Information about Kronos

The University of San Diego Payroll Department is a dedicated team of professionals committed to paying university employees on time and accurately while in compliance with federal and state regulations.

Kronos is the Time Reporting System used for submitting employee hours to Payroll at the University of San Diego. Kronos is an industry leader and well–recognized in the field of workforce management systems.

USD complies as an employer with the State of California rules in keeping accurate time records reflecting when employees begin and end each work period, including in and out time recorded for meal breaks. The Kronos Web timecard system is an efficient tool for time keeping compliance, as it will automatically record holidays, calculate total hours and overtime, in addition to displaying accrued sick and vacation balances.

This page provides you with useful information to facilitate your understanding of the Kronos system.

Work Week Definition

The University of San Diego's workweek is Monday through Sunday.

Overtime Rules

California is a daily overtime state. This means that overtime must be paid for:

  • Hours worked in excess of 8 per day.
  • Hours worked in excess of 40 per week.
  • Hours worked on the 7th consecutive day in a workweek.

Note: Employees need to receive advance authorization to work overtime.
Special Note: For USD employees who regularly work 7.5 hours per day, the overtime rate does not apply until the employee works more than 8 hours in a workday.

Double–Time Rules

  • Hours worked in excess of 12 in any workday.
  • After 8 hours worked on the 7th consecutive day in a workweek.

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Meal Periods for Non–Exempt Employees

  • Employees must be relieved of all duties.
  • Employees are prohibited from working more than 5 hours without a 30-minute meal period.

Exception: If the workday will conclude in 6 hours, the meal period may be waived by mutual consent of the employer and employee. The Meal Break Waiver form (PDF) must be forwarded to Payroll before the end of the pay period.

Refer to the Forms web page for additional information.

Rest Breaks for Non–Exempt Employees

  • Rest periods must be at least 10 consecutive minutes for each four hours worked.
  • Insofar as practicable, they must be in the middle of each work period.
  • Rest periods must be taken during each 4 hours or "major fraction thereof" worked.
  • Rest periods are counted as "hours worked".

Make Up Time Requests

  • Employees must submit their request in writing to make up time lost due to a personal obligation.
  • Time lost and make up time must occur within the same workweek.
  • Employees must enter hours worked in Kronos and the Payroll Department will make the adjustment once the Makeup Time Request form (PDF) is received. Refer to the Forms web page for additional information about this form.
  • Maximum hours worked per day to make up time is eleven (11).
  • The Makeup Time Request form (PDF) must be received in the Payroll Department before the end of the pay period.

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Alternative Workweek Schedules

At USD, an Alternate Workweek Schedule is only permitted when employees obtain advance approval from the Vice President and the Department Human Resources, and comply with appropriate procedures.

Employee's Role

  • Employees are required to submit accurate time records.
  • Employees must record their time on a daily basis.
  • Employees must approve their timecard before the close of Kronos (normally on Monday at 10 a.m.)
    Exception: There are times when a holiday will make it necessary to change the Kronos closing date. Employees will receive timely notification when this is scheduled to happen.

Instructions for approving your timecard in Kronos

  1. On the blue bar above your timecard, click on Approval.
  2. Click Approve.
  3. Read the attestation statement and click approve.
  4. Once you approve your timecard, you will see 4 tabs in the middle of your timecard.
  5. On the 4th tab which is Signoffs & Approvals, click the tab and it will show who has approved your timecard.

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Supervisor's Responsibilities

  • Supervisors are responsible for timely approval of time records.
    • Ensures accuracy
    • Promotes accountability
  • Supervisors should not approve time records before the time is worked.
  • Supervisors are required to make appropriate changes to time records to ensure records accurately reflect the hours worked.
  • Changes may not be made to avoid overtime or other penalties.
  • If changes need to be made to the employee's timecard, please contact the Payroll Department for the "Payroll Timecard Exception Log".
  • Supervisors must personally approve the time records.
  • Supervisors can arrange in advance for a back-up supervisor to approve records in their absence. Review the Kronos Supervisor User Guide (PDF) under "Delegating Authority" (page 18).
  • Reports are located on the left hand side of the navigation toolbar showing when employees:
    • Long Shift or Short Break: have worked a long shift (more than 5 hours) or short break (take less than a 30 minute lunch).
    • Excessive Double Time: have excessive overtime and/or double time.
    • Meal Waiver: have turned in a signed Meal Waiver form to payroll.
    • Meal Premium: will receive or have a Meal Premium hour paid due to a Meal Break violation.
    • Straight Time Usage: this report shows the pay code straight time on the employee's timecard. This pay code can only be entered by the supervisor or the Payroll Department. It should only be used for hours not worked that should be paid such as worker's comp appointment, class, and makeup time. Contact the Payroll Department with any questions.
    • Additional reports: these are located on the left hand side of the navigation toolbar under "Reports".
    • Accrual Detail: Click on "Accruals" and "Accrual Detail" and this report will list vacation and sick time taken by employees.
    • Timecard Audit Trail: Click "Timecard" and "Timecard Audit Trail" and this report will list any changes made to an employee's timecard.

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Email Notifications (Alerts)

To Supervisors

  • Reminder to Approve Timecards: lists employees' timecards that need to be approved. (There 3 reminders that go out at different times.)
  • Kronos Employee Timecard(s) with Meal Premium pay code: lists employees who will receive a meal premium payment.
  • Kronos Employee Late Time Entry: lists employees who have not entered their time record on a daily basis per the university policy.
  • Kronos Timekeeping System – employee(s) working more than 12 hours in a day: lists employees who have worked more than 12 hours in a day.
  • Kronos Timekeeping System – hours transferred to the incorrect employee: lists employees whose hours have been transferred to another employee's time record.
  • Kronos Employee Timecard(s) that need Approval for a Previous Pay Period: lists employees' timecards that were not approved for the prior pay period.

To Employees

  • Missed Punch on your Kronos Timecard: this is to inform you that you are missing a time in or out on your timecard.
  • Employee Reminder to Approve Timecard : your timecard has not been approved by you.

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What do the red boxes mean?

Note: If you point your cursor to the red box, a note will pop up to show why there is a red box.

  • Meal Premium issue.
    • Employee worked more than 5 hours without a meal period.
    • Employee took less than a 30 minute meal break.
    • Employee took a meal period greater than one hour (this will not pay the employee a meal premium).
  • There is a missing time in or time out (Solid Red Box).

Employees should be instructed not to change time records to avoid the red box.

What does the purple punch mean?

The purple punch appears when an employee uses the "choose job function" when swiping out. Advise employees not to use that function when swiping out of a job.

How do I fix it?

  1. Write down the "in punch" and delete the "in punch" (the punch to the right of the purple punch).
  2. Click Save.
  3. Type in the "in punch" in the out column.
  4. Click Save.

Applicable Governing Laws

  • California Labor Code
  • California Wage Order 5
  • Federal Fair Labor Standards Act

Falsification of a time record is a violation of university policy and is grounds for disciplinary action, including discharge.

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