Cultivate LLC

Sustainable living to protect the Earth’s natural resources.

Who is a cultivator? A cultivator protects the Earth’s natural resources. We sustain our environment and take pride in being a keeper of the Earth and its inhabitants. We work to conserve. Join us - be a cultivator.

Cultivate students are housed in Camino and Founders halls. The Camino Founders community is located on main campus, providing students a short walk to class. Students living in this area enjoy its close proximity to multiple dining areas, Founders Chapel, and Copley Library. Please note that Camino and Founders Hall have doubles (limited), triples and quadraple rooms. Both halls have several shared bathrooms within each building, with multiple shower stalls, toilets and sinks in each bathroom. All residents on the floor share these bathrooms, regardless of the room occupancy type. 


Begin quote The LLC Cultivate is near and dear to my heart as it emphasizes the power of community and growth. Through cultivation, individuals gain both personal development and a passion to enact change within a global community. In my opinion, a fulfilling life is built upon continual growth. Cultivation reflects just that. – Anna Delay, Facilitating Scholastic Assistant for Cultivate

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Begin quote The thing I truly love about the Cultivate LLC is that it is a home for those who not only care about the environment and the world around them, but it can also be a place for those that want to grow themselves and their peers. Being a Cultivator means that you can not only instill change in the environment and Earth, but also in yourself and in your peers. College is a time where you learn a lot about yourself and learn to grow, and the Cultivate LLC is the perfect environment for just that. – Tomy Vettukallel, Facilitating Residential Assistant for Cultivate