Master of Science in Health Care Informatics

Health care informatics is an emerging interdisciplinary field that resides at the intersection of computer science, knowledge management, and healthcare. Its purpose is the automation, management and improvement of health information in the support of health care delivery. The program is cross-disciplinary and draws faculty from healthcare, business, engineering, and computer science to prepare future professionals with the technical, analytical, and innovation skills necessary to provide future leadership.

The Masters of Science in Health Care Informatics program offers students the ability to specialize by selecting one of three program tracks: Health Care Informatics, Health Care Analytics (Data Science) or Health Care Informatics Leadership. The Health Care Informatics program utilizes a practicum model with placements in community agencies working with health care informatics professionals. In this practicum, students develop the skills necessary to enter the field of health care informatics upon graduation. This is a required component for the Health Care Informatics track. It is an elective option for the Health Care Analytics or Health Care Informatics Leadership tracks.

The University of San Diego Health Care Informatics program is recognized as an approved educational partner by the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Graduates are prepared for certification through HIMSS.

Total Units: 42

If you have any questions about the Health Care Informatics programs, please contact Cathleen Mumper, Director of Student Services, at (619) 260-4548 or

Nicole Wilson

"Completing the Health Care Informatics program at USD was the best career decision I have made. As a Clinical Informaticist, I apply what I learned daily. The promotions and positions I have held since graduation are a direct result of being a graduate of the USD program. The program continues to evolve and maintain relevancy in the dynamic world of health care technology and information. It is truly one of the best university programs for anyone interested in Health Care Informatics."

-Nicole Wilson


HIMSS Approval Seal