Begin Your Teaching Career

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

If you are exploring the possibility of a career in teaching, congratulations! You are considering an invaluable, impactful field of work, a career that offers you the opportunity to change lives and shape our country’s future, one classroom at a time. You are also considering a career with strong financial prospects and the promise of long-term stability. Job growth for teachers is expected to hold strong over the next ten years, and many states are eager for well-prepared new teachers as veteran teachers retire or leave the profession.

Today, a national shortage of well-prepared teachers and a cultural climate that needs courageous leaders to step forward means that becoming a teacher could be your chance to change the world, one student at a time.

Our programs prepare you for the preliminary teaching credential required by California schools. You will work with students in San Diego's own diverse community and start making a difference while mastering the teaching skills needed to make a real-world impact. Additionally, USD students are in high demand for teaching jobs, with nearly 100% employment at graduation.

Why Choose USD? 

The Dual Credential Program. Increase your teaching skills and employability by earning two credentials at the same time and for the same number of units through our unique and innovative Dual Credential Program! We have fused many general education and special education credential requirements so you do not have to take parallel courses for each credential. Instead, you will learn the valuable professional skills of collaborating and co-teaching as you are co-taught by our general and special education faculty. We believe that all teachers should be prepared to work with all students in inclusive schools – and so does the California Credentialing Committee! Our dual program meets all state requirements for becoming a general education and mild-to-moderate special education teacher. Join us as we simultaneously prepare educators in meeting the needs of all learners within a socially just society. You will leave our program with the option of one or both credentials and a Master in Education in Curriculum and Instruction. 

Pathway 1

  • Pathway 1: Meet the Minimum State Requirement

Pathway 2

  • Pathway 2: Preliminary Credential(s) with Masters