Blackboard Organizations

Organizations are Blackboard shells with templates designed for collaboration and communication. Leaders of organizations manage their own enrollments. Organizations can actively exist on the Blackboard system longer than the typical academic semester term. Organizations could include research groups, sport or academic clubs, departmental shared space, and academic groups.

Requesting an Organization

To activate an Organization, fill out the Course Activation Form and choose "Organization" from the "I am requesting" area.

Accessing your Organization

After you receive confirmation that your Organization has been activated, log in to Olé. You will find your Organization under the Organizations link in the left-hand navigation of the Support Resources page.

Enrolling users into your Organization

Leaders of organizations can manually add other Leaders, Organization Builders, Teaching Assistants and Participants into their Organizations from the Users and Groups area of the Control Panel. Under Users, click Enroll User to enroll one or more users at a time, or Batch Enroll Users to upload an Excel spreadsheet containing usernames. How to Format the Batch User Enrollment Spreadsheet Tutorial.