Advocacy in the Courts

In addition to representing the interests of the public before regulatory boards and the legislature, CPIL also fights for the public in court by filing amicus curiae briefs, and even filing lawsuits on behalf of the public.

  • In 2019, CPIL filed an amici curae brief in The Florida Bar v. TIKD Services LLC, et al. arguing that as new delivery methods for legal services continue to emerge, a new regulatory framework is essential. The Florida Supreme Court should join the emerging trend and acknowledge that new business models can provide greater access to legal services for those who have been previously unable to obtain such services. 
  • In 2015, CPIL filed an amicus curiae brief in support of the Medical Board in Lewis v. Medical Board of California arguing that the Board must be permitted to continue to run “CURES” searches of doctor prescribing records when investigating doctors in order to protect the public and patients from excessive prescribing of opioids and other controlled substances. In July 2017, the Supreme Court issued its opinion consistent with CPIL’s position. 
  • 1995 - California Medical Association  v. Medical Board of California Case No. 376275, a Sacramento County Superior Court challenge to the Board’s progressive public disclosure policy; MBC and CPIL prevailed. 
  • Also in 1995, CPIL contributed an amicus curiae brief in support of the Medical Board’s position in Arnett v. Dal Cielo 14 Cal. 4th 4 (1996), which rejected the medical profession’s attempt to secrete internal hospital “peer review” records from the Board.  
  • In 2007, CPIL filed an antitrust lawsuit against the California Travel and Tourism Commission and the major rental car companies for pricefixing.  After a favorable opinion upholding CPIL’s claims in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the parties reached a settlement for consumers and injunctive relief.