Who Are We?

Picture of student caller, Beatriz M. Beatriz M. Class of 2022; Major: Biology/Business; Fun Fact: I volunteer at an elephant sanctuary
Picture of student caller, Blake L. Blake L. Class of 2020; Major: Finance and Business Economics; Fun Fact: I was a model for a shampoo commercial as a kid.
Picture of student caller, John H. John H. Class of 2020; Major: Business Admin. and Finance; Fun Fact: I caught a turkey when I was 4 years old!
Picture of student caller, Gabe M. Gabe M. Class of 2020; Major: Business Admin with a minor in Marketing; Fun Fact: I could live off of totinos pizza rolls.
Picture of student caller, Giselle B. Giselle B. Class of 2020; Major: Psychology; Fun Fact: I have lived in Southern CA all of my life.
Picture of student caller, Helena P. Helena P. Class of 2023; Major: Biology; Fun Fact: When I was little, I had a corgi and he was cute and fat.
Picture of student caller, Kendyl M. Kendyl M. Class of 2020; Major: Biochemistry; Fun Fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose and I grew up riding motorcycles
Picture of student caller,Lauren M Lauren M. Class of 2021; Major: International Business with a french minor; Fun Fact: I love to ballroom dance.
Picture of student caller, Alexis R. Alexis R. Class of 2022; Major: Biology; Fun Fact: I have 4 German Shepherds!
Picture of student caller, Jared O. Jared O. Class of 2022; Major: Finance; Fun Fact: I play lacrosse!
Picture of student caller, Sam D.. Sam D. Class of 2021; Major: Marketing with a minor in Communications; Fun Fact: Moving to Arizona and I love running.
Picture of student caller, Serena S. Serena S. Class of 2021; Major: Communication Studies; Fun Fact: I LOVE pugs!
Picture of student caller, McKenna E. McKenna E. Class of 2021; Major: Psychology; Fun Fact: I studied abroad on Semester at Sea in 2018.
Picture of student caller, Stevie E. Stevie E. Class of 2020; Major: Engineering; Fun Fact: I have a scuba diving license
Picture of student caller, Allie J. Allie J. Class of 2021; Major: International Business; Fun Fact: I am fluent in Spanish.
Picture of student caller, Maddie R. Maddie R. Class of 2022; Major: International Business and French; Fun Fact: I've been Irish dancing for 12 years.
Picture of student caller Tyra A, Tyra A. Class of 2020; Major: Marketing and Communication Studies; Fun Fact: I am Blaxican (Mexican and black).
Picture of student caller. Carlos S. Carlos S. Class of 2022; Major: Industrial Engineering; Fun Fact: Lowkey fan of chicken and waffles.
Picture of Student caller.  Addison k. Addison K. Class of 2022 Major: Marketing/ Business Adminsitration; Fun Fact: My graduating highschool class was 17 kids.
Picture of Student Caller. Ana G. Ana G. Class of 2020 Major: Politcal Science and Spanish; Fun Fact: I am always the loudest person in the room!
Picture of student caller, Alena B. Alena B. Class of 2021; Major: English; Fun Fact: I work at a day camp during the summer!
Picture of student caller, Patricia T. Patricia T. Class of 2020; Major: Marketing; Fun Fact: I am a black belt.
Picture of student caller, Narayan G. Narayan G. Class of 2022; Major: Electrical Engineering; Fun Fact: I am a foot taller than my older sister.

Student Managers

Picture of student manager, Ahnyte C. Ahnyte C. Class of 2020; Major: International Relations and Spanish ; Fun Fact: I have 3 sisters
Picture of student manager, Maddie J. Maddie J. Class of 2021; Major: Business Communications; Fun Fact: I have traveled to over 20 countries.
Picture of student manager Sydney M. Sydney M. Class of 2021; Major: Behavioral Neuroscience; Fun Fact: My favorite food is cheese curds.
Picture of student manager, Josefine S. Josefine S. Class of 2020; Major: Theatre; Fun Fact: I have met the queen of Denmark several times
Picture of Estefania V. Estefania V. Major: Biochemistry; Fun Fact: I am international student from Mexico.