Career Paths

Navy Option Service Assignments

Prior to graduation and commissioning, Navy Option Midshipmen will be assigned a community.  After becoming an Ensign, they will be given orders to their first assignment within that community.  Communities are assigned based on needs of the United States Navy.  Midshipmen's preferences are taken into account, but assignments are never guaranteed.  Maximizing performance while participating in the NROTC program will aid in service assigning into a specific community.

Marine Option

Following graduation and commissioning, Marine Second Lieutenants will be sent to The Basic School (TBS).  It is not until graduating TBS that Marine Officers receive their first assignments.

Professional Clubs

Each community plays a vital role in the United States Naval Services.  NROTC San Diego holds many club events during each academic year.  Each clubs aims at informing Midshipmen about the role of each community.  Due to the close proximity to military bases, these clubs are given frequent opportunities to experience the fleet first-hand.