlsonMore detail
213June1984Uncharted Waters: Non-innocent Passage of Warships in the Territorial SeaF. David FromanMore detail
213June1984Offshore Oil Platforms Which Pollute the Marine Environment: A Proposal for an International Treaty Imposing Strict LiabilityMelissa B. CatesMore detail
213June1984Prospects for Increased State and Public Control Over OCS Leasing: The Timing of the Environmental Impact StatementEdward CorwinMore detail
213June1984Extension of Ocean Dumping Legislation Under the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act to a United States Exclusive Economic ZoneArlene KovalMore detail
213June1984Treating a Vessel Like a Home for Purposes of Conducting a SearchBarry VrevichMore detail
213June1984Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1982-1983Jean E. PolhamusMore detail
212March1984Fifth Years of Securities Regulation in Search of a PurposeHomer KripkeMore detail
212March1984Wiretapping the Mind: A Call to Regulate Truth Verification in EmploymentSusan GardnerMore detail
212March1984"Can I Sue Mommy?" An Analysis of a Woman's Tort Liability for Prenatal Injuries to her Child Born AliveRon BealMore detail
212March1984Effective Brief-Writing for California Appellate CourtsS. Eric OttesenMore detail
212March1984Access to Public Utility Communications: Limits Under the Fith and First AmendmentMichael CoppessMore detail
212March1984Family Exclusion Clauses: Whatever Happened to the Abrogation of Intrafamily Immunity?Timothy G. FieldenMore detail
212March1984The Chemically-Dependent Physician: Liability for Colleagues and Hospitals in CaliforniaJune E. FisherMore detail
212March1984California Negotiated Health Care: Implications for Malpractice LiabilityWilfred KnottnerusMore detail
212March1984The Unruh Civil Rights Act: Is a Private Club a Business Establishment after O'Connor v. Village Green Owners Ass'n?Bradley D. SchwartzMore detail
211December1983ForewordJames J. OrlowMore detail
211December1983Immigration Law Reform: Proposals in the 98th CongressWilliam French SmithMore detail
211December1983The National Labor Relations Act and Undocumented Workers: The De-Alienation of American LaborJose A. BracamonteMore detail
211December1983A Child is a Child - Or Is It? Legitimation Under Foreign Law and Its ImmigrationSana LoueMore detail
211December1983Domicile for Immigration and Federal Gift and Estate Tax Purposes - Is a Harmonious Rule Possible?Leon Wildes & David GrunblattMore detail
211December1983"Entry" as an Issue in Immigration LawJulie A. JonesMore detail
211December1983Political Asylum and Withholding of Deportation: Defining the Appropriate Standard of Proof Under the Refugee Act of 1980Cheryl L. EdwardsMore detail
211December1983The Right of the Alien To Be Informed of Deportation Consequences Before Entering a Plea of Guilty or Nolo ContendereDavid M. McKinneyMore detail
211December1983Significant Developments in the Immigration Laws of the United States 1982-1983Daniel F. MorrinMore detail
204August1983DedicationSheldon KrantzMore detail
204August1983Ronald H. Maudsley and the University of San DiegoDonald T. WecksteinMore detail
204August1983Brown on MaudsleyGerald BrownMore detail
204August1983TributeJill E. MartinMore detail
204August1983Tribute to Professor Ronald Harling MaudsleyEric DarlowMore detail
204August1983Ronald H. Maudsley, 1918-1981: A TributeJohn H. MinanMore detail
204August1983Understanding the Rule Against Perpetuities in Relation to the Lawyer's Role - To Construe or ConstructDavid M. BeckerMore detail
204August1983In Re Lattouf's Will and the Presumption of Lifetime Fertility in Perpetuity LawLawrence W. WaggonerMore detail
204August1983Community Property with Right of SurvivorshipRobert L. MennellMore detail
204August1983Marital Deduction Estate Planning: Variations on a Classic ThemeJoel C. DobrisMore detail
204August1983Student Refusal to Pay Abortion-Related Fees - A First Amendment Right?Beth Kowalke BaierMore detail
204August1983California Landlords' Duty to Protect Tenants from CriminalsKaren M. BrownMore detail
204August1983Successful I.R.S. Challenges to Dean and Crown: An Uncertain Future for Interest-Free Loans?Thomas A. DombrowskiMore detail
204August1983Due-on-Sale Clauses after Passage of the Garn Act: More Questions than Answers?Elizabeth M. HufkerMore detail
204August1983Recent Cases Restricting the Availability of the Investment Tax Credit to Noncorporate Lessors and Tax Planning in the AftermathTim KoltunMore detail
204August1983Federal Water Pollution Laws: A Critical Lack of Enforcement by the Environmental Protection AgencyEdward E. YatesMore detail
203June1983The Law of the Sea After Montego BayBernardo ZuletaMore detail
203June1983The Convention of the Law of the Sea: A Preliminary AppraisalArvid PardoMore detail
203June1983The United States Posture Toward the Law of the Sea Convention: Awkward but not IrreparableElliot L. RichardsonMore detail
203June1983Freedom of the High Seas Versus the Common Heritage of Mankind: Fundamental Principles in ConflictE.D. BrownMore detail
203June1983The Ocean Enclosure Movement: Inventory and ProspectLewis M. AlexanderMore detail
203June1983Exclusive Fisheries Zones and Freedom of NavigationWilliam T. BurkeMore detail
203June1983Maritime Insurgency and the Law of the Sea: An Analysis Using the Doctrine of DistressGrant Richard TelferMore detail
203June1983The International Sea-Bed Authority Decision-Making Process: Does it Give a Proportionate Voice to the Participant's Interests in Deep Sea Mining?Kathryn E. YostMore detail
203June1983Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1981-1982G. David Robertson & Gaylene VasaturoMore detail
202March1983Common Law Liability of the Certified Public Accountant for Negligent MisrepresentationHoward B. WeinerMore detail
202March1983If the Doctrine Loosely Fits, Wear It: Constitutional Adjudication in State Alienage CasesFrancis J. ConteMore detail
202March1983The Constitutionality of Chemical Test Presumptions of Intoxication in Motor Vehicle StatutesStephen G. ThompsonMore detail
202March1983Public Policy Issues Raised by Bank Securities ActivitiesSecurities Industry AssociationMore detail
202March1983"Fundamental Miscarriage of Justice": The Supreme Court's Version of the "Truly Needy" in Section 2254 Habeas Corpus ProceedingsLarry AinbinderMore detail
202March1983Used Car Dealers' Duty to Disclose Major Known DefectsDouglas DexterMore detail
202March1983Justifying the Denial of Wrongful Death Actions of CohabitantsMichael FishMore detail
202March1983Computer Software and Strict Products LiabilitySusan LanoueMore detail
202March1982The Expanding Scope of Warrantless Automobile Searches: United States v. RossKirk MillerMore detail
201December1982ForewordSenator Alan K. SimpsonMore detail
201December1982Estoppel in Immigration Proceedings-New Life from Akbarin and MirandaBill Ong HingMore detail
201December1982Federal Court Remedies in Immigration and Naturalization CasesAnn Allott & Nancy B. ElkindMore detail
201December1982What Went Wrong with Wang? An Examination of INS v. WangSana LoueMore detail
201December1982Motions Practice Before the Board of Immigration AppealsGerald S. HurwitzMore detail
201December1982The Simpson-Mazzoli Bill: An Analysis of Selected Economic PoliciesRoy J. Watson, Jr.More detail
201December1982Alien Physicians and their Admission into the United States - An UpdateAllen E. KayeMore detail
201December1982The International Entertainer Under United States Immigration LawCharles C. FosterMore detail
201December1982Adjustment of Status Under Section 245 of the Immigration and Nationality ActTamara K. FoggMore detail
201December1982Significant Developments in the Immigration Laws of the United States 1981-1982Dearing D. Miller & Donald A. EnglishMore detail
194July1982The Revival of Interest in Justice Harlan's Flexible Due Process Balancing ApproachGary C. LeedesMore detail
194July1982The View from an Inferior CourtCarl McGowanMore detail
194July1982Moral Rights in CaliforniaPeter H. KarlenMore detail
194July1982The Effect of Comparative Fault on California Contribution/Indemnification Rights: How to Employ and Avoid the New Tortious QuicksandRobert L. SimmonsMore detail
194July1982Battered Parents in California: Ignored Victims of Domestic ViolenceMaureen J. ArrigoMore detail
194July1982Revision of the SBA Opinion Molder RuleJulianne B. D'AngeloMore detail
194July1982Informed Refusal: Physician Liability for Failure to Inform of the Risks Associated with Refusing Diagnostic TestsMichael J. RiderMore detail
194July1982Nonjudicial Punishment Under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice: Congressional Precept and Military PracticeWilliam R. SalisburyMore detail
194July1982Military Reservist-Employees' Rights Under 38 U.S.C. § 2021(b)(3) - What is an Incident or Advantage of Employment?More detail
194July1982Unearthing Defendants in Toxic Waste LitigationRobert C. VohlMore detail
193April1982On Evaluating the Draft Convention on the Law of the SeaBernard H. OxmanMore detail
193April1982Law of the Sea: Expression of SolidarityMilner S. BallMore detail
193April1982UNCLOS III: A Flawed TreatyDoug BandowMore detail
193April1982"Common Heritage" v. "Freedom of the High Seas": Which Governs the Seabed?Jon Van Dyke and Christopher YuenMore detail
193April1982Law of the Sea: Navigation and Other Traditional National Security ConsiderationsElliott L. RichardsonMore detail
193April1982The Dispute Settlement Provisions of the Convention on the Law of the Sea: Critique and Alternatives to the International Tribunal for the LOSMarianne P. GaertnerMore detail
193April1982The U.S. Deep Seabed Mining Regulations: The Legal Basis for an Alternative RegimeMichael R. MolitorMore detail
193April1982The Future of United States Deep Seabed Mining: Still in the Hands of CongressRoger A. GeddesMore detail
193April1982Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1980-1981Bernice R. KliedMore detail
192March1982Military Occupation CurrencyDominique G. CarreauMore detail
192March1982Lessons of Comparative Criminal Procedure: France and the United StatesJoseph J. DarbyMore detail
192March1982Reflections After Teaching Anglo-American Legal TheoryRalph H. FolsomMore detail
192March1982The Common Core of Marxian Socialist ConstitutionsJohn N. HazardMore detail
192March1982Justified Party Expectations in Choice of Law and Jurisdiction: Constitutional Significance or Bootstrapping?P.J. KozyrisMore detail
192March1982Business Impact of the United States-France Income Tax ProtocolHerbert I. LazerowMore detail
192March1982The Legal Framework for the Development of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)Ved P. NandaMore detail
192March1982International Law and Foreign Investigatory Subpoenas Sought to be Served Without the Consent of Cooperation of the Territorial Sovereign: Impasse or Covey T. OliverMore detail
192March1982Jurisdiction Over the Foreign Non-Sovereign DefendantRussell J. WeintraubMore detail
192March1982Book Review: International Law in Comparative PerspectiveHenry J. SteinerMore detail
191December1981ForewordSenator Edward M. KennedyMore detail
191December1981The Forty Year Crisis: A Legislative History of the Refugee Act of 1980Deborah E. Anker and Michael H. PosnerMore detail
191December1981Restructuring the Asylum ProcessIra J. KurzbanMore detail
191December1981In Defense of the Permanent Resident: Alleged Defects Relating to Alien Labor CertificationsRichard D. SteelMore detail
191December1981Illegal Immigration: Employer Sanctions and Related ProposalsTeresa Major StewartMore detail
191December1981Congressional Review of Suspension of Deportation and the Doctrine of Separation of PowersMark VranjesMore detail
191December1981Significant Developments in the Immigration Laws of the United States 1980-1981Edward M. GergosianMore detail
185August1981Educational Malpractice: A Cause of Action in Search of a TheoryRichard FunstonMore detail
185August1981The Act of State Doctrine: The Need for a Commercial Exception in Antitrust LitigationCynthia K. PurcellMore detail
185August1981The Private Attorney General in California - An Evolution of SpeciesJeff ThomasMore detail
184July1981Union Representation in Construction: Who Makes the Choice?Jan StiglitzMore detail
184July1981OSHA at the Threshold: Setting Permissible Exposure Levels for Known Carcinogens After American Petroleum InstituteGeorge B. BlackmarMore detail
184July1981Suspension of Deportation - Toward a New Hardship StandardJonathon P. FoerstelMore detail
184July1981Title VII Comparable Worth Claims: Analysis of Liability, Proof, Defenses, and Remedies for Sex-Based Wage DiscriminationK.J. HeadleyMore detail
184July1981A Criticism of the Gertz Public Figures/Private Figure Test in the Context of Corporate Defamation PlaintiffJohn HilbertMore detail
183April1981IntroductionSenator Claiborne PellMore detail
183April1981The Role of the International Seabed Authority in the 1980'sElizabeth Mann BorgeseMore detail
183April1981Bridging the Gap for Seabed Mining: Preparatory Instruments for the New Law of the Sea ConventionUwe JenischMore detail
183April1981Antarctica and the Law of the Sea: Rethinking and the Current Legal DilemmasChristopher C. JoynerMore detail
183April1981Maritime Claims in the China Seas: Current State PracticesChoon-Ho ParkMore detail
183April1981The Moon Treaty and the Law of the SeaPatricia MinolaMore detail
183April1981Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion on the High Seas: Toward an International Regulatory RegimeGary Alan HeckerMore detail
183April1981The Deep Seabed Hard Mineral Resources Act and the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea: Can the Conference Meet the Mandate Embodied in the Act?F. Patterson WillseyMore detail
183April1981Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1979-1980Jeffrey Lee Gertler & Paul WayneMore detail
182March1981Debt Collection for Married Californians: Problems Caused by Transmutations, Single-Spouse Management, and Invalid MarriageWilliam A. Reppy, Jr.More detail
182March1981The Decline of the Adversary System and the Changing Role of the Advocate in that SystemStephen LandsmanMore detail
182March1981Innocuous Inoculum or Perilous Parasite? Encouraging Genetic Research Through Patent Grants: A Call for Regulation and DebateJames F. BrashearMore detail
182March1981Employer Subrogation: The Effect of Injured Employee Negligence in Worker's Compensation /Third Party ActionsDebra Hurst NeillMore detail
182March1981Personal Jurisdiction over Retailers and Regional Distributors in Products Liability Litigation: Sufficiency of a Single ContractAnthony P. PascaleMore detail
182March1981Surrogate Motherhood in California: Legislative ProposalsEllen Lassner van HoftenMore detail
181December1980Proposed: A Specialized Statutory Immigration CourtMaurice A. RobertsMore detail
181December1980A Critique of the Establishment of a Specialized Immigration CourtTimothy S. BarkerMore detail
181December1980Constitutional and Policy Consideration of an Article I Immigration CourtRobert E. Juceam & Stephen JacobsMore detail
181December1980Comments on "A Specialized Statutory Immigration Court"James J. OrlowMore detail
181December1980The Need for a Specialized Immigration Court: A Practical ResponseLeon WildesMore detail
181December1980Suspension of Deportation: A Revitalized Relief for the AlienMark W. AnthonyMore detail
181December1980The Marriage Viability Requirement: Is it Viable?Nancy K. RichinsMore detail
181December1980Recent Developments in the Immigration Laws of the United States 1979-1980Susan B. HallMore detail
175November1980A Guide to Obtaining Required Regulatory Approvals for New Industrial Facilities in CaliforniaBruce A. Beckman & Michael W. PrairieMore detail
175November1980Changing Voting Patterns in the Burger Court: The Impact of Personnel ChangeEdward V. HeckMore detail
175November1980An Update of the Law Governing Prepayment ClausesMichael GrantMore detail
175November1980Forcible Rape and the Right to BailKathy M. PisulaMore detail
175November1980Labor Relations in Parochial Schools: Should Law Teachers be Denied Protection of the General Laws?Gerald SimsMore detail
175November1980Automatic Stay Under the 1978 Bankruptcy Code: An Equitable Roadblock to Secured Creditor ReliefJohn Lindon SmahaMore detail
174August1980Chiarella: The Need for Equal Access Under Section 10(b)Gary BunchMore detail
174August1980The Supreme Court and Obscenity: An Exercise in Empirical Constitutional Policy-MakingStephen DanielsMore detail
174August1980Scourging the Moneylenders from the Temple: The SEC, Rule 2(e) and the LawyersJohn J. KelleherMore detail
174August1980Federal Sector Arbitration Under the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978Van Allyn GoodwinMore detail
174August1980Securing Personal Jurisdiction Over Nonresidents in Spousal and Child Support Suits: Is California's Long-Arm Too Short?Thomas Craig MundellMore detail
174August1980The Automobile Exception: A Contradiction in Fourth Amendment PrinciplesJean McCann NathanMore detail
174August1980Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: Unconstitutional Warrant Criteria Permit Wiretapping if a Possibility of International Terrorism is FoundChipp PurdyMore detail
173May1980ForewordKurt WaldheimMore detail
173May1980IntroductionBernardo ZuletaMore detail
173May1980Post World War II Multilateral Treaty-Making: The Task of the Third United Nations Law of the Sea Conference in PerspectiveJohn King Gamble, Jr.More detail
173May1980Towards a Principled Approach to the Distribution of Global Wealth: An Impartial Solution to the Dispute Over Seabed Manganese NodulesFrederick ArnoldMore detail
173May1980Global Conservation and Management of Marine MammalsJames A.R. NafzingerMore detail
173May1980IXTOC I: A Test for the Emerging Concept of the Patrimonial SeaAlan T. LeonhardMore detail
173May1980Offshore Petroleum Exploitation and Environmental Protection: The International and Norwegian ResponseKenneth G. RobertsMore detail
173May1980Fishery and Economic Zones as Customary International LawCarolyn HudsonMore detail
173May1980Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1978-1979Henry Heater & James McMullenMore detail
172March1980The Alien Meets Some Constitutional Hurdles in Employment, Education, and Aid ProgramsElwin GriffithMore detail
172March1980Supplementation of Discovery Responses in Federal Civil ProcedureWilliam R. SlomansonMore detail
172March1980Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code in an Electronic Fund Transfer EnvironmentJames V. VergariMore detail
172March1980Reflections on Convenience Translations: A Reply to Professor BrooksWilliam K.S. WangMore detail
172March198042 U.S.C. § 1985(3) - A Private Action to Vindicate Fourteenth Amendment Rights: A Paradox ResolvedStephanie M. WildmanMore detail
172March1980Applying the Rule of Reason: A Survey of Recent Cases and CommentRobert BlanchardMore detail
172March1980Solar Energy in California: A Case for the SunStephen M. BlumMore detail
172March1980Piercing the Doctine of Corporate Hospital LiabilityJames B. CohoonMore detail
172March1980Local Attempts to Ban Discrimination in Rental Housing Against Families With Children: Avoiding the Preemption BarrierCynthia GlancyMore detail
172March1980Criminal Jurisdiction Over Foreign Corporations: The Application of a Minimum Contacts TheoryDavid James HomseyMore detail
172March1980Paleface, Redskin, and the Great White Chiefs in Washington: Drawing the Battlelines over Western Water RightsBelinda K. OremMore detail
172March1980People v. Drew: Will California's New Insanity Test Ensure a More Accurate Determination of Insanity?Paul K. TraficanteMore detail
171December1979The Immigration Selection System: A Proposal for ReformAustin T. Fragomen, Jr. & Alfred J. Del Rey, Jr.More detail
171December1979Consequences of Nationality in American LawMichael Terry HertzMore detail
171December1979The Operation Instructions of the Immigration Service: Internal Guides or Binding Rules?Leon WildesMore detail
171December1979Limiting Congressional Denationalization after AfroyimJ.P. JonesMore detail
171December1979To be or Not to be a Resident - Tax is the QuestionSanford M. FischMore detail
171December1979Recent Developments in the Immigration Law of the United States, 1978-1979Anthony J. Passante, Jr.More detail
165August1979Exhibitionism: A Psycho-Legal PerspectiveMarilyn Ruth RileyMore detail
165August1979Motivation and Constitutionality: A PostscriptLawrence A. AlexanderMore detail
165August1979Reductionism in the Law Schools, or, Why the Blather About the Motivation of Legislators?Arthur S. MillerMore detail
165August1979People v. Wheeler: California's Answer to Misuse of the Peremptory ChallengeDouglas H. BarkerMore detail
165August1979Sears, Roebuck & Co. v. San Diego County District Council of Carpenters: The Demise of Federal Preemption of Labor DisputesTerry FlettMore detail
165August1979California's Statutory Attempt to Regulate Foreign Corporations: Will It Survive the Commerce Clause?Mark E. KruseMore detail
165August1979Title 4.5: California Liquidated DamagesMichael John Mais & Paul B. MartinsMore detail
165August1979The Right to Jury Trial in Complex Civil LitigationTina Marie PivonkaMore detail
164July1979Equity, Efficiency, and Income Tax Theory: Do Misallocations Drive Out Inequities?Boris I. BittkerMore detail
164July1979Breaking the Chains that Bind: Arbitration Agreements Versus Forum Rights Under the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Act of 1974M. Van SmithMore detail
164July1979Private Actions Under the Suitability and Supervision Duties of Exchange and Dealer Association Rules: The Fraud RequirementThomas MagliozziMore detail
164July1979The Death of Palsgraf: A Comment on the Current Status of the Duty Concept in CaliforniaArthur N. BuckMore detail
164July1979Confidential Communication Between Parent and Child: A Constitutional RightJeff M. SandlowMore detail
164July1979Comparative Fault and Settlement in Joint Tortfeasor Cases: A Plea for Principle Over PolicyJ. Adam SarancikMore detail
163April1979IntroductionElliot L. RichardsonMore detail
163April1979The Anglo-French Continental Shelf CaseE.D. BrownMore detail
163April1979The Politics of Manganese Nodules: International Considerations and Domestic LegislationJohn M. MurphyMore detail
163April1979The Group of 77 at the United Nations: An Emergent Force in the Law of the SeaAlan G. Friedman & Cynthia A. WilliamsMore detail
163April1979Military Uses of Ocean Space and the Developing International Law of the Sea: An Analysis in the Context of Peacetime ASWRex J. ZedalisMore detail
163April1979Dolphin Conservation in the Tuna Industry: The United States' Role in an International ProblemLaurel Lee HydeMore detail
163May1977Kiev and the Montreux Convention: The Aircraft Carrier that Became a Cruiser to Squeeze Through the Turkish StraitsMore detail
163April1979Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1977-1978Richard Paul SirefMore detail
162March1979The Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Opinion: A Masterpiece of Statutory MisinterpretationNathaniel L. NathansonMore detail
162March1979Intent v. Impact: The Standard of Proof Necessary to Establish a Prima Facie Case of Race Discrimination Under 42 U.S.C. Sect. 1981 Walter HeiserMore detail
162March1979The California Sea Otter: Emerging Conflicts in Resource ManagementJames J. ArmstrongMore detail
162March1979Institutional Due Process in the Twenty-First Century: The Future of the Hearing Requirement- Moderator's RemarksHarold H. BruffMore detail
162March1979The Goss PrincipleKenneth Culp DavisMore detail
162March1979From Dr. Bonham to Ms. Horowitz: Fair Hearing in Historical Perspective Nathaniel L. Nathanson More detail
162March1979Some Thoughts on the Relationship Between Fundamental Values and Procedural Safeguards in Constitutional Right to Hearing Cases Robert L. RabinMore detail
162March1979Some Kind of Hearing for Persons Discharged from Private Employment Cornelius J. PeckMore detail
162March1979Teaching Transcendental Meditation in Public Schools: Defining Religion for Establishment PurposesJoel IncorvaiaMore detail
162March1979Liquor, the Law, and California : One Step Forward-Two Steps Backward Don HallMore detail
162March1979Creditor's Remedies-Due Process Confession of Judgment in California After Isbell v. County of Sonoma Nathan C. NorthupMore detail
162March1979The Regulation of Real Estate Syndicate Securities in California Bill NaumannMore detail
162March1979In Re Soledad : The Bankruptcy Court's Jurisdiction over Funds Earned by Bankrupt when Multiple Government Claimants Assert Sovereign Immunity and a Right to Set-OffJack Raymond CohenMore detail
161December1978ForewordJoshua EilbergMore detail
161December1978Immigration Benefits for Children Born Out of Wedlock and for Their Natural Fathers: A Survey of the Law Paul Wickham SchmidtMore detail
161December1978The Legal Status of Amerasian Children in Japan : A Study in the Conflict of Nationality Laws Chin Kim & Stephen R. Fox More detail
161December1978Alien Physicians and Their Admission into the United States Allen E. Kaye, Dan P. Danilov, Laurier B. McDonaldMore detail
161December1978Consular Discretion in the Immigrant Visa-Issuing Process Kim R. Anderson & David A. GiffordMore detail
155August1978Introduction: Motivation and ConstitutionalityLawrence A. AlexanderMore detail
155August1978Legislative Motivation and Fundamental Rights in Constitutional LawJ. Morris ClarkMore detail
155August1978Racially Prejudiced Governmental Actions: A Motivation Theory of the Constitutional Ban Against Racial DiscriminationLarry G. SimonMore detail
155August1978Motivational Analysis as a Complete Explanation of the Justification Process Scott H. Bice More detail
155August1978Reflections on Motive Review Paul Brest More detail
155August1978Reflections on a Unified Theory Theodore Eisenburg More detail
155August1978The Centrality and Limits of Motivation Analysis John Hart Ely More detail
155August1978The Costs of Motive-Centered Inquiry Kenneth L. Karst More detail
155August1978If "The Devil Himself Knows Not the Mind of Man," How Possibly Can Judges Know the Motivation of Legislators? Arthur S. Miller More detail
155August1978A Brief Comment on Motivation and Impact Michael Perry More detail
155August1978Rent Control: A Practical Guide for Tenant Organizations Kathryn Lori PartrickMore detail
155August1978One Tier Beyond Ramapo : Open Space Zoning and the Urban Reserve Sandra L. McMahanMore detail
155August1978Public Beaches: A Reevaluation Richard H. ZimmermanMore detail
154July1978Values in a Lawyer's Life Clinton Bamberger More detail
154July1978Obedience to Lawful Authority Michael D. Bayles More detail
154July1978Thomas More and the Restraint of PowerJames McConicaMore detail
154July1978The California Statutory Close Corporation: Gateway to Flexibility or Trap for the UnwaryWilliam K. S. Wang More detail
154July1978Private Rule 10b-5 Recovery for Open Market Insider Trading: The Propriety of Privity and Reliance Requirements Clyde C. Greco, Jr.More detail
154July1978Tender Offerors: Enter the Control Battle at Your Own RiskMichael F. BrownMore detail
154July1978A Securities Lawyer's Dilemma: The SEC's Policy of Disclosure v. The Attorney-Client PrivilegeGrant B. LunaMore detail
154July1978Unconstitutional Government SpeechJay S. BloomMore detail
154July1978Automatism: The Unconsciousness Defense to a Criminal ActionPatricia E. GouldMore detail
154July1978The Future of Fetal Research in California : A Proposal for ChangePaula L. LehmannMore detail
154July1978Acreage, Residency and Excess-Land Sale : Striking a Balance Between Modern Agriculture and Historic Water PolicyRandall F. Koenig & Peter R.J. ThompsonMore detail
153April1978ForewordPatsy T. MinkMore detail
153April1978IntroductionH. Gary KnightMore detail
153April1978A Constitution for the Oceans: Comments and Suggestions Regarding Part XI of the Informal Composite Negotiating Text Elisabeth Mann Borgese More detail
153April1978Custom and Land-Based Pollution of the High Seas James E. Hickey, Jr. More detail
153April1978Different Approaches to International Regulation of Exploitation of Deep-Ocean Ferro-manganese Nodules F.L. La Que More detail
153April1978Significant Fishery Management Issues in the Law of the Sea Conference Illusions Farin Mirvahabi More detail
153April1978Legal Claims to Newly Emerged Islands Jimmy L. Verner, Jr.More detail
153April1978Controlling "Pirate" BroadcastingMitchell J. HannaMore detail
153April1978The Innocent Passage of Warships in Foreign Territorial Seas : A Threatened FreedomLawrence Wayne KayeMore detail
153April1978Territorial Status of Deepwater PortsGordon Earl DunfeeMore detail
153April1978Cultural Resources Preservation and Underwater Archaeology: Some Notes on the Current Legal Framework and a Model Underwater Antiquities Statute James Kevin MeenanMore detail
152March1978Conservatorship for the "Gravely Disabled": California 's Nondeclaration of Nonindenpendence Grant H. Morris More detail
152March1978The Scope of the Residual Hearsay Exceptions in the Federal Rules of Evidence Edward J. Imwinkelried More detail
152March1978Discovery of Psychotherapist-Patient Communications After Tara off Alexander J. OlanderMore detail
152March1978Egan v. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co. : The Expanding Use of Punitive Damages in Breach of Insurance Contract Actions Bradley Jay FisherMore detail
152March1978Punitive Damages in Admiralty for Bad Faith Refusal to Provide Maintenance and Cure: Robinson v. Pocahontas, Inc. M. Robert Reinschreiber, Jr.More detail
152March1978Transsexuals in Search of Legal Acceptance: The Constitutionality of the Chromosome Test Wayne Scott ColeMore detail
151December1977ForewordAttorney General Griffin Bell More detail
151December1977IntroductionLeonel Castillo More detail
151December1977Recent Developments in Judicial Review of Immigration Cases Charles Gordon More detail
151December1977The Board of Immigration Appeals: A Critical Appraisal Maurice A. Roberts More detail
151December1977Admission of Refugees: Draft Convention on Territorial Asylum Richard Plender More detail
151December1977Illegal Aliens: Economic Aspects and Public Policy Alternatives Walter A. Fogel More detail
151December1977Exclusion and Deportation: Some Avenues of Relief for the Alien Elwin Griffith More detail
151December1977The Alien Criminal Defendant: Sentencing ConsiderationsStephen H. LegomskyMore detail
151December1977Extending the Constitution to Refugee-Parolees Frank Shermon Clowney IIIMore detail
151December1977Federal Civil Service Employment: Resident Aliens Need Not Apply Mary A. FreemanMore detail
145November1977Current Currents in InstitutionalizationDavid B. WexlerMore detail
145November1977The Child as Involuntary Mental Patient: The Threat of Child Therapy to the Child's Dignity, Privacy, and Self-EsteemThomas Szasz, M.D.More detail
145November1977Prediction Research and the Role of Psychologists in Correctional InstitutionsJohn Monahan & Linda Costa MonahanMore detail
145November1977Indeterminancy as IndividualizationGeorg K. Sturup, M.D.More detail
145November1977Whither Thou Goest? An Inquiry Into Jurors' Perceptions of the Consequences of a Successful Insanity DefenseGrant H. Morris, L.P. Bozzetti, Jr., et al.More detail
145November1977On Being Imposed Upon By Artful or Designing Persons-The California Experience with the Involuntary Placement of the AgedGeorge J. AlexanderMore detail
145November1977Least Restrictive Treatment of the Mentally Ill: A Doctrine in Search of Its SensesP. Browning Hoffman & Lawrence L. FoustMore detail
145November1977Dependency Proceedings: What Standard of Proof? An Argument Against the Standard of "Clear and Convincing"Michael Freeman WhiteMore detail
145November1977Senate Bill 42 and the Myth of Shortened Sentences for California Offenders: The Effects of the Uniform Determinate Sentencing ActKenneth R. Zuetel, Jr.More detail
145November1977United States v. McOmber: A Challenge to State Courts on Counselless WaiversE. A. SmithMore detail
145November1977A Regional Perspective of the "General Welfare"Curtis A. RankinMore detail
145November1977Estelle v. Williams and the Waiver of Due Process ProtectionsSteven D. KriegMore detail
145November1977Involuntary Passive Euthanasia of Brain-Stem-Damages Patients: The Need for Legislation-An Analysis and a ProposalDaniel Mark MuellerMore detail
144August1977Bank Securities Activities: Memorandum For Study and DiscussionSecurities Industry AssociationMore detail
144August1977"Continuing Eviseration of [the] Fourth Amendment"Francis A. GilliganMore detail
144August1977Academic Researchers and the First Amendment: Constitutional Protection for Their Confidential Sources?Howard Gray CurtisMore detail
144August1977Schwalbe v. Jones: The Owner-Passenger Statute Held Constitutional-What Ever Happened to Brown v. Merlo?Mark A. BonenfantMore detail
144August1977A Proposal for Prosecutorial Discovery Depositions in CaliforniaGeorge James Williams, Jr.More detail
143May1977ForewordArvid PardoMore detail
143May1977Next Steps Toward a Law of the Sea in the Common InterestJohn Norton MooreMore detail
143May1977Emerging Law of the Sea: The Economic Zone DilemmaThomas A. Clingan, Jr.More detail
143May1977The Right to a 200-Mile Exclusive Economic Zone or a Special Fishery ZoneCarl August FleischerMore detail
143May1977The New International Economic Order and the Law of the SeaElizabeth Mann BorgeseMore detail
143May1977The RIght of Entry into Maritime Ports in International LawA.V. LoweMore detail
143May1977Seabed Negotiations: The Failure of United States PolicyJack N. BarkenbusMore detail
143May1977UNCLOS III: Last Chance for Landlocked States?Susan FergusonMore detail
143May1977Hot Pursuit from a Contiguous Fisheries Zone-An Assault on the Freedom of the High SeasEric Allan SiscoMore detail
143May1977Kiev and the Montreux Convention: The Aircraft Carrier that Became a Cruiser to Squeeze Though the Turkisk StraitsF. David FromanMore detail
143May1977Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea 1976-1977Larry D. Dershem & Scott J. KaislerMore detail
143May1977Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea: Report on the 1976 New York SessionsJohn Temple Swing RapporteurMore detail
142March1977Strict Products Liability and Comparative Negligence: The Collision of Fault and No-FaultHarvey R. LevineMore detail
142November1977Speech in the Local Marketplace: Implications of Virginia State Board of Pharmacy v. Virginia Citizens Consumer Council, Inc. for Local Regulatory PowerLawrence AlexanderMore detail
142March1977Government Regulation of Health-Care Drugs of Questionable EfficacyRobert J. MilisMore detail
142March1977A Bank Customer Has No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy of Bank Records: United States v. MillerFrancis X. PrayMore detail
142March1977Time, Inc. v. Firestone: The Supreme Court's Restrictive New Libel RulingMerribeth BoisseauMore detail
142March1977The Cornelison Doctrine: A New Jurisdictional ApproachJeffrey G. VargaMore detail
142March1977Rights for Nonhuman Animals: A Guardianship Model, for Dogs and CatsJoyce S. TischlerMore detail
141December1976ForewordHonorable Edward M. KennedyMore detail
141December1976Sex and the Immigration LawsMaurice A. RobertsMore detail
141December1976The Nonpriority Program of the Immigration and Naturalization Service Goes Public: The Litigative Use of the Freedom of Information ActMaurice A. RobertsMore detail
141December1976An Overview of the Labor Certification Requirement for Intending ImmigrantsEdwin R. Rubin & Mark A. ManciniMore detail
141December1976Practical Aspects of Representing an Alien at a Deportation HearingJack WassermanMore detail
141December1976Right to Counsel in Deportation ProceedingsIring A. ApplemanMore detail
141December1976Procedural Aspects of Illegal Search and Seizure in Deportation CasesAustin T. Fragomen, Jr.More detail
141December1976How to Immigrate to the United States: A Practical Guide for the AttorneyJoseph Samuel KonowieckiMore detail
141December1976Suspension of Deportation: Illusory ReliefSylvia G. ColeMore detail
141December1976Alien Checkpoints and the Troublesome Tetralogy: United States v. Martinez-FuerteVictor SalernoMore detail
141November1976Preemption in the Field of Immigration: DeCanas v. BicaFrancis X. PrayMore detail
141December1976Recent Developments in Immigration Law 1976Mitchell D. GravoMore detail
141December1976The Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1976UnknownMore detail
134August1976The British Capital Transfer TaxRonald MaudsleyMore detail
134August1976A Plea For More Effective RepresentationRodney R. JonesMore detail
134August1976Watson and Ramey: The Balance of Interests in Non-Exigent Felony ArrestsNancy L. SchonsMore detail
134August1976Michigan v. Mosley: A Further Erosion of Miranda?Frederick M. BossMore detail
134August1976An Affirmative Constitutional Right: The Tenth Amendment and the Resolution of Federalism ConflictsBrandon Becker & Michael F. WalshMore detail
134August1976The Interpenetration of Narrow Construction and Policy: Mr. Justice Stevens' Circuit OpinionsBrandon Becker & Michael F. WalshMore detail
134August1976Public Employee Legislation: An Emerging Paradox, Impact, and OpportunityThomas M. FiorelloMore detail
134August1976Credit Equality Comes to Women: An Analysis of the Equal Credit Opportunity ActJohn W. CairnsMore detail
134August1976The Epilepsies: Their Effect on the Biological Family, the State-Decreed Family, and Civil Liability in CaliforniaGerard Smolin, Jr.More detail
133May1975ForewordHon. Carlyle E. MawMore detail
133May1976The International Seabed and the Single Negotiating TextA.V. LoweMore detail
133May1976The Illusory Treasure of Davy Jones' LockerMartin Ira GlassnerMore detail
133May1976Where Are We on the Law of the Sea?Robert B. KruegerMore detail
133May1975The Role of the Geographically-Disadvantaged States in the Law of the SeaLewis M. Alexander & Robert D. HodgsonMore detail
133May1976Naval Missions and the Law of the SeaMark W. JanisMore detail
133May1976Some Thoughts on National Ocean Policy: The Critical IssueDon WalshMore detail
133May1975Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea: A SynopsisRobert G. Pickering & William W. TaylorMore detail
133May1976An Illusion of Camelot, the Validity of a Claim, and the Consequences of the Negotiations: The Great Nodule SpectacleR. Sebastian GibsonMore detail
133May1976The 200-Mile Exclusive Economic Zone: Death Knell for the American Tuna IndustryF. David FromanMore detail
133May1975The Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea and an Archipelagic RegimeRobert E. WardMore detail
133May1976The Mayaguez: The Right of Innocent Passage and the Legality of ReprisalRobert E. WardMore detail
132March1976The Coast: Where Energy Meets The EnvironmentRichard G. HildrethMore detail
132March1976The Metaphysics of Punishment-An Exercise in FutilityWilliam K.S. WangMore detail
132March1976Capital Formation Within the Electric Utility Industry: An Assessment of the Ford PlanBrandon BeckerMore detail
132March1976Vapor Recovery: Last Gasp of the Clean Air Act?Michael F. WalshMore detail
132March1976In Re Lisa R. ? Limiting the Scope of the Conclusive Presumption DoctrineNikki WestraMore detail
132March1976Sex Offender Registration for Section 647 Disorderly Conduct Convictions is Cruel and Unusual PunishmentJerry D. BlairMore detail
132March1976United States v. Solis: Have the Government's Supersniffers Come Down With a Case of Constitutional Nasal CongestionMax A. HansenMore detail
132March1976Tips Given to Nevada Casino Dealers by Casino Patrons are Nontaxable Gifts, Not Income —Olk v. United States, 388 F. Supp. 1108 (D. Nev. 1975)Phil AurbachMore detail
132March1976California "Consenting Adults" Law: The Sex Act in PerspectiveMary Lee TayrienMore detail
132March1976Deportation of an Alien for a Marijuana Conviction Can Constitute Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Lieggi v. United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, 389 F. Supp. 12 (N.D. Ill. 1975)Stephen H. LegomskyMore detail
132March1976Fourth Amendment Challenge to an Internal Revenue Code Section 7602 Summons: United States v. Sun First National Bank of Orlando, 510 F.2d 1107 (5th Cir. 1975)Anthony B. PenningtonMore detail
131December1975ForewardHon. Peter W. Rodino, Jr.More detail
131December1975The Need to Modernize Our Immigration LawsCharles GordonMore detail
131December1975A Look at Illegal Immigration: Causes and Impact on the United SatesLeonard F. Chapman, Jr.More detail
131December1975A Proposed Solution to the Problem of the Undocumented Mexican Alien WorkerGary H. Manulkin & B. Robert MaghameMore detail
131December1975Search and Seizure on the Highway for Immigration Violations: A Survey of the LawSam BersenMore detail
131December1975Searching for Illegal Aliens: The Immigration Service Encounters the Fourth AmendmentAustin T. Fragomen, Jr.More detail
131December1975Grounds and Procedures Relating to DeportationJack WassermanMore detail
131December1975The Exercise of Administrative Discretion Under the Immigration LawsMaurice A. RobertsMore detail
131December1975The Doctrine of Preemption and the Illegal Alien: A Case for State Regulation and a Uniform Preemption TheoryPatricia D. BenkeMore detail
131December1975Refugee-Parolee: The Dilemma of the Indochina RefugeesMarvin Samuel GrossMore detail
131December1975Exclusion and Deportation of Resident Aliens: The Re-Entry Doctrine and the Need for ReformMatthew HerronMore detail
131December1975Ault v. International Harvester Co. - Death Knell to the Exclusionary Rule Against Subsequent Remedial Conduct in Strict Products LiabilityJ. Wesley MerrittMore detail
131December1975The Child's Claim for Loss of Consortium Damages: A Logical and Sympathetic AppealMary Lee TayrienMore detail
124August1975Child Abuse Reporting Statutes: The Case for Holding Physicians Civilly Liable for Failing to ReportLon B. IsaacsonMore detail
124August1975The Taxability of Condominium Owners' AssociationsK. Michael GarrettMore detail
124August1975The Avowed Lesbian Mother and Her Right to Child Custody: A Constitutional Challenge that Can No Longer be DeniedMarilyn RileyMore detail
124August1975United States v. Toscanino: An Assault on the Ker-Frisbie RuleGary W. SchonsMore detail
124August1975The Internal Revenue Service's Mandatory Waiver of Confidentiality-The Practical and Constitutional DefectsJohn G. ScherbMore detail
124August1975Due Process in School Discipline: The Effect of Goss v. LopezWilliam R. FletcherMore detail
124August1975Tarasoff and the Psychotherapist's Duty to WarnDennis W. DaleyMore detail
123May1975ForewardHon. John R. StevensonMore detail
123May1975Settlement of Disputes Arising Out of the Law os the Sea ConventionLouis B. SohnMore detail
123May1975United Sates and Canadian Policy Processes in Law of the SeaAnn L. HollickMore detail
123May1975The Roles of Regional Law of the SeaMark W. JanisMore detail
123May1975The Impact of the 200-Mile Economic Zone on the Law of the SeaLewis M. Alexander & Robert D. HodgsonMore detail
123May1975The Exclusive Economic Zone — The Elusive ConsensusDuke E. PollardMore detail
123May1975The Enforcement of Marine Pollution RegulationsA.V. LoweMore detail
123May1975Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea: A SynopsisRobert Armstrong, William Franz, Webster KinnairdMore detail
123May1975The Fisheries Proposoals: An AssessmentChanning KuryMore detail
123May1975A Funny Thing Happened to the Common Heritage on the Way to the SeaAaron L. DanzigMore detail
123May1975The Transfer of Marine Science Technology -- Quid Pro Quo for Freedom of Scientific Research?Susan L. WaggenerMore detail
123May1975Compensation for Oil Pollution at Sea: An Insurance ApproachCharles F. GoriaMore detail
122March1975Foreword: Is the Bar Meeting Its Ethical Responsibilities?Hon. John V. TunneyMore detail
122March1975Teaching Professional EthicsHon. Tom C. ClarkMore detail
122March1975Watergate and the Law SchoolsDonald T. WecksteinMore detail
122March1975One Man's Perspective on Ethics and the Legal ProfessionWilliam PincusMore detail
122March1975Professional Responsibility Problems and Contempt in AdvocacyHon. Horace W. GilmoreMore detail
122March1975Legal Ethics of the Trial — How They Serve the ClientLeonard M. RingMore detail
122March1975Canon 2 — The Bright and Dark Face of the Legal ProfessionAlex ElsonMore detail
122March1975Ethical Problems in Connection with the Delivery of Legal ServicesWalter P. Armstrong, Jr.More detail
122March1975Cruel or Unusual Punishments in California: New Problmes in Fitting Punishment to CrimesRobert L. EisenbergMore detail
122March1975Who is an "Officer" Under Section 16(b) -- Who Knows?A. John MurphyMore detail
122March1975Landlord Tort Liability in California: Are the Restrictive Common Law Doctinres on Their Way Out?James J. Thomson, Jr.More detail
122March1975But When Did He Die?: Tucker v. Lower and the Brain-Death ConceptRonald Converse, M.D.More detail
122March1975In re Marriage of Carey: The End of the Putative-Meretricious Spouse Distinction in CaliforniaLaurel Ann OlsonMore detail
122March1975The Law of Libel — Constitutional Privilege and the Private Individual: Round Two — Gertz v Robert Welch, Inc. Matthew HerronMore detail
122March1975The Tax Court Smiles on the Foreign-Earned Income of Community Property Taxpayers: Robert R. BottomeRobert G. Russell, Jr.More detail
121December1974ForewardJames Wm. MooreMore detail
121December1974The Effects of Eisen IV and Proposed Amendments of Federal Rule 23Sidney B. Jacoby & Michael G. CherkaskyMore detail
121December1974The Consumer Class Action: An Endangered SpeciesPeter H. Schuck & Marsha N. CohenMore detail
121December1974Challenging Certification of a Class Action: A HypotheticalRobert G. Cutler & James P. FeeneyMore detail
121December1974Is the Citizen Suit a Substitute for the Class Action in Environmental Litigation? An Examination of the Clean Air Act of 1970 Citizen Suit ProvisionGabriel N. SteinbergMore detail
121December1974Defining a Rule 23 (b) (2) Class: An Expository AnalysisJan GoldsmithMore detail
121December1974Under the Portcullis and Inside the Golden Castle: American Pipe & Construction Co. v. UtahDouglas C. HollandMore detail
121December1974The Progressive Transformation of Class Actions in CaliforniaMarco A. FamigliettiMore detail
121December1974Zahn v. International Paper: Taking the Action Out of Class Action, or Can Zahn be Avoided?Richard P. BergMore detail
121December1974Ethical Obligations of the Attorney Under Rule 23--Abuses and ReformsBrian G. RixMore detail
114June1974The Exclusionary Rule and Police PerjuryCharles M. SevillaMore detail
114June1974California’s New Crime Victim Compensation StatuteGilbert Geis & Herbert EdelhertzMore detail
114June1974The 1973 Obscenity-Pornography Decisions: Analysis, Impact, and Legislative AlternativesDavid M. HunsakerMore detail
114June1974Of Rights and ReinforcersDavid B. WexlerMore detail
114June1974Local Control of Pollution from Federal Facilities Jacklyn BeckerMore detail
114June1974Equal Management and Control Under Senate Bill 569: “To Have and to Hold” Takes on New Meaning in California John A. AdamskeMore detail
114June1974Incarceration for Civil Contempt: An Asserted Eighth Amendment Challenge Faces a Semantical DefenseSeth J. KelseyMore detail
114June1974 Sister Union Strikes and “No Strike” Clauses: The Logic and Necessity of a Presumption of Inclusivity John S. AdlerMore detail
113May1974ForewordHon. Edmund S. MuskieMore detail
113May1974Boom, Doom, and Gloom Over the Oceans: The Economic Zone, the Developing Nations, and the Conference on the Law of the SeaElisabeth Mann BorgeseMore detail
113May1974The Law of the Sea: Alliances and Divisive Issues in International Ocean NegotiationsJudith Tegger KildowMore detail
113May1974The Patrimonial Sea or Economic Zone ConceptAndres Aguilar M.More detail
113May1974Venezuela's Contribution to the Contemporary Law of the SeaKaldone G. NweihedMore detail
113May1974Developing Land-Locked States and the Resources of the SeabedMarin Ira GlassnerMore detail
113May1974Economic Aspects of Fisheries Utilization in the Law of the Sea NegotiationsLee G. AndersonMore detail
113May1974The Wealth of the Oceans and the Law of the Sea: Some Preliminary ObservationsGiulio Pontecorvo & Roger MesznikMore detail
113May1974Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea V: A SynopsisDennis Greenwald, Robert Iglow, Jack MannMore detail
113May1974Toward Peaceful Settlement of Ocean Space Disputes: A Working PaperWm. H. Haubert IIMore detail
113May1974International Law and Radioactive Pollution by Ocean Dumping: "With All Their Genius and With All Their Skill..."Jack Wm. HodgesMore detail
113May1974The Tuna Example: Is There Hope for International Cooperation?Andrew D. RoseMore detail
113May1974Passage Through International Straits: Free or Innocent? The Interests at StakeFrank NoltaMore detail
113May1974Book Review: "Freedom of Oceanic Research" by Warren S. Wooster.Michael J. WeaverMore detail
112February1974AddressHon. Earl WarrenMore detail
112February1974Pendent Jurisdiction in Diversity Cases-Some DoubtsDarrell D. BrattonMore detail
112February1974A Proposal for Limiting the Duty of the Trial Judge to Instruct the Jury Sua SpontePaul H. RobinsonMore detail
112February1974Comprehensive Health Planning and Procedures: The California ExperienceConrad G. Tuohey & John A. McDermott IIMore detail
112February1974The Foster Parents Dilemma "Who Can I Turn to When Somebody Needs Me?"David C. McCartyMore detail
112February1974"No Hablo Ingles" (A Written Agreement plus Consent Equals Contractual Liability of Illiterates?)Dwight PrestonMore detail
112February1974Deductible Tax Planning Expenses: The Scope of Internal Revenue Code Section 212-3George L. Bevan, Jr.More detail
112February1974California Assembly Advisory Council's Recommendations of Impasse Resolution Procedures and Public Employee StrikesMichael E. HootonMore detail
112February1974An Independent Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing in Insurance Contracts-Gruenberg v. Aetna Insurance Co.Robert BarryMore detail
112February1974Jurisdiction-Quasi In Rem: Seider v. Roth to Turner v. Evers-Wrong Means to the Right EndSteven R. HunsickerMore detail
112February1974Oral Copulation: A Constitutional Curtain Must Be DrawnRobert A. IglowMore detail
111November1973ForewordHon. Frank ChurchMore detail
111November1973United States Multinational Corporations: The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on United States Foreign RelationsClarke N. EllisMore detail
111November1973Foreign Restrictions on U.S. InvestmentHenry T. King, Jr.More detail
111November1973Centralizing the International Operations of MultinationalsAlbert S. Goldbert & James J. WilsonMore detail
111November1973Export FinancingWilliam P. StrengMore detail
111November1973Use of a Domestic International Sales Corporation to Reduce Federal Income Tax on Export EarningsRobert S. RendellMore detail
111November1973International Labor and the Regulation of Multinational Corporations: Proposals and ProspectsDavid BlakeMore detail
111November1973The Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 and Foreign-based Subsidiaries of American Multinational Corporations: A Time to Abstain from RestrainingJack W. HodgesMore detail
111November1973Continental Can-New Strength for Common Market Anti-TrustWm. H. Haubert IIMore detail
111November1973The Multinational Enterprise in the Context of Latin American Economic Integration: The Andean Agreement ModelDennis L. GreenwaldMore detail
111November1973The Multinational Enterprise in the Context of Latin American Economic Integration: The Andean Agreement ModelDennis L. GreenwaldMore detail
111November1973The Foreign Direct Investment Regulations, 1973: Balance of Payments Remedy or Regulation of Multinational Corporations?Gregg Allen JohnsonMore detail
111November1973Harmonization of European Company Laws: National Reform and Transnational CoordinationHerbert I. LazerowMore detail
104June1973Environmentally Sensitive Land Use Regulation in CaliforniaJohn M. WintersMore detail
104June1973Congressional Redistricting in California, 1965-67: The Quilting Bee and Crazy Quilts Leroy C. HardyMore detail
104June1973In Re Lynch and Beyond to Judicial Review of SentencesSteve SchroederMore detail
104June1973The Consumer Product Safety Act—Placebo or Panacea?Michael T. FoxMore detail
104June1973Roe v. Wade—The Abortion Decision—An Analysis and Its ImplicationsTom Riggs More detail
104June1973Bongiovanni v. Commissioner: False Hopes for Cash Basis TaxpayersR. Dennis LudererMore detail
104June1973Treasury Plays "Hide the Deduction," With the Lessor's Demolition LossMichael R. MooreMore detail
104June1973Zoning - Rural America: A New Lease on Life?Dwight PrestonMore detail
104June1973“Zoning Shall Be Consistent with the General Plan”—A Help or a Hindrance to Planning?Mary A. EikelMore detail
104June1973Informed Consent after Cobbs—Has the Patient Been Forgotten?Daniel F. BambergMore detail
103May1973ForewordHon. Lee MetcalfMore detail
103May1973The Law to Govern Deepsea Mining Until Superseded by International AgreementJohn G. LaylinMore detail
103May1973The Deep Seabed Hard Mineral Resources Act - A Negative View H. Gary KnightMore detail
103May1973United States Oceans PoliticsAnn L. Hollick More detail
103May1973The Ocean Dumping Convention - A Hopeful BeginningTerry L. LeitzellMore detail
103May1973High Seas Intervention: Parameters of Unilateral ActionBy R. Palmer CundickMore detail
103May1973Recent Developments in the Law of the Sea IV: A SynopsisG.D. Greenblatt, J.R. Miller, A.J. WaldchenMore detail
103May1973Seamounts and Guyouts: A Unique Resource - The Necessity for Express Recognition in the Formulation of an International Regime of the SeabedS.K. Eaton, Jr. & Janet JudyMore detail
103May1973Jurisdictional Problems Created by Artificial IslandsCraig W. Walker More detail
103May1973A Harbinger: The Senkaku IslandsThomas R. RaglandMore detail
102February1973California's Suppression Statute-An Examination of Penal Code Section 1538.5Terry J. KnoeppMore detail
102February1973Juvenile Justice: The Economics of IneptitudeWilliam M. McCartyMore detail
102February1973The Authentication of Documents Requirement: Barrier to Falsehood or to Truth?Lawrence A. Alexander & Elaine A. AlexanderMore detail
102February1973Justice: A Lady in DistressEdward J. PhilbinMore detail
102February1973Summary Creditor Remedies: Going…Going…Gone?Patricia D. BenkeMore detail
102February1973Group and Other Legal Services for the Middle ClassSteve SchroederMore detail
102February1973Footnote to Furman: Failing Justification for the Capital Case Exception to the Right to Bail after Abolition of the Death PenaltyJerry D. CluffMore detail
102February1973Flood Plain Zoning In California-Open Space By Another Name: Policy and PracticabilityRobert W. BatchelderMore detail
102February1973Voir Dire in California Criminal Trials: Where is it Going? Where Should it Go?Janet JudyMore detail
102February1973Antitrust Law: Procedural Safeguard Requirements in Concerted Refusals to Deal: An Application to Professional Sports – Denver Rockets v. All-Pro Management, Inc. (C.D. Cal. 1971)Jeffrey GarlandMore detail
101December1972ForewordMerlin H. StaringMore detail
101December1972Military Administrative Discharges: Due Process in the DoldrumsHon. Sam J. Ervin Jr.More detail
101December1972Prosecutorial Discretion: An Overview of Civilian and Military Characterization Hon. Robert Emmet QuinnMore detail
101December1972Courts-Martial and the CommanderKenneth J. HodsonMore detail
101December1972Command Control: Lawful Versus Unlawful ApplicationAnthony P. De GiulioMore detail
101December1972In-Service Conscientious Objection: Courts, Boards and the Basis in Fact Donald N. ZillmanMore detail
101December1972The Serviceman's Right of Free Speech: An Analytical Approach Alfred J. WaldchenMore detail
101December1972The Effect of Federal Court Constitutional Law Decisions on Military Law Michael O. Clark More detail
101December1972Amnesty for Draft Evaders?James Robert MillerMore detail
101December1972Back-pay Issues in the Military: O'Callahan v. United States Jeffrey A. HahnMore detail
94June1972LEAA'S "Pilot Cities"—A Model for Criminal Justice Research and DemonstrationRobert C. CushmanMore detail
94June1972Round Table Discussion on the Proposed Code of Judicial ConductD. Weckstein, E. Thode, J. GrossmanMore detail
94June1972Mental Examination of Criminal Defendants in Federal CourtsPeter K. NunezMore detail
94June1972Bathtub Conspiracies: A Doctrinal Cleansing is NeededMichael H. DessentMore detail
94June1972D-Day For Decision Makers: Considerations for a New Public School Financing System in California Alan A. NadirMore detail
94June1972David Meets Goliath in the Legislative Arena: A Losing Battle For Equal Charitable Voice? Edward W. WachtelMore detail
94June1972Workmen's Compensation and Vocational Rehabilitation in California Kelly W. BixbyMore detail
94June1972The Supreme Court and Its Great Justices William C. PateMore detail
93May1972Law of the Seas Negotiations 1971-1972H. Gary KnightMore detail
93May1972The Concenpt of "Common Heritage of Mankind": A Political, Moral or Legal Innovation?Stephen GoroveMore detail
93May1972The Council of an International Sea-Bed AuthorityLouIs B. SohnMore detail
93May1972A Second Look at United States Fisheries ManagementThomas A. Clingan, Jr.More detail
93May1972Bridging the Gap to International Fisheries Agreement: A Guide for Unilateral ActionJon. L. JacobsonMore detail
93May1972The Deep Seabed Hard Mineral Resources BillF.M. AuburnMore detail
93May1972Oil Pollution Problems Arising out of Exploitation of the Continental Shelf: The Santa Barbara DisasterDavid J. WalmsleyMore detail
93May1972The Donnybrook Fair of the OceansDavid StangMore detail
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93May1972Marine Archaeology and International Law: Background and Some SuggestionsHoward H. ShoreMore detail
93May1972The Interests of Land-Locked States in Law of the SeasPatrick ChildsMore detail
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92February1972Report of the Grand Jury Committee, San Diego County Bar Association Norbert Ehrenfreund, Edwin L. Miller, Jr., et al.More detail
92February1972The New Racism: Analysis of the Use of Racial and Ethnic Criteria in Decision-MakingElaine A. Alexander & Lawrence A. AlexanderMore detail
92February1972Tax Planning in England Ronald MaudsleyMore detail
92February1972Section 601 California Welfare and Institutions Code: A Need for a Change Gordon E. GonionMore detail
92February1972Election of Remedies and Pretrial WritsLeon J. AlexanderMore detail
92February1972Cutting the "Residential Apronstrings" of Voting MinorsNikki Jo SandersMore detail
92February1972Juvenile LawPatricia L. EllisonMore detail
92February1972ZoningEdward W. WachtelMore detail
92February1972Administrative LawThomas R. GillMore detail
92February1992Income Regulation of Future Interests in Partnerships Profits and LossesS.F. PoucherMore detail
91December1971The Local "General Plan" in CaliforniaAlan R. PerryMore detail
91December1971Land Use and Operational Controls in the Planned Development R. P. Lowell, R. Prahl, L. R. Alessio, C. CazaresMore detail
91December1971Potentially "Counter-Intuitive" Elements in Federal New Communities LegislationJames A. ClappMore detail
91December1971Landlord and TenantRobert L. O'ConnellMore detail
91December1971Forced Dedications as a Condition to Subdivision ApprovalMichael J. WeaverMore detail
91November1971Eminent DomainJudith StainbrookMore detail
91November1971Landlord Protective OrdersGeorge E. ArledgeMore detail
83May1971Law of the Sea Needs for the 1970's Daniel WilkesMore detail
83May1971The Draft United Nations Convention on the International Seabed Area: Background, Description and Some Preliminary Thoughts H. Gary KnightMore detail
83May1971Seabed Resources: The Problems of Adolescence W. Frank NewtonMore detail
83May1971The U.N. and the Law of the Sea: Prospects for the United States Seabed TreatyMargaret Lynch GerstleMore detail
83May1971Freezing the Boundary Dividing Federal and State Interests in Offshore Submerged Lands Norman WulfMore detail
83May1971Latin American Countries Facing the Problem of Territiorial Waters J. J. Santa-PinterMore detail
83May1971Wet War: North Pacific Edward J. OliverMore detail
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83May1971Recent Developments in the Law of the Seas II: A SynopsisJohn M. GantusMore detail
83May1971Coastal Zone Management—The Tidelands: Legislative Apathy vs. Judicial ConcernT. Barrack, V. Shue, R. Theep, L. WeissMore detail
83May1971Warranty of Seaworthiness—A Non-Seaman's DilemmaJohn M. GantusMore detail
82March1971A Current Analysis of the Usury Laws: A National View Robert P. LowellMore detail
82March1971Rx for a Nagging Constitutional Headache F. R. StrongMore detail
82March1971State Trial Courts: An Odyssey Into Faltering BureaucraciesJames A. GazellMore detail
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82March1971Certification of Minors to the Juvenile Court: An Empirical Study Glenn Edward RobinsonMore detail
82March1971Pen Register Evidence With One Party Consent: Should It Be Admissable? Anthony WetherbeeMore detail
82March1971Criminal LawLouis E. BoyleMore detail
82March1971TaxationVirginia V. ShueMore detail
81January1971Action for Consumers Hubert H. HumphreyMore detail
81January1971The Department of Transportation and the ConsumerJohn A. VolpeMore detail
81January1971Corporate Responsibility and Product Safety James S. TurnerMore detail
81January1971The Impact of Consumerism on the MarketColston E. WarneMore detail
81January1970Consumer Protection, Information and Education: A Country's View John A. OcchiogrossoMore detail
81January1971Consumer Fraud and the San Diego District Attorney's Office M. James LorenzMore detail
81January1971Current Efforts in Consumer Protection in the Business-Investment Area H. Warren SiegelMore detail
81January1971The Fault System, the Courts, and the Consumer Revolts Joseph KelnerMore detail
81January1971Uniform Consumer Credit Code and National Consurmer Act: Some Objective ComparisonsBenny L. KassMore detail
81January1971Curt Flood at Bat Against Baseball's Reserve ClauseJohn J. McQuaideMore detail
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81January1971The Fetus as a Legal Entity—Facing RealityLouis E. BoyleMore detail
81January1971AliensRobert A. MautinoMore detail
81January1971Civil RightsRichard H. McClureMore detail
81January1971Selective ServiceMichael J. McCabeMore detail
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73July1970Some Recent Developments Concerning Fishing and the Conservation of the Living Resources of the High SeasMilner B. SchaeferMore detail
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73July1970Social Goals, Problem Perception, and Public Intervention: The FisheryVictor Arnold & Daniel BromleyMore detail
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73July1970Californians Need Beaches—Maybe Yours!Susan P. Finlay & David J. VanTilMore detail
73July1970Recent Developments in the Law of the Seas: A SynopsisMicael B. Harris & Anthony LovettMore detail
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73July1970PropertyJack L. SchoellermanMore detail
73July1970Maintenance and CureGeorge D. TiceMore detail
72May1970The Wayward Serviceman: His Constitutional Rights and Military Jurisdiction James W. HodgesMore detail
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72May1970Legal Relationship Between the Student and the Private College or UniversitySally M. FurayMore detail
72May1970Monopoly Newspapers: Troubles in ParadiseWilliam C. Pate & Alan M. WinterhalterMore detail
72May1970A Reevaluation of the Decision not to Adopt the Unconscionability Provision of the Uniform Commercial Code in CaliforniaJack SchoellermanMore detail
72May1970Minimum Contacts Confused and Reconfused–Variation on a Theme by International Shoe–or, Is This Trip Necessary?Michael D. WellingtonMore detail
72May1970Sponsor Liability for Alien Immigrants: the Affidavit of Support in Light of Recent DevelopmentsRobert A. MautinoMore detail
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72May1970TortsMarvin R. DunlapMore detail
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71January1970In Memoriam: Brigadier William J. MillerUnknownMore detail
71January1970Implementation of Kellett’s Command: Joinder of Misdemeanors and Felonies in Superior CourtRichard H. BeinMore detail
71January1970Trustee’s Power: The Power to Sell Includes the Power to Option Michael H. DessentMore detail
71January1970A Study of Juvenile Waiver A Bruce Ferguson & Alan Charles DouglasMore detail
71January1970O’Callahan v. Parker: Sounding the Death Knell of Military Justice?Peter W. BowieMore detail
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71January1970To Plea or Not to Plea: The Question Posed by Federal Rule 11Napoleon A. Jones, Jr.More detail
71January1970Constitutional LawSandor W. ShaperyMore detail
71January1970Constitutional LawAnthony LovettMore detail
71January1970Constitutional LawEdward I. MearsMore detail
71January1970Criminal LawLouis N. Saunders, Jr. More detail
71January1970Family LawRobert T. NagataMore detail
71January1970ParoleMichael V. MillsMore detail
71January1970TaxationAlan M. WinterhalterMore detail
71January1970TortsSusan Parry FinlayMore detail
71January1970Workmen's CompensationWilliam C. PateMore detail
63July1969The United Nations and the Bed of the SeaClark M. EichelbergerMore detail
63July1969Consideration of Anticipatory Uses in Decisions on Coastal DevelopmentDaniel WilkesMore detail
63July1969Admiralty Jurisdiction, Unification, and the American Law InstituteHiller B. ZobelMore detail
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63July1969Procedure Phillip A. DeMassaMore detail
62May1969An Address: The Constitution and the Dilemma of HistoricismRoger S. RuffinMore detail
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62May1969Parent Child Immunity: The Case for AbolitionChristine V. PateMore detail
62May1969Tax Impact of a Transfer of a Bad Debt Reserve to a Controlled Corporation: An Analysis of Schuster v. CommissionerEdward J. Pulaski, Jr.More detail
62May1969Eminent DomainPhillip A. DeMassaMore detail
62May1969NegligencePatrick J. Hennessey, Jr. More detail
62May1969TortsRichard Alan BermanMore detail
61January1969Criminal Law at the International BorderJosph A. MilchenMore detail
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61January1969An Analysis of Terry v. Ohio and It’s Implications Upon The California Law of "Stop and Frisk"Judith N. KeepMore detail
61January1969Bankruptcy: Enforcing a Chapter XIII Wage Earner’s Plan Over the Objection of a Secured CreditorDonald BollesMore detail
61January1969Draft Card Burning Denied Symbolic Speech Protection Under Governmental Interest RationaleJames R. GoodwinMore detail
61January1969Prior Inconsistent Statements as an Exception to the Hearsay Rule: An Analysis of People v. JohnsonKenneth GleasonMore detail
61January1969Workmen’s Compensation: Recovery Under the Positional Risk Doctrine for Personally Motivated AssaultsSteven E. BriggsMore detail
61January1969AntitrustPeter K. NunezMore detail
61January1969Juvenile JusticeEdward J. Pulaski, Jr.More detail
61January1969TortsEdward D. LaPlountMore detail
61January1969TortsRichard Alan BermanMore detail
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52June1968The Omnibus Hearing–An Experiment In Federal Criminal DiscoveryEdwin L. Miller, Jr., Esq.More detail
52June1968Chapter XIII of the Bankruptcy Act: As Maine Goes, So SHOULD the NationRonald L. Fein & Richard Peter SaxMore detail
52June1968Administrative RegulationsJohn W. DriscollMore detail
52June1968Conflict of LawsDonald R. WorleyMore detail
52June1968Conflict of LawsJames W. StreetMore detail
52June1968Constitutional LawIrwin L. SchroederMore detail
52June1968Criminal ProcedureDonald Ernest WrightonMore detail
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52June1968JurisdictionLaureen J. GrayMore detail
52June1968Labor LawDavid L. McKenna More detail
52June1968Products LiabilityDaniel M. HorwickMore detail
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51January1968De Facto School Segregation and the Law: Focus on San DiegoVeronica A. RoeserMore detail
51January1968Defense in Welfare FraudMichael S. EvansMore detail
51January1968Electronic Surveillance After BergerJames W. Street & Michael T. ThorsnesMore detail
51January1968Franchise Regulation Under the California Corporate Securities LawLouis C. Noval & Howard RostenMore detail
51January1968Antitrust–Jon M. JenkinsMore detail
51January1968Antitrust –Mary L. ScottMore detail
51January1968Attorneys’ Fees–Donald W. SchmidtMore detail
51January1968Civil Procedure - David W. AultMore detail
51January1968Criminal Procedure–Ronald L. FeinMore detail
51January1968Federal Income Tax–Irwin L. SchroederMore detail
51January1968Federal Income TaxCharles R. Khoury, Jr.More detail
51January1968InsuranceLaureen J. GrayMore detail
51January1968MalpracticeDaniel M. HorwickMore detail
51January1968TortsR. Zaiden CorradoMore detail
51January1968TortsDonald R. WorleyMore detail
51January1968Welfare SearchesRichard Peter SaxMore detail
51January1968Workmen’s CompensationJohn W. DriscollMore detail
51January1968Wood: Criminal LawyerWilliam E. ReadMore detail
42June1967The Fair Trial-Free Press Controversy - Where We Have Been and Where We Should Be GoingPaul C. ReardonMore detail
42June1967From Dust to Dust? A Legislator's View of California's Coming Water CrisisThomas H. KuchelMore detail
42June1967California's Aggravated Kidnapping Statute - A Need for RevisionWilliam B. EnrightMore detail
42June1967Federal Income Tax-Residence Located Apart From Premises Where Employee Performed Duties Is Not "On The Business Premises of the Employer".James B. FranklinMore detail
42June1967Federal Income Tax - Taxpayer Who Carried Briefcase-Sized Bag of Tools Allowed to Deduct Transportation Expenses Incurred in Driving to and From His Home and Various Work Sites as an Ordinary...William D. PalmerMore detail
42June1967Legal Profession - Standing For Admission - Standards Relating to Admission Require A Rational Connection with the Applicant's Fitness or Capacity to Practice Law; Investigation Into Moral Character..Roy W. Paul, Jr. More detail
42June1967Passports - Statutory Construction of Section 215(b) of Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 Held to Preclude Criminal Sanctions Against United States Citizens Who Travel Into Geographically...Howard Lee HalmMore detail
42June1967Process - Foreign Publishing Corporation Subject to Suit in Connecticut for LibelMichael Randall RogersMore detail
42June1967Law and Psychology in Conflict. By James MarshallStanley E. Willis, IIMore detail
41January1967John Won’t Sell–Bill Won’t Buy. Does it Matter What the Reason Why? Antitrust Refusals to DealRichard S. KelleyMore detail
41January1967The Conflict of Laws and International TradeJoseph J. DarbyMore detail
41January1967Private Correspondence and Federal Obscenity ProsecutionsPeter H. Flournoy & J. Brian O'DonnellMore detail
41January1967California’s Urging to Riot LawRobert R. RoyseMore detail
41January1967Administrative LawWilliam D. PalmerMore detail
41January1967Aliens and CitizenshipJohn F. BrockMore detail
41January1967AntitrustR. Thomas WoodMore detail
41January1967Constitutional LawThomas William HumpherysMore detail
41January1967Criminal LawDavid W. AultMore detail
41January1967Domestic RelationsVeronica A. RoeserMore detail
41January1967ElectionsHoward Lee HalmMore detail
41January1967Federal RulesRobert F. GuskyMore detail
41January1967InsuranceLouis C. NovakMore detail
41January1967Securities RegulationMichael Randall RogersMore detail
41January1967Workmen’s CompensationPhillip J. MylesMore detail
41January1967ZoningJames B. FranklinMore detail
41January1967Roberts: The Smut RakersEdward T. ButlerMore detail
41January1967Fellman: The Defendant’s Rights Under English LawR. H. MaudsleyMore detail
3January1966In Memoriam - Dewitt Hiram MerriamUnknownMore detail
3January1966Fair Play and DecencyTom C. ClarkMore detail
3January1966The Many Problems of Sovereign LiabilityStanley MoskMore detail
3January1966Overlapping Districts Versus Municipal Authorities in the Area of Urban RedevelopmentWalter A. RafalkoMore detail
3January1966Subsection (e) of the Criminal Justice Act of 1964Joe N. TurnerMore detail
3January1966Labor-AntitrustJohn J. McCabe, Jr.More detail
3January1966Constitutional LawD. Brownell Moon, Jr.More detail
3January1966Constitutional LawGerald J. O'NeillMore detail
3January1966Federal Income TaxJames W. HodgesMore detail
3January1966AdmiraltyJohn D. DunbarMore detail
3January1966ZoningGlenn MitchellMore detail
3January1966Products LiabilityEdward V. BrennanMore detail
3January1966Community PropertyDonald E. StuderMore detail
3January1966Libel and Slander–Qualified PrivilegeJ. Michael McDadeMore detail
3January1966Feerick: From Failing HandsGeorge W. Hickman, Jr.More detail
3January1966Ehrlich: A Life In My HandsPhilip ZimetMore detail
3January1966LaFave: Arrest: The Decision to Take a Suspect Into Custody Phillip W. JohnsonMore detail
3January1966Eulau and Sprague: Lawyers In PoliticsDavid CaseyMore detail
3January1966Schubert: Judicial Policy Making: The Political Role of CourtsCrandall CondraMore detail
2January1965Pitfalls of Estate Planning RevisitedSamuel D. ThurmanMore detail
2January1965The Seaman's Personal Injury Action and the Jury TrialFred Kunzel More detail
2January1965Civil Liability to Stockholders Under the Securities Act of 1933 and Remedy by Class ActionJacob GreenMore detail
2January1965Preventive Law: The California Rehabilitation CenterRoland W. Wood More detail
2January1965Federal Procedure: Proposed Solutions to the Problem of Proliferation of Petitions for the Writ of Habeas Corpus and 28 U.S.C. § 2255 Proceedings in the Federal CourtsDavid Pitkin & Ray Shollenbarger More detail
2January1965Double Jeopardy v. Double Punishment- Confusion in CaliforniaMichael J. Bruce More detail
2January1965Seizure of Private Papers Pursuant to a Search Warrant: With Specific Application to Federal and California Bookmaking ProsecutionsG. Dennis Adams More detail
2January1965AdoptionEdward J. LeavittMore detail
2January1965Negligence–Architect’s LiabilityWesley H. HarrisMore detail
2January1965Criminal Law– RobberyPaul C. McEwen, Jr.More detail
2January1965Corporations– Personal Jurisdiction over Foreign CorporationsAlonzo K. Wood IIIMore detail
2January1965Criminal Law–Double JeopardyGeorge CoryMore detail
2January1965EvidenceRobert E. MadrugaMore detail
2January1965Negligence- Stolen VehiclesThomas J. WhelanMore detail
2January1965Searches and SeizuresArmando L. OdoricoMore detail
2January1965Products Liability– Strict Liability in TortEdward V. BrennanMore detail
2January1965Goldfarb: The Contempt PowerRussell L. JohnsonMore detail
2January1965Rice: The Supreme Court and Public PrayerJ. Mark RhoadsMore detail
2January1965Lewis: Gideon’s TrumpetJohn M. JunkerMore detail
1January1964ForewordGeorge W. Hickman, Jr.More detail
1January1964An AddressW. Willard WirtzMore detail
1January1964Findings of FactJudge James M. Carter & Bruce V. WagnerMore detail
1January1964The Technique of Writing ExaminationsRobert LittlerMore detail
1January1964California Narcotic Rehabilitation: De Facto Prison for Addicts?John L. Roche & James C. RothwellMore detail
1January1964Effect of State Marital Laws on "Widow’s" Benefits Under the Social Security ActEdna D. BarberMore detail
1January1964Formal and Doctrinal Differences Between Government and Private ContractsCharles A. Lynch & Edward C. ReadingMore detail
1January1964Aliens - Immigration and Nationality Act - Brief Excursion Outside Country's Borders by Resident Alien May Not Subject Him to Consequences of an Entry on His ReturnJohn V. StroudMore detail
1January1964Workmen's Compensation - Widow is Entitled to Death Benefits. Deceased Husband, Recipient of a Football Scholarship, is an Employee of his College Within the Meaning of the Workmen's Compensation ActJoe N. TurnerMore detail
1January1964Felony-Murder - Surviving Co-felons are Punishable for First Degree Murder Under California Penal Code Section 189 for the Killing of a Confederate by the Owner of the Store which They were Robbing Robert C. BaxleyMore detail
1January1964Criminal Law - Prosecutor Calling A Witness to the Stand for the Purpose of Exacting a Claim of the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination is Not Prejudicial ErrorG. Dennis AdamsMore detail
1January1964Collateral Estoppel - Corporation Collaterally Estopped From Relitigating Issue Adjudicated in Prior Criminal Conviction of Its PresidentJames W. Brannigan, Jr. More detail
1January1964Ethics - Members of New York Law Firm Found Guilty of Professional Misconduct as a Result of their Role in the Publishing of a Self-Laudatory Article in Life MagazineRobin GoodenoughMore detail
1January1964One Man's Stand For Freedom. By Irving DilliardStanley MoskMore detail
1January1964In Search of Criminology. By Leon RadzinowiczWilliam B. EnrightMore detail
1January1964The Constitutional Right of Association. By David FellmanEdward L Barrett, Jr.More detail