Rx for RJ

Prescribing Restorative Justice for Education in the Health Professions

Tailored specifically for the unique dynamics and conflicts common in medical schools and other colleges/departments devoted to higher education for healthcare professionals, the Rx for RJ Project introduces restorative practices education in the health professions as a way to address learner mistreatment and provide a community-building response to improve the learning environment.

Co-Directors of the RJ for Rx Program

  • Sonoo Thadaney Israni
  • Jay Behel, PhD


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Free Webinars: AAMC Restorative Justice for Academic Medicine

Effectively Responding to Harm and Mistreatment in the Learning & Workplace Environments - September 17, 2019

Using Restorative Justice (RJ) to Build Community in Academic Medicine (Tier I) - October 15, 2019

Using RJ to Respond to Mistreatment and Bias (Tier II) - November 21, 2019

Using RJ for Community Reintegration (Tier III) - December 10, 2019

Restorative Justice in Healthcare

While restorative justice is widely applied in criminal justice and educational settings, it is new to healthcare. Here are two relevant resources: 

Carroll, J., & Reisel, D. (2018). Introducing restorative practice in healthcare settings. Chapter 15 in The Routledge Handbook of Restorative Justice, edited by Theo Gavrielides. Routledge.

Wailling, J., Marshall, C., & Wilkinson, J. (2019). Hearing and responding to the stories of survivors of surgical mesh: Ngā kōrero a ngā mōrehu – he urupare (A report for the Ministry of Health). Wellington, New Zealand: The Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, Victoria University of Wellington.

UC Davis Medical School - Restorative Justice Training

UC Davis Medical School Rx for RJ Training Group