Google Voice

Google Voice is a free phone number that can protect your privacy when making or receiving calls. You can call and receive calls with Google Voice on your computers, tablets, and mobile phones (iPhones or Android).

You can provide a Google Voice number as your public phone number instead of giving out your private and/or personal cell phone numbers. Then, you can forward your office calls to this new number.

If you wish to have this new Google Voice number displayed in the USD Directory, please send an email to and include that number.

Get started with Google Voice by going to PLEASE NOTE: Google Voice is not available using your email address. Instead, when you sign into Google Voice you must create or use your own personal Gmail account and select the “For Personal Use” option.

Once created you can forward your voicemail messages to your USD email address.

Go to the your cell phone's app store to download the Google Voice app:

The following video shows you how to set up a Google number and explains the settings (i.e. using your computers microphone, linking additional phone numbers & devices, recording greetings, setting spam filter, etc.):

Phone icon with green circle.