Women, Peace and Security

Accelerating the Impact of Women Peace Leaders

Together with local women peacebuilders and renowned international Women, Peace and Security organizations, the Kroc IPJ identifies the most critical peacebuilding challenges facing women leaders around the world. We then co-develop applied and actionable research to identify evidence-based solutions. 

We ground-truth these solutions through our expansive global network of 1,000 women peacemakers across 56+ countries. It’s these powerful solutions that drive progress to end cycles of violence and create lasting systemic change.

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Jessica Gormon with Women PeaceMakers

The Student Experience With Women, Peace and Security

"The deciding factor to pursue my Master’s in Peace and Justice from the Kroc School was discovering the Kroc IPJ’s WPS programs...By the end of my degree, I had attended the U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women, met one-on-one with multiple cohorts of Women PeaceMakers, and implemented a new project focused on building resiliency through creativity with the 2019-2020 Women PeaceMakers. Nothing elevated my capacity quite like partnering with the WPS leadership team. I’m forever grateful for their trust and support, which further equipped me to lead initiatives for lasting change from a place of humility, courage, and innovation." – Jessica Gorman, M.A. Candidate in Peace and Justice

Our Women, Peace and Security Programs

Women PeaceMakers

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The Women PeaceMakers fellowship offers a unique opportunity for local women peacebuilders to engage in a cycle of learning, practice, research and strengthening peacebuilding partnerships through participation in a 12-month fellowship at the Kroc School of Peace Studies, at the University of San Diego.

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Women Waging Peace

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Peace is stronger with women. Women are stronger together.

Since its inception in 1999, each Woman Waging Peace member has been hand selected to be part of this one-of-a-kind global network that is working to end cycles of violence. With over 1,000 members from 55+ countries, and 30+ areas of peacebuilding expertise, the network drives forward evidence-based approaches to building more inclusive and peaceful societies.

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Our Latest News, Updates and Insights

WPS Evidence Brief - for an accessible version of this image, please click the image. Research Evidence Brief

As part of the Kroc IPJ's commitment to pushing forward the Women, Peace and Security agenda, it launched a year-long research initiative that is focusing on "Investing in Equity: Creating Equitable Funding for Local Women Peacebuilders."

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Wazhma Frogh WPS Program Officer Speaks with Afghan Women About the Attacks on a Maternity Clinic in Kabul

In the attacks that killed at least 16 people, 2017 Women PeaceMakers Fellow Wazhma Frogh shares that such attacks were unprecedented, and another reminder of the backsliding of peace gains in Afghanistan over the past years.

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Building Peace Amidst COVID19: Voices from our Peacemakers From Around the World

Authored by Program officers Jennifer Bradshaw and Daniel Orth, and citing perspectives from Kroc IPJ PeaceMakers, this article sheds light on the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on peacebuilders around the globe.

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Our Learning and Research Collaborators

Get Involved

Each year, the Kroc IPJ welcomes student peacemakers to work alongside its team on key issues impacting communities around the world and here in San Diego.

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Invest in Women Peacebuilders

Donating to the Kroc IPJ's Women, Peace, and Security Program is a meaningful step towards supporting women peacebuilders.

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