Learning and Assessment

Purpose of Assessment

Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about programs or units undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and/or operational effectiveness, as illustrated in the assessment cycle visual to the right. By carrying out systematic assessment, USD:

  • supports the success of all students and seeks to understand and improve student success;
  • utilizes appropriate evidence to improve teaching, learning, and overall institutional effectiveness; and
  • engages in sound business practices, demonstrates institutional integrity, operates in a transparent manner, and adapts to changing conditions.

Types of Assessment at USD

  • Institutional Learning Outcome Assessment
  • Core Assessment
  • Academic Program Assessment
  • Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Student Service Unit Assessment
  • Administrative Unit Assessment
  • Initiative Assessment

NILOA Transparency Framework

In alignment with the NILOA Transparency Framework, this webpage and its menu to the left include:

  • Student Learning Outcome Statements
  • Operational Outcome Statements
  • Summaries of Assessment Processes and Activities
  • Evidence of Student Learning and Use of Results
  • Assessment Resources
Assessment Cycle