The University of San Diego's core curriculum fosters the pursuit of knowledge through active student and faculty participation in Core courses by promoting critical appreciation of beauty, truth and goodness in the context of engagement with the Catholic intellectual tradition and diverse faith communities.

Faculty engaging students in the classroom

As faculty at USD, we:

  • EDUCATE the mind and spirit. 
  • EMPOWER our students to see beyond a single subject or major and seek opportunities for innovation, identify points of synergy and affect positive, far-reaching change. 
  • ENCOURAGE our students to be well-rounded individuals, who will succeed no matter where their professional and personal ambitions lead.

Advising in the Core

Please see the Undergraduate Course Catalog for the official record of all approved core courses.

Course Development for the Core

For more information on getting courses approved for the Core or who the Core Area Representatives (CARs) are for each designated area or flag, please visit the Core Curriculum Committee (CCC) webpage or contact core@sandiego.edu.

Teaching in the Core

Core Revision

  • History of Core Revision
  • Core Revision Process