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News From the Women's Center - October 2011

We in the Women's Center are left scratching our heads - where did September go?!? The month was filled with celebration, education and consciousness raising.

Open House 2011

students at 2011 Open House
Ernesto Reyes, Maria Ruvalcaba and Josie Gomez enjoying lunch in the United Front.

Over 200 people helped us kick off the school year at the SLIC, United Front and Women's Center Open House in September. Guests snacked on appetizers and learned about all the SLIC has to offer on the 3rd floor of the SLP. Next, folks made their way up to the United Front on the 4th floor for the monthly community lunch where they heard about Latino Heritage Month and learned about what the various cultural orgs are up to this year. Finally, folks stopped by the Women's Center and ISO lounge for dessert and coffee.

Women at Open House
Mackenzie Maurer, Ali Olson, and Alyssa Knauer sharing some WC love.

A call to end sexual violence

Students from across campus participated in workshops and discussions, learning ways to end sexual violence here at USD.

Men Can Stop Rape Flyer Joe Salamin of the national organization "Men Can Stop Rape" invited men to think about how they have been socialized to view women in ways that perpetuate a culture of violence.

As we move forward, it is our hope that men will come together and develop a peer education program.

October is Domestic Purple Ribbon and Partner Violence Awareness Month

Red Flag Campaign All Flags

Many people want the support and companionship that comes with being in a relationship.  But not every relationship is healthy or positive.  In fact, dating violence happens in 1 out of every 5 college relationships.

Sometimes it takes a friend to see that one person is being hurt and the relationship is unhealthy.  As friends, we have a responsibility to watch out for each other.  That’s why when you see a red flag, say something!

Learn more about how to spot Red Flags, such as Jealousy, Isolation, Coercion, Physical and sexual abuse, and Stalking.

Meet our Sexual Assault Peer Educators!

Jenessa Rose
Janessa Rose

Through the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion and the Women's Center, we are able to provide suppport and resources to those impacted by sexual violence or want to gain an understanding of the issue. Our Sexual Assault Peer Educators, Sharae Bey and Jenessa Rose, answer a few questions.

Sharae Bey
Sharae Bey
Why did you choose to become a Peer Educator?

Sharae: Sexual Assault is seldom talked about and rarely reported; it is an epidemic that survives because of the silence that surrounds it.  As someone who feels very passionately about this issue, I wanted to become a peer educator to bring the topic to light while actively working toward an end.

Jenessa: I want to help other students. I feel that this is a rare opportunity to be involved in and I am so grateful to have the chance.

What is one thing that most people do not know about sexual violence?

Sharae: Most people do not know that around 84% of completed rapes are committed by acquaintances and friends, or non-strangers.

What can I do if someone I know has been sexually assaulted?  What do you think is the best way to approach it?

Sharae: I would say that step one is to listen.  Give your friend the opportunity to share what has happened and work through it verbally. 

Jenessa: Yes. You can offer support and be there for them. Sometimes people just need someone to listen.

Sharae: You should limit questions about the incident, so that they may have the chance to volunteer information.  Instead, ask how your friend feels about what has happened and encourage them to speak to a trained professional as you are not equipped to deal with the situation on your own.  Also, you may want to seek out support for yourself.  You may need to speak to a professional as well to help you work through what has happened.

If you or a friend have been sexually assaulted, you are encouraged to seek assistance from resources on campus such as the Counseling Center (619) 260-4655 and/or Public Safety (619) 260-7777 (non-emergency). Learn more about the Sexual Assault & Sexual Exploitation Protocol and Procedures on campus.

USD Women in Politics and Public Policy Initiative

Cathy Wineinger Cathy Wineinger is a political science major, peace and justice studies minor, and political activist, who has come to realize the gross inequalities that women must overcome in order to be taken seriously in the political arena. 

Cathy has invited the WC to support her “USD Women in Politics and Public Policy” Initiative which is dedicated to developing new leaders in the political arena. 

She plans to provide nonpartisan information and resources for all USD women who are interested in politics and public policy.

The WC has committed to helping Cathy host an informational panel with women policymakers this coming November.  Cathy shared that “I hope to encourage students to look at politics through a feminist lens by holding an end of the year research conference at which USD students from all majors can present projects pertaining specifically to women in the public sphere”.  This is a big task to say the least!  If you are interested in becoming a part of the USD Women in Politics and Public Policy Initiative, please contact Cathy at catherinewineinger@sandiego.edu.

Love Your Body Day - Operation Beautiful

We need your help! In preparation for Love Your Body Day on Oct. 19, we are creating notes of inspiration to spread across campus. Stop by SLP 420 to make inspirational post-it notes any time next week! Learn more about the national Operation Beautiful campaign by visiting operationbeautiful.com.

"I will no longer hide these wounds of mine. I will bear them gracefully. They tell a resurrection story." - Ntozake Shange

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September in Review

  • Open House 2011
  • First Year Women Rock outreach
  • Men Can Stop Rape.


Domestic & Partner Violence Awareness Month

  • Red Flag Campaign


Meet our Sexual Assault Peer Educators


USD Women in Politics and Public Policy Initiative


Love Your Body - Operation Beautiful

Open House 2011

ISO Members at Open House

ISO Exec Board Members welcome people for a non-traditional Coffee Hour.

Students at Open House

Lauren Reynosa, Korinna Li and Bryan Chiang enjoying burritos.

Startling Statistics

Did you know?

  • Nearly 74% of Americans personally know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence.
  • Women between the ages of 16-24 are at greatest risk for partner violence.
  • In 1 in 5 college dating relationships, one of the partners is being abused.
  • Only 70% of non-fatal partner violence is reported to law enforcement.