Mail Delivery

The staff at the mail center is required to sort first class and standard mail to over 1,500 faculty and staff and 2,500 residence students. We may receive in excess of 350 UPS/USPS packages a day. It is our goal to be sure that all the mail is sorted and all student packages are made available to students by 2:00 p.m. daily. Our priority to departments is business, and we ask that faculty and staf not have personal mail delivered to the campus.

On heavy volume days (generally days following a three-day weekend or extensive holidays such as Christmas and New Year's), second and third class mail may be delayed by one or two days.

Students receiving mail, letters, magazines,  parcels and/or overnight packages must present their ID, after receiving an email from us that the item is ready for pick up, at the service window. For security reasons, friends may not pick up another students mail or parcels from the service window.