Contractors’ State License Board

As a result of the Legislature’s 1999-2000 sunset review of the Contractors’ State License Board (“CSLB”), SB 2029 (Figueroa) provided for the appointment of a CSLB Enforcement Monitor and designated as his duty "to evaluate the Contractors’ State License Board discipline system and procedures, making as his or her highest priority the reform and reengineering of the board’s enforcement program and operations, and the improvement of the overall efficiency of the board’s disciplinary system."  CPIL’s former Administrative Director Julianne D’Angelo Fellmeth  served as the Enforcement Monitor’s principal consultant during the two-year project that ran from 2001-03 and produced four reports.

In June 2015, CPIL was called upon by the legislature in the wake of the tragic balcony collapse in Berkeley, California which killed six people.  Investigations revealed shortly after the collapse that the contractor who constructed the balcony had reportedly paid $26.5 million in settlements in just three years, yet CSLB—the state agency tasked with protecting consumers from possibly lethal construction—remained entirely ignorant of such settlements.  CPIL has been working with CSLB and the legislature to address this issue and ensure adequate reporting.