Sustainability Committee

The mission of the SOLES Sustainability Committee is to (a) develop practices and policies to reduce the carbon imprint of SOLES students, faculty, staff and facilities and (b) support curriculum and pedagogy on the topic of sustainability.

The SOLES Sustainability Committee is made up of SOLES faculty, administrators, staff and students committed to promoting USD-wide sustainability efforts.  Membership is open to all on a continuous basis. Please contact the committee at any time via


2016-2017 Focus:

This year, our committee will focus our efforts on advancing SOLES' culture around sustainability. Meaning all our events, educational programming, collaborations, etc. will be in support of, and in line with, this goal. We recognize that many of the obstacles in creating a culture of sustainability are compounded by a lack of (1) visibility/awareness and (2) structural support and systems that promote and encourage sustainable practices and behaviors. Connecting again to our emerging purpose, much of our work this year will be in an effort to cultivate a community that is aware of SOLES' sustainability efforts, sustainability best-practices, and the resources available to them.


Zero Waste Initiative

In collaboration with the USD Office of Sustainability, SOLES is leading the way in becoming USD's first Zero Waste facility. Read more about Zero Waste, what you can do to help achieve this goal, and how to become a Zero Waste Guru.


Meeting Schedule & Events

Committee membership is open to all SOLES faculty, administrators, staff and students (on a continuous basis) who are committed to promoting USD-wide sustainability efforts. Drop in on one of our meetings, check out our upcoming events, and feel free to contact the committee at any time via

Fall 2016 Meeting Dates: October 26, 2:30 - 3:30 pm, November 16, 2:45 - 3:45 pm, and December 14, 2:30 - 3:30 pm (all in MRH 203)



Two tumbling compost bins, located behind Mother Rosalie Hill Hall, are maintained by the SOLES Sustainability Committee. The university also promotes composting with the communal compost bin located by the university garden near one of the main student housing areas. Students and employees are able to empty their compost materials in the bin. Want to get involved? Email us at to learn more and/or sign up for a compost shift!



USD offers a variety of resources to promote and advance sustainable practices including the E-Waste Collection Center, Recylcing-Landfill-Composting signs, and Green Event Planning Tips