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What Does a Peer Coach Do?peer_advising

Student Success Coaching (SSC) provides a unique opportunity for students interested in gaining practical experience in a paraprofessional counseling role. Peer coaches hold approximately four hours of appointments in the Center for Student Success each week, and generally work with 8-10 clients during peak SSC times.

Peer coaches work primarily with students who are placed on scholastic probation, have mid-term deficiencies, or are directly referred to SSC by faculty and staff.

Required Courses

All peer coaches must have successfully completed an upper division course, MFTS 365: Current Approaches to Peer Assistance. Students selected as peer coaches must then enroll in MFTS 366: Applied Experience in Peer Assistance in which they receive ongoing training and intensive supervision throughout their experience.

For detailed descriptions of the required courses, download the following PDF file: MFTS 365 and MFTS 366

Enroll This Fall

MFTS 365: Current Approaches to Peer Assistance (Spring 2015)

Credits: 3
Meeting Time: Tues. & Thur. 9:15 am - 10:35 am
Location: MRH-145

This course exposes students to practical application of theoretical concepts and empirical data related to student wellness, academic success, adaptation to college and peer counseling. The course also provides students with an introduction to peer counseling skills and offers a framework for the implementation of programming, outreach, and intervention used to address current issues facing college students.

Coaching Success Stories

Clients of Student Success Coaching are not the only success stories! Students who completed the course and became a peer coach have been accepted into graduate programs such as psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, social work, and more!

See what former peer coaches have to say about MFTS 365 and the SSC program:

"My experience as a peer coach has been a wonderful learning experience! I have had the change to learn skills that will prepare me for my professional career in clinical psychology, while also having the opportunity to work with my peers to ensure their academic success."
Peer Coach, 2013

"What I've learned from my experience as a coach is this: no matter what you are struggling with (personally or academically), you are not alone."
Peer Coach, 2013

"I felt very prepared to meet with clients. I think all the videos in the course and all of the role-plays during training really helped, as well as going over issues and how we might handle them, and explaining all of the basic information."
Peer Coach, 2011

"I enjoyed everything we were learning in the course and felt like this was a great way to practice the skills in a realistic setting."
Peer Coach, 2011

"It's a really good training and discovery program for people who think they want to go into counseling or something in the psychology field."
Peer Coach, 2011

For questions about Student Success Coaching, please contact the Center for Student Success at or (619) 260-5995.

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