Services Offered

Student Health Center Services

A wide range of medical services are provided by nationally board-certified and state-licensed Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. State licensed registered nurses and certified medical assistants also provide medical care and support. Administrative staff assure efficient scheduling and medical record maintenance. Currently registered undergraduate, graduate, law, and paralegal students who have paid the Student Wellness Fee are eligible for services. Family members of students are not eligible. Costs for services vary.

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  • Primary Care: Evaluation and treatment of medical conditions, acute illnesses and minor injuries. Common procedures offered include splinting, suturing, IV hydration, breathing treatments, cryotherapy.
  • Physical Examinations: Physicals required for volunteer programs, internships, pre-employment. Specialty physicals for study abroad, travel, sports clearance, DMV and Peace Corps are also available.
  • On-Line Appointment Scheduling: Fast, efficient 24/7 on-line scheduling for common appointments.
  • Sexual and Reproductive HealthRoutine physical exams and care including breast exams, gynecological exams, testicular exam, pap smears, pregnancy testing, diagnoses and treatment of menstrual concerns, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), genital complaints, hernias/groin strains, and rectal complaints  The Student Health Center follows national guidelines for its routine screenings and treatments for breast, cervical, testicular cancers, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, HPV prevention and vaccines.  FAQ's about Sexual/Reproductive Health.
  • Allergy Management: Specialty management of chronic allergies, regular shot administration appointments and evaluation.
  • Travel Medicine: Specialty travel medicine services are available for students providing complete itineraries and prior vaccine histories. Services offered include physical exam, cross-check of itinerary to destination country immunization recommendations, customized destination country travel recommendations.
  • Sports Physicals: Full physical exams are available for clearance to participate in competitive, intramural, or other sporting activities. Upon medical clearance, a signed authorization to participate in sports letter will be provided.
  • Immunizations: An array of immunizations for preventive treatment is available.
  • Pharmacy: SHC offers a limited on-site pharmacy providing prescription and over-the counter medications that are recommended at the time of your visit. The pharmacy cannot fill outside prescriptions.
  • Laboratory Testing: Samples for various lab tests are obtained at the time of your visit and are sent to an outside lab facility for evaluation. Several common lab tests are done same-day on-site. Lab fees are due on the day of your appointment. You may alternatively take lab tests ordered by an SHC provider to your preferred off-site lab facility for processing.
  • Referral for Imaging: Upon recommendation of SHC provider, referrals are provided to an off-site imaging facility for x-Rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans. Fees charged by the imaging facility are independent of the SHC.
  • Referral for Specialists: After evaluation and treatment by an SHC provider, a referral to see a specialist may be indicated. Fees charged by a specialist are independent of the SHC. You should check with your medical insurance provider to ascertain the costs associated with seeing a specialist before making an appointment.
  • After-Hours Urgent Phone Consultation: This service is reserved exclusively for students who have a highly urgent medical question wherein the student needs to ascertain if a 911 call should be made or a visit to an emergency department is required. Please be respectful of your activation of this service as you will be directly alerting the Campus Police/Department of Public Safety, calling a medical provider after normal business hours, and potentially activating a paramedic response.
  • Pregnancy Support: Confidential pregnancy testing, prenatal health counseling, assistance with access to care, referral to community specialists for obstetrical care.
  • Interpreter Services: Interpreter services for non-English speaking students and those with hearing impairment. Please notify us of a need for interpreter services when making your appointment.
  • Safe Medication Disposal: The SHC is a designated take-back site for safe disposal of unused and unwanted medicines under The Green Pharmacy Program. No controlled prescriptions permitted.
  • Electronic Secure Messaging: The SHC uses encrypted messaging to enable secure communication of lab test results, appointment notification, immunization management, and discussions of your medical concerns with provider.
  • Services NOT Provided: Services not provided include urgent or emergency care, onsite x-Ray, optical exam or prescriptions, birth control devices or contraceptives used for the purpose of birth control, dental care, medical specialists, insurance billing.