Academic Program

As part of the University of San Diego School of Law, CAI's academic program includes courses and clinical training of USD Law students in child advocacy.

CAI's academic program consists of two parts. First, the substantive course Child Rights and Remedies, taught in the fall semester, is a survey course which covers a variety of issues of concern to child advocates. Students study principles in dependency and delinquency law, tort issues relevant to children, criminal law, current constitutional issues affecting children's rights, and more. Released in 2019, the Fourth Edition of the course text, Child Rights and Remedies by Robert C. Fellmeth and Jessica K. Heldman, provides a comprehensive examination of how law and policy affect the lives and futures of children.

Second, students who have completed or are taking Child Rights and Remedies are eligible to participate in the Child Advocacy Clinic, a unique program that gives law students experience in representing children and/or working on policy issues vital to children's interests. The Child Advocacy Clinic offers USD Law students three clinical opportunities, as described below.

USD Law students have the unique opportunity to graduate with a Concentration in Child Rights, which affords them the opportunity to study and collaborate with renowned faculty, practitioners and policymakers who play leadership roles in legal and policy issues at local, state and national levels. 

CAI also offers a pre-law internship program for undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in child advocacy.

For more information about CAI's academic program, email or call CAI at 619-260-4806.

For information about the USD School of Law, please visit its website or call 619-260-4528.

  • Dependency Clinic
  • Delinquency/At-Risk Youth Clinic
  • Policy Clinic
  • Webinars and Training