Social Justice Work and Resources

SOLES for Social Justice

Why This Work is Important and Urgent

Social justice is the belief that everyone deserves equal economic, political, and social rights and opportunities. SOLES enacts that belief at the intersection of scholarship and praxis. As we educate and train our students, we are responsible for contextualizing how resources, privileges and opportunities have not been equitable in our society. It is only then that we can authentically prepare our students to work toward a more socially just world.

This website is a space for studying intersecting forms of oppression that exist across our nation and the globe. Honoring the present moment, our current theme will focus on race and anti-racism in higher education. It houses a variety of curated resources around this theme including readings, videos, book club selections, podcasts and initiatives for and led by faculty in order to elevate critically conscious understandings and practices in this area.


SOLES understands that we are all entering this work from different places. Below are resources for those different areas. This section will be updated periodically. If you have suggestions to include for others to review, please fill out this google form.


Resources for Self-Study

Resources for Understanding Power, Privilege, and Racism in Higher Education/K-12

Resources for Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Resources for Having Dialogue on Race with Students

Other Campus Resources to consider