Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our DEI Philosophy

USD School of Law is committed to fostering a culture in which members of the community from all backgrounds and lived experiences can thrive.  Our goal is to create a learning environment in which students feel welcomed, included, and a full sense of belonging, while promoting vital discourse and an open exchange of ideas.  By interweaving these values into our educational mission, we aim to cultivate legal professionals who can diligently represent all clients and be changemakers for their communities.

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Dean Robert Schapiro

Our Institutional Work

Our DEI Committees & Strategic Plans

DEI Leadership

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Soha Jafarzade

Associate Director for Community Engagement & Inclusion

My role is to support the wonderful community of diverse students at USD law. I'm here because I want to help students navigate law school, one of the most daunting tasks many of us ever undertake, and ensure that the playing field is as level as possible for students coming from underrepresented backgrounds. You can find my bio here.

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