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Fundraiser Opportunities

Can Campus Cash be used for Fundraiser Opportunities?

Yes. The CampusCash Fundraiser allows student organizations to accept CampusCash as a form of payment for their charitable fundraising. This is accomplished through a Budget Transfer from an account managed by an Administrator/advisor for the organization. They provide the POETS (Legacy Account is no longer needed) information and arrange for the organization to get the monies earned.

Where can I pick up a CampusCash Fundraiser Form?

You may find this form online. All request must be made in writing at least five (5) working days prior to event and dropped off at Auxiliary Services, UC 137, for approval. This request must be approved by your department head and appropriate budget administrator for your area prior to submittal. Submitting this form does not guarantee approval. We will contact you, once approved by the Executive Director, Auxiliary Services, by e-mail with the excel form you will need to submit following the event to ensure you receive the funds.

What do I do when the event is over?

When the event is over, the student in charge sends an excel list of the ID numbers with the amount to be deducted from each students’ CampusCash account. This list should be e-mailed to Campus Card the next business day following the event.

What happens after I send the excel sheet to the Campus Card Services Office?

Upon receipt of the excel list, Campus Card will process the payment. This will remove the amount from the students’ CampusCash account and register the transfer to the budget information provided by the organization. Please note that accounts with insufficient funds will not be processed. When the list is complete we will then send an e-mail with the total amount collected to the organization for their records. The monies are transferred to the appropriate account 5-7 business days of the following month as funds are only transferred once a month. For example, if the fundraiser date is 1/18 funds will be available on or around 2/7. The total funds will be available for withdrawal on the following day.