Onity: Residence Hall Locking System

Opening the Lock

Residents can open the lock on any door to which they are authorized by simply inserting the card into the slot at the top of the lock and entering your 4-digit PIN code. A green light and red light after inserting the card indicates a PIN is required.

Securing the Lock

The lock will automatically secure itself after you successfully open the lock.

Deadbolting the Lock From the Inside

The locks can be deadbolted for additional security, similar to throwing the deadbolt on traditional locks. To engage the built-in deadbolt while in your room, simply close your door pull the inside lock handle upward. Residents will be fined for propping doors open with the deadbolt and also charged for any damage caused to the lock due to door propping.

The Onity locks can also be deadbolted from the exterior for additional security, similar to throwing the deadbolt from outside with a traditional hard key. Simply close the door, insert the card key, enter your 4-digit PIN code and pull the lock handle upward.

Troubleshooting: Light


To the left of the card slot on your Onity electronic lock are two indicator lights (red & green), which indicate the status of the lock anytime a card is inserted. If you should ever experience a problem with your electronic lock, it would be very helpful to provide a description of these light codes (as shown below) when contacting Facilities/Maintenance (X 4250).


Solid Green Light

  1. Access granted

Immediate Solid Red Light

  1. The card isn't authorized to access the door.
  2. The card has expired/deactivated.

Alternating Flashing Green Light & Flashing Red Light

  1. The card is out of shift (not active during certain days of the week and/or hours of the day).
  2. Activation date for card is set for a future date.
  3. A wire inside the lock is pinched or has shorted.

Delayed Red Light

  1. The card is blank, demagnetized, or damaged.
  2. The card was inserted incorrectly or left in the lock for too long.
  3. The internal "card reader head" requires service or cleaning.

Solid Green Light & Solid Red Light (after card has been inserted or removed)

  1. The lock is in "Security Mode" - valid card and PIN # is required for entry access.

Solid Green Light With Flashing Red Light

  1. The batteries in the lock are low and need to be replaced IMMEDIATELY.

PLEASE NOTE: When a resident is issued a new or replacement key card, the previous card for the same resident is automatically invalidated by the first insertion of the new key card in any given lock. It is recommended that you visit your room as soon as possible after being issued a replacement key card by Residential Life, and use the new key card in the lock(s) at least once.