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Image drawing of student working at computer Library Workshops Join us for one of our remote workshops this semester! Learn about topics like using our electronic resources, finding data and statistics, exploring the world of scholarly publishing, media literacy, and more.
Person typing at a computer Copley Open Education Week Workshop Register Here Christina Trunnell is the Statewide OER leader for Montana’s public, private, and tribal colleges. She is experienced in teaching with open educational resources, supporting faculty at institutions of all shapes and sizes in their unique OER journeys, and passionate about equity and social justice. In this session, she will address open education as a tool to create more inclusive and dynamic learning experiences through course design. Her approach offers practical tips to increase student engagement in the course and through challenging times. Questions Contact: Alejandra Nann
Image of student studying at desk Copley Library Undergraduate Research Awards Copley Library invites submissions for our 2021 research awards. Please see our research awards web page for award categories, application form, and additional details. The application deadline is May 3, 2021.