Meet the Candidates

Meet your 2020-2021 Associated Student Government candidates for President and Vice President!

Save the date for these important election events:

Wednesday, April 15

Final Debate (online)

Thursday, April 16 - Friday April 17

48 Hour Voting Window

Monday, April 20

Announcement of Election Results

Thursday, May 7

Swearing In

ASG Debate, April 15, 5:30 PM

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Associated Student Government 2020-2021

Candidates for President

Joseph Abeyta

Abeyta headshot

I am a Junior from Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and majoring in Political Science. I have participated in the Men's Crew for two years, studying abroad, and greek life. If elected to the Presidency, I plan on re-installing the College-Readership Program, improving student-administration communication, and looking to install a weekend tram from USD to Mission Beach.

Associated Student Government 2020-2021

Candidates for Vice President

Justin Daus

Daus headshot

Pre-pandemic I was super active in Navy ROTC, ASG, coaching soccer with one of my best friends, and I loved running outside. During the pandemic, I'm trying new recipes, journaling, trying to get better at guitar ~unsuccessfully~, and trying to get better at yoga ~also, unsuccessfully. What I do know that I will do successfully is adapt to students' needs. That is what I hope to achieve: listening to and advocating for my peers and fellow students that attend a school that I love. These are challenging times with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, and I know that I can rise to the challenge of helping the Torero Family get through this.

Edward “Andrew” Schneider

Schneider headshot

Hello Toreros! I am a junior transfer student, pursuing a Political Science major and Ethnic Studies minor. As ASG Vice President, I will work to improve transparency and communication between ASG and the student body - increased participation and communication will be essential to the success of initiatives. Additionally, I will work to improve accessibility and inclusivity on campus, implement a Torero Service weekend, and pursue strategies for improving public health in the Torero community. Vote for Andrew Schneider on April 16th and 17th in your MySanDiego Portal to Inspire, Include, and Unite our campus!

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