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Finding Native American resources on SALLY (the USD online library catalog)

USD's online library catalog contains records for every Native American book, microfiche, movie, or CD-ROM on campus. SALLY is the starting point for research on Native American languages, culture, history, anthropology, census data, literature, religions, and statistics. The legal status of Native Americans and the policies and laws applied by the United States government to Native American citizens are exhaustively covered and every treaty between the Indian Nations and the United States can be found at USD's Legal Research Center.

How to do a SALLY search that works:

Note: If you do not know the Library of Congress subject, use a keyword search. If you do not get good results on SALLY, consult with a reference librarian for assistance in refining your search.

Most relevant library materials are brought together under the Library of Congress subject: Indians of North America.

However, the search "Indians of North America" will retrieve over 8,000 entries on SALLY, so it is better to subdivide a Library of Congress subject search geographically (examples):

  • Indians of North America - California Indians of North America - Southwest
  • Indians of North America - Great Plains Indians of North America - West
  • Indians of North America - New Mexico Indians of North America - Wisconsin

Or, to do a Library of Congress subject search subdivided by topic (examples):

  • Indians of North America - Antiquities Indians of North America - Biography
  • Indians of North America - Ethnic Identity Indians of North America - Folklore
  • Indians of North America - History Indians of North America - Language
  • Indians of North America - Medicine Indians of North America - Religions
  • Indians of North America - Rites and Ceremonies Indians of North America - War

SALLY also may be searched by Library of Congress subjects such as:

  • Indian astronomy Indian dance
  • Indian arts Indian mythology
  • Indian baskets Indian Territory

Keyword SALLY searches are effective for information on specific tribes:

  • Apache Delaware Hopi Huron Osage Pala Passamaquoddy Shoshoni

Keyword SALLY searches also work well when researching famous Native Americans:

  • Crazy Horse Geronimo Sacajawea Sitting Bull Red Cloud