Center for Student Success

Drop Shadow

Preceptors and Faculty

To help us manage the Student Success Workshops effectively, please fill out the brief Preceptor Response Form that was sent to you via intracampus mail and return it to the Center for Student Success (UC 114).

Preceptorial Course Integration Ideas

The following are suggestions for intergrating Student Success Workshops in your preceptorial course:

  • Require response/reflection papers for a sepcific number of sessions (e.g., one, two, or three).
  • Require attendance for a minimum number of sessions (e.g., one, two, or three) as an expectation of the preceptorial course.
  • Factor workshop attendance into participation grade.
  • Ask students to prepare one or two relevant questions before attending.
  • Initiate discussion on sessions attended and key lessons learned at the beginning or end of each week.
  • Assign a group project for students to create their own workshop to help first-year USD students.
  • Work with your PA to determine ways the PA could connect wih the program (e.g., attend a workshop with students, plan a discussion with food to follow up on a topic, serve as a student presenter for a session, etc.).

Please feel free to contact the following individuals if you would like to discuss the program further or have any questions:

Merrick Marino, CSS Assistant Dean:

Daniella Knelman, CSS Assistant Director: