Maintenance Work Order Requests

Maintenance Request Procedure

You can request maintenance service by using the Work Request link in the banner above. Your request will be reviewed and, if approved, a maintenance work order created. The work order will be assigned to the appropriate trade, given a priority, and typically assigned to a technician after review by a trade supervisor.

Response Times

Your expected response time will vary depending on technician workload and the priority established by Facilities Management. Higher priority designations are based on potential damage to University property, fire and life-safety issues, and impact to business and academic operations. Technician workload is subject to campus events and activities, weather events and staffing levels. The lowest priority designations will be addressed based on workload.

       Priority Definitions

  1. Emergency: An imminent threat to life, property, security or the environment. You will get a response within two hours and stabilization or resolution within one business day.
  2. Urgent: A potential threat to life, property, security or the environment. You will get a response in one business day, and stabilization or resolution within 2-4 business days (primarily safety or graffiti related).
  3. Interest: Work that needs to be accomplished in an expedited time frame. Such work may be mission critical, high profile in nature or have a deadline date. You will get a response in 3-5 business days.
  4. Routine: Normal maintenance or service item that does not pose an immediate risk to facilities, systems, equipment or components. You will get a response in 3-6 business days and stabilization or resolution within 3-14 business days.
  5. Planned: Work that is planned and scheduled for a mutually agreeable date and time and when facilities resources are available. All other designations plus non-routine, regular maintenance must be satisfied before this work takes place. You will get a response within 3-10 business days to develop a work plan and be made aware of a possible timeline. This work may be subjected to delay during emergencies. Examples of planned work include: mounting whiteboards and securing bookshelves.