We host a variety of lectures, panels, and debates to foster a free exchange of ideas on important issues of public policy.

The Case for Brexit Play Video
The Case for Brexit October 7, 2019
Daniel Hannan, Member of European Parliament, makes the case for Brexit, free trade, and limited government.
Jason Riley Play Video
Debate: Is America Facing an Immigration Crisis? September 19, 2019

A debate on immigration policy featuring Rich Lowry (editor-in-chief of National Review) and Jason Riley (Wall Street Journal, Manhattan Institute, and author of Let Them In: The Case for Open Borders).

Vivek Chibber Play Video
Debate: Is It Time for America to Embrace Socialism? March 12, 2019
A debate on socialism featuring Vivek Chibber, professor of sociology at New York University, and Michael Munger, professor of political science at Duke University.
Paul Niehaus Play Video
Fighting Poverty Through Direct Cash Transfers: A Conversation with GiveDirectly.Org's Paul Niehaus February 13, 2019

A discussion of cash transfer policies and the universal basic income, featuring Paul Niehaus, PhD economist at the University of California San Diego, and one of the founders of

Michael Shermer and Mike Huemer Play Video
Debate: Does America Need Stricter Gun Control Laws? October 16, 2018

A debate on gun control featuring New York Times bestselling author Michael Shermer and iconoclastic philosopher Mike Huemer.

Matt Zwolinski Play Video
Trump's Trade Wars: Economic, Political, and Philosophical Perspectives September 16, 2018
A panel discussion on President Trump's international trade policies, featuring Matt Zwolinski (Philosophy), Jason Campbell (Economics), and David Shirk (Political Science).
Greg Lukianoff Play Video
Debate: Is Free Speech Under Threat on America's College Campuses? March 9, 2018

A debate on free speech on college campuses featuring Greg Lukianoff, President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, and Stanley Fish, noted literary critic and Professor at Florida International University.

Deirdre McCloskey Conference on Happiness and the Free Society December 10, 2017

A conference on the relationship between happiness and economic and political freedom, featuring Derek Yonai, Mark LeBar, Dan Haybron, and Deirdre McCloskey.

Terry Moe Play Video
Debate: Is School Choice Good for America's Students? October 11, 2017

A debate on school choice featuring political scientist Terry Moe of Stanford University's Hoover Institution and philosopher Harry Brighouse of the University of Wisconsin.

Christopher Wellman Play Video
Debate: Is Immigration a Basic Human Right? March 16, 2017

A debate on immigration featuring philosopher Christopher Wellman and economist Bryan Caplan.

Joanna Williams Play Video
Joanna Williams on Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity November 14, 2016

Joanna Williams argues that a stifling culture of conformity in higher education is restricting individual academics, the freedom of academic thought and the progress of knowledge.

Don Boudreaux Play Video
Debate: Is CA's $15 Minimum Wage Law a Good Idea? September 16, 2016

A debate on California's new $15 minimum wage law, featuring George Mason Economist Donald Boudreaux and the Roosevelt Institute's Mike Konczal.