Vizer Partnership

An opportunity to catalyze a movement of physical fitness for a good cause.

Why Vizer?

With Vizer, the exercise of USD students will work to combat hunger in America. Students are encouraged to come together in the name of fitness to make a difference. There are just two simple steps: sweat and give. First, students will reach their activity challenge by walking 10,000 steps in a day or by enjoying 30 minutes of exercise at the Sports Center or Bosley Fitness Center. Then, students will log onto their Vizer app to donate a meal to a food bank.

Vizer tracks activity, you tap to Donate, and a sponsor donates a meal!

Begin quote “I think having Vizer at USD is a great opportunity for students and faculty to get more involved in our San Diego community. By partnering up, we hope to help curate a health-forward campus culture that unites individuals by rewarding exercise with the opportunity to give back. Together, we can improve campus-wide health and combat hunger one step at a time!” – McKenna Doe '20, Vizer Director of Partnerships

How To Use the Vizer App

See the steps below on how to start making a difference!
  1. Download the Vizer app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Create a free account.
  3. Log your activity with the BlueTooth devices located at the Sports Center, Bosley Fitness Center, or on campus.
  4. Tap Donate.
  5. A sponsor will donate a meal!

Vizer x USD Organizations

Having Vizer at USD is a great way for organizations and departments to engage in competition. Who can donate the most amount of meals in a year, a semester, a month, a week, or a day? Reach out to Campus Recreation so we can help you organize a Vizer competition!

If your department or organization is interested in starting a competition with the Vizer app, please reach out to our Campus Recreation team ( and share how we can help you start!

Vizer x USD Promotional Video

Click on the video to the left to watch Campus Recreation's promotional video for our partnership with Vizer. You can also click on the image below to visit the Vizer website to learn more and download the app!

Download Vizer on the App Store or Google Play store