Become a Preceptorial Assistant

This page includes information for prospective Preceptorial Assistants, including the PA Position Description, important dates/deadlines for Informational Sessions, and the application process. Prospective PAs must attend a PA Informational Session to obtain the application.

Prospective PAs

Prospective PAs must attend one PA Informational Session to receive the printed application. Applications are due in the Center for Student Success (located in UC-114) by Friday, March 1st at 5:00 p.m.

Returning PAs

Returning PAs can download the Returning PA Application here. This option is only available for students who have already been a PA. Current and former PAs re-applying for the PA position do not need to attend a PA Informational Session.

2014 Returning PA Application (for current and former PAs only)

For more information regarding the qualifications and position, please see the PA Position Description below.

Important Dates

2014 Preceptorial Assistant Important Dates*
Tuesday, February 11 PA Informational Session @ 12:30pm in UC 107
Thursday, February 13
PA Informational Session @ 1:00pm in UC 128
Friday, February 14
PA Informational Session @ 3:00pm in UC 107
Monday, February 17
PA Informational Session @ 7:00pm in UC 128
Tuesday, February 18
PA Informational Session @ 1:30pm in UC 107
Wednesday, February 19
PA Informational Session @ 7:00pm in UC 103 A/B
Thursday, February 20
PA Informational Session @ 1:00pm in UC 103 A/B
Friday, February 28
PA APPLICATIONS DUE (by 5:00pm in UC 114)
March 17-March 24 PA Interviews (various locations)
Monday, March 31 PAs notified of selection
Tuesday, April 8 PA/RA Joint Workshop from 7-9pm in Warren Auditorium (SOLES)
Tuesday, April 15 LLC Student Leaders (PAs, RAs, & Faculty Directors)
12:30-2:00pm; Location TBD
Friday, May 2 LLC Team Training from 2:30-4:30pm; Location TBD
Sunday, August 24 PAs Arrive on Campus
August 25-29 PA Fall Training
August 31-September 2 OLÉ! Weekend

*These dates are subject to change

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PA Position Description

Download a PDF version of the PA position description: PA Position Description

The Preceptorial Assistant (PA) is a successful continuing student who assists the faculty Preceptor in fostering a positive educational and developmental experience for all first-year students. The major purpose of the undergraduate PA is to serve as a peer mentor during the fall semester helping their assigned students navigate all aspects of the transition to college, with a particular emphasis on the academic experience. In order to create a cohesive, smaller community within the larger USD community, each PA will be assigned to and responsible for a particular preceptorial class within one of USD's Living-Learning Communities (LLCs). The PA is part of the primary LLC team, working in close collaboration with the preceptorial faculty member and Resident Assistant(s) (RA).


Undergraduates who wish to serve as PAs must be nominated by the faculty and screened by a selection committee consisting of faculty and members of the Preceptorial Assistant Council (PAC). In addition, all students must attend an informational session in the spring prior to submitting an application. Ordinarily, only those students with a minimum grade point average of 3.00 will be considered. Qualified students must have full-time status and be in good conduct standing at USD.

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Time Commitment:

  • Priority given to this position above any other areas of activit with the exception of academic work and employment.
  • Participate in all training workshops organized by the PAC and the LLC program (including April LLC student leaders training, May LLC training workshop, August PA training prior to orientation, and fall mid-semester training).
  • Attend any fall meetings for PAs, RAs, and faculty planned by the LLC Faculty Director.
  • Minimum of 2 individual meetings with all of your preceptees during the fall semester.
  • Participate (may include leading/facilitating) in Alcala Bazaar, registration workshop for your preceptees, LLC theme-wide events (2-3 during fall semester), preceptorial events required for your class.
  • General availability to your preceptees to respond to questions or provide guidance and support.

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  • Communicate with preceptorial group during the summer prior to fall enrollment (e.g., letter, e-mail, social media).
  • Participate in all required orientation activities (e.g., move-in day, President's Welcome, small group meeting, campus tour, LLC experiences, New Student Convocation, etc.).
  • Maintain communication with LLC PAs, RAs, and faculty director during the summer and fall semesters.
  • Plan and facilitate the following 2 group activities separate from those that take place with entire LLC:
    • Attend the fall Alcala Bazaar with your preceptorial students and assist them in navigating the event and considering involvement options
    • Organize and lead a registration workshop on the mechanics of registering for spring classes, intepreting DARs, and utilizing MySanDiego resources.
  • Support your preceptor with planning LLC events required for your preceptorial. Attend, actively participate, and potentially assist with facilitating these events.
  • Help promote, attend, and potentially assist with facilitating the 2-3 LLC theme-wide events for your theme offered during the fall semester.
  • Introduce preceptees to campus opportunities that are related to your LLC theme.
  • Meet with each preceptee individually for at least 15 minutes on two different occasions. These meetings may be conducted at virtually any location on campus, preferably in a casual setting (e.g., Aromas, Missions Cafe, the SLP).
  • Use the MAP-Works system to support and monitor preceptees, including logging group and individual contacts with your students.
  • Submit detailed monthly reports to PAC in the fall semester.
  • Encourage and promote attendance to Student Success Workshops.

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  • PAs will earn one unit of credit in Honors 497: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant.

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Contact Information

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