​Student Wellness

​As a SOLES student you have an abundant number of wellness resources available to you as you pursue your advanced degree.

Wellness is an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing healthy choices to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle. The University of San Diego Student Wellness area is committed to providing students with the support services necessary to help them maximize their educational experience, and to challenge them to develop knowledge, values and skills to enrich their lives. The Counseling Center, the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, Disability Services and the Student Health Center seek to support student academic success and personal development by providing a comprehensive and integrated range of wellness services.

Together these units strive to provide culturally congruent and effective services aimed at:

  • Supporting the mission of the university by preventing and/or ameliorating medical, psychological and lifestyle barriers to learning, and by providing individualized assistance to students in need.
  • Fostering a campus community that is healthy and congruent with the university's mission of holistic student development.
  • Promoting within students a sense of caring about the well-being of fellow students and for the university community as a whole.

If you or someone you care about is in need of assistance, or could benefit from our services, please visit the websites of the wellness units to get more information on how to access services, or call us to discuss your concerns.

The university also provides a Student Health Insurance Plan which is available to enrolled students. For more information about the Student Health Insurance Plan, please go to www.sandiego.edu/wellness. All of the wellness services are available to enrolled students free of charge and are confidential.

Center for Health and Wellness Promotion

University Center, 221
(619) 260-4618

The Center for Health and Wellness Promotion (CHWP) provides confidential individual consultations to help facilitate positive behavior change, alcohol and drug assessments, peer education opportunities, and psychoeducational presentations and workshops.

Counseling Center

Serra Hall, 300
(619) 260-4655

The Counseling Center provides confidential consultations, assessments, counseling and psychiatric consultations to facilitate students' growth and emotional needs.

Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center

Serra Hall, 300
(619) 260-4655

The Disability and Learning Difference Resource Center (DLDRC) assists enrolled students with disabilities in achieving equal access through specific academic modifications for which they are eligible.

Student Health Center

Camino Hall, 161
(619) 260-4595

The Student Health Center provides high-quality, accessible and convenient outpatient medical care for registered students.