​Master's in Executive Leadership Curriculum

Our curriculum builds on leadership skills you already possess, while introducing you to new methodologies that are relevant in business today. Through simulations, assessments and presentations, you will learn how to use concepts such as servant leadership, proper succession planning and ethical influence to transform your organization.

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2021-22, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on April 1, 2021. Access the catalog of record at https://catalogs.sandiego.edu.

MSEL Degree Requirements

The executive scheduling format of the courses allows students to fulfill their work responsibilities while still pursuing their degree. The following is the current sequence of the MSEL courses, all of which are required:

MSEL 520Preparing for Leadership: Self Appraisal & Analysis3
MSEL 521Optimizing Individual Learning1.5
MSEL 540Introduction to Leadership Theories1.25
MSEL 541Analytics for Strategic Decision Making 1.75
MSEL 524Communicating your leadership Point of View1.5
MSEL 522Leadership, Power & Politics1.5
MSEL 527Partnering for Performance Using SLII®1.5
MSEL 523Ethics and Leadership1.5
MSEL 529Leadership in a Team Context1.5
MSEL 528Problem Solving & Negotiation1.5
MSEL 535Accounting for Organizational Leaders2.25
MSEL 539Finance for Organizational Leaders2.25
MSEL 532Designing Organizational Culture: Values & Alignment1.5
MSEL 526Culture at Work: Putting Principles into Practice1.5
MSEL 530Leadership in a Global Context (MSEL 530 is a one-week course offered abroad, required for all MSEL students.)1.5
MSEL 531Leading Organizational Change1.5
MSEL 542Entrepreneurial Strategies for Organizational Leaders Part 1 1.5
MSEL 533Innovation and Organizational Learning1.5
MSEL 537Executing Strategic Initiative1.5
MSEL 534Marketing Strategy, Structure & Process2.25
MSEL 543Entrepreneurial Strategies for Organizational Leaders Part 20.75
MSEL 538Leadership for the Future1.5
Total Units36