Learning and Assessment

In curricular assessment, most of us are engaged in evaluating student work on a systematic basis. We consider how well students are learning the concepts, theories and methods from our disciplines. When the assessment process becomes systematic, it allows us to collect information about the levels of learning students have when they arrive, what they achieve during a semester's course and what learning is retained as they progress toward a degree and life after USD. Ultimately, assessment tracks learning as a developmental process, but provides us with a continuous self-reflexive basis for improvement.

Academic departments across the university have developed comprehensive assessment plans that identify outcomes for student learning, summary analyses of student performance and plans for improvement to achieve short-term and long-term goals. Faculty can access guidelines, templates and samples to help guide them in this process by consulting with their department chairs for assessment planning. 

When transitioning your assessment plan into USD's assessment management system, please reference the document: Assessing Student Learning.


Assessment Cycle