Perhaps no part of the application process causes more stress and anxiety than the standardized test. At USD, we recognize the limitations of testing and try to use the scores you submit in the way they were intended: as one measure among many that help us identify students who will be successful in our rigorous academic environment.

Below are some answers to your most common questions regarding the SAT and ACT. Please note that both tests have recently undergone changes. Beginning with the entering class of Fall 2017, students will be taking the "new" versions of these exams. The College Board's SAT Score Converter is the official tool for comparing old and new SAT scores.
  • What are USD’s school codes?
  • Which exam should I take?
  • Is the essay required?
  • Do you super score the exams?
  • How are the scores used?
  • What if I took the “old” SAT, can I submit that?
  • If I am applying as a Transfer student, do I have to submit a test score?