The School of Leadership and Education Sciences houses academic departments, centers and institutes within Mother Rosalie Hill Hall on the campus of the University of San Diego. The nationally-accredited, innovative and vibrant programs offered within SOLES are led by an administrative team, faculty and participatory advisory boards for the school and the centers.

SOLES Abbreviated Strategic Plan 2016-2018


The mission of SOLES is to engage with students and our communities to continuously learn through inquiry and practice that supports social justice and effects meaningful change in our diverse society.


We shape the future by providing inclusive education as the foundation of social justice and the means to enhance human dignity and improve the quality of life.

Core Values

Multiculturalism and Social Justice: We believe in developing leaders, educators, counselors, and therapists who will advocate for equity and inclusion in the professional settings in which they serve. We believe in challenging all forms of discrimination, including race, class, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, in our local, national, and global community and in working as change agents to undermine oppression.

Excellence in Teaching: We are committed to excellence in educating our students in our graduate and undergraduate programs. SOLES faculty provide innovative and responsive instruction, meaningful practical learning with opportunities for critical thinking, and high quality mentoring for all our students. We strive to graduate students who will be exemplary representatives of SOLES and leaders in their professions.

Care for the Whole Person: Consistent with the USD Way statement, as a community, we pledge to respect the value and human dignity of each and every person. We are committed to treating everyone with courtesy and compassion so that they feel valued, cared for and respected. Our actions are grounded in our Catholic tradition of social justice and love for our community.

Community Engagement: We are committed to engaging with community partners at local, national, and global levels to build and sustain teaching, scholarship, and service opportunities for our faculty, students, and staff. Community engagement includes pursuit of mutually-rewarding partnerships with community leaders, scholars, educators, and service providers. Such partnerships are essential for relevant and high quality practice training for our students, applied research opportunities, and fulfillment of our mission to serve.

Excellence in Scholarship: We are committed to contributing to knowledge generation in our fields through creative and rigorous scholarship. Our strengths are in applied research grounded in, and contributing to counseling and therapy, education, and leadership. We also seek to be effective translators of emerging scientific developments into practice through our scholarship and teaching.

Strategic Priorities

1) Expand SOLES’ Commitment to Multiculturalism and Social Justice

2) Strengthen, Develop, and Grow Academic Programs in SOLES

3) Increase SOLES’ Engagement with K-12 Catholic, Public and Charter/Community-Based Schools

4) Enhance SOLES’ International and Local Presence