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Meredith D'AngeloLaw School Student Affairs6851WH-218Interim Assistant DeanMore detail
Jill D'ErricoUniversity Center Operations7467SLP-301CExecutive Assistant IMore detail
Maria Sol D'UrsoContinuing EducationLecturerMore detail
Joe Da LuzCustodial ServicesCustodial Service CoordinatorMore detail
Brooks DagmanMens Crew2261SC-106BMen's Crew CoachMore detail
Ronald DaguiaPublic SafetySergeantMore detail
Christopher DaleyChemistry and Biochemistry4033SCST-378Associate ProfessorMore detail
Margaret DaleyChemistry and Biochemistry4781SCST-440Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMore detail
Lynne DallasLaw School Administration4295WH-307ProfessorMore detail
Emily DallyStudent Health CenterSH-300Clerical WorkerMore detail
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These extensions can be dialed using (619) 260 and then the number. The University of San Diego operator can be reached at 619-260-4600.

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