TV Channel Lineup

With the increase number of students using internet connectivity to access their streaming services such as; Netflix and Hulu, the University of San Diego no longer supports or provides cable services on campus. However, there are many local channels available including off-air High Definition channels in every room. Simply connect the coax cable from the wall to your tv, switch your tv from "cable" to "off-air" and run the auto-program fucntion on your tv. If you continue to experience issues accessing channel, please call the ITS Help Desk at x7900 or email us at

USD Channel Lineup

8.1 KFMB- 8 (CBS)
8.2 ME TV
10.1 KGTV – 10 (ABC)
10.15 KZSD (Azteca)
15.11 KPBS HD
20.1 CheddarU
39.1 KNSD – (NBC)
39.2 COZI TV 51.1 KUSI
69.1 KSWB (Fox 5)
69.2 Antenna
69.3 This TV  
91.5 This San Diego

Student Telephone Information

For students living on campus, individual residence hall rooms are not equipped with telephones or telephone numbers. Emergency and hallway courtesy phones can be used in an emergency to contact USD’s Office of Public Safety by dialing 2222 or 911. If a resident student wants to activate USD’s provided phone service they must contact Telecommunications in writing by submitting an email to Provide full name, building and room number. Please indicate whether voice mail should be activated. Only one phone number will be installed for the entire suite. Students can provide their own phone instrument or USD can provide one wall phone. If a wall phone is provided the student takes full responsibility for the care of the phone throughout the semester.  To make local off campus or long-distance calls, you may elect to activate your Personal Billing number (PBN). With a PBN, you will be provided with billable local and long-distance services and the ability to call off-campus phone numbers. For further information on obtaining a PBN, call Campus Card Services at (619) 260-5999.

Important Policies and Procedures

All campus phones are restricted from dialing 976 or 900 entertainment numbers and 1-800 service announcement numbers. These calls cannot be billed to the residence hall phone number. A fine of $50 will be charged to the person(s) if these calls are billed back to the University. Students cannot sign up for any type of discount calling plan offered by phone companies. The residence hall phone numbers are the property of the University and any discounts or credits are applied to the University’s phone account.

Rates and Billing

Local calls (calls made within the Cox Communication service area) are billed at the prevailing Cox business rates with an additional 2-cent-per-minute charge. Local toll calls (calls made outside of the local calling area but still within Cox’s service area) are billed based on distance (in air miles) and time of day.
Phone bills are processed the first week of each month. Bills are sent directly to the student so they can review their records. If there are any adjustments to be made due to unauthorized use of a student’s personal billing number or a double-charge for a call, he or she must visit the Campus Card Services office and fill out an appeal form. Phone payments can be made at Campus Card Services, located in UC-127.

Phone Repairs and Voice Mail

Students using USD’s phone and voice mail system can call Telecommunications at (619) 260-7500 for questions or to report issues.  Telecommunications is not responsible for issues with a student’s personal phone instrument.