Begin Your Teaching Career with a Teaching Credential and a Master's Degree

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

As an aspiring teacher, you are considering an impactful field of work that offers the opportunity to change lives and shape our country’s future.

Our programs at the University of San Diego are approved by the California Teaching Commission, preparing you for the preliminary teaching credential(s) required to teach in California public schools. You will work with students in San Diego's own diverse community and start making a difference while mastering the teaching skills needed to make a real-world impact. Additionally, USD students are in high demand for teaching jobs, with nearly 100% employment at graduation.

Why Students Are Choosing USD: The Dual Credential Program

Our unique and innovative Dual Credential Program meets all state requirements for becoming a general education and mild-to-moderate special education teacher. By fusing general education and special education credential requirements, you do not have to take parallel courses for each credential. Instead, you will leave our program with the option of one or both credentials and a Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction.

Understanding Your Options with USD

  • Preliminary Credential Program
  • Master's Degree with Preliminary Credential(s)
  • NEW! Bilingual Authorization-Spanish Emphasis

Admissions Advising Appointments

Choosing the best path for your teaching career can sometimes be confusing. We encourage you to meet with an admissions adviser - whether it be over the phone, video conference, or in-person, we're here to help you navigate the teaching credential maze.

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