Prep Program Scholarship

The mission of the NROTC San Diego’s Preparatory Program is to enhance a midshipman candidate’s moral, mental, and physical foundations in order to prepare him or her for success in the NROTC San Diego Consortium’s Battalion of Midshipman. NROTC San Diego Preparatory Program is an expanded partnership between either the University of San Diego, or San Diego State University, and the Navy, to capture untapped talent and potential. The objective of this program is to recruit, groom, and educate a year-group of officers that best reflects the projected future needs of the Navy. This program is designed to attract students who are committed to S.T.E.M. fields of study but may have been disadvantaged from achieving high standardized achievement test scores, or exposure to extracurricular activities, due to socioeconomic status. Selectees to the program stand out from their peers in their propensity to serve as a Naval Officer, as recommended by their high school faculty or NJROTC Senior Naval Science Instructor. 

This scholarship opportunity is a 5-year education pathway to a commission as a Naval Officer and is designed to improve students’ academic and life skills to the point they are prepared to compete in the rigorous academic challenges associated with the NROTC program. The program consists of a “preparatory year” where a student participates in either the University of San Diego’s or San Diego State University’s scholastic preparatory program on campus. The preparatory year tuition, fees, and housing is entirely funded by the university. Upon successful completion of either university’s preparatory year, the student is awarded a 4-year NROTC National Scholarship which provides full tuition and fee coverage, as well as other benefits. 

During the preparatory year, students will receive:

  • Full year scholarship including room and board
  • Academic mentoring and advising
  • Focused educational skills courses
  • Association with NROTC unit, including physical fitness training

For a list of approved majors, please refer to the approved Prep Program majors.

For a full list of eligibility requirements, please refer to the NSTC Prep Program Instruction.

The preparatory program is not available for Marine Option midshipmen candidates.

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