Campus Screening

Before entering any campus buildings, faculty, staff, and students will report to one of the temperature screening locations listed below. The individual will be required to show their daily certification email confirmation from Qualtrics which generates a message that they are certified to be on campus. They will then have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer. An attendant will provide them with a wristband to wear before entering campus buildings. Anyone who has not received the Email screening may respond to the screening questions at the screening station.

Faculty, staff and students with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher will be prohibited from being on campus and will be advised to return home or to their residence hall. Employees must also notify their supervisor if they were prohibited from being on campus due to a high temperature reading.

Qualtrics messaging will also provide a workflow to guide various scenarios.

Temperature screening will be provided outdoors at the following campus locations:

  • Student Life Pavilion (Active)
  • Paseo de Colachis - West (Active)
  • Manchester Village Apartments (TBD)
  • Alcala Vista Apartments (TBD)
  • Mata’yuum Crossroads (TBD)
  • Degheri Alumni Center (TBD)
  • Belanich Engineering Center (TBD)
  • Paseo de Colachis - East (TBD)
  • Mother Rosalie Hill Hall South Arcade (TBD)
  • Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice Plaza (TBD)
  • West Parking Structure - Top Level (TBD)
  • West Parking Lot (TBD)
  • Alcala West (TBD)