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The UFMC Mixes It Up

This Fall 2012 semester, the United Front Multicultural Center (UFMC) hosted four student organization mixers. Although each of the mixers was different according to the student organizations that were involved, they all helped improve the sense of community within the Center and among the student mixerorganizations.

The UFMC kicked off the first mixer on Halloween evening with members from the Filipino Ugnayan Student Organization (FUSO) and Pride. With these two student organizations beings two of the largest and most established within the UFMC, it was a great opportunity for members to socialize and make connections with each other. “At first, I was afraid people wouldn’t open up, but people were comfortable enough to be weird in front of strangers,“ said Niko Pascua, a junior and PRIDE Vice President. Students played a game that required them to open up and be silly. Meanwhile, the mixer between Torero Program Board (TPB) and UFMC staff was an opportunity for student leaders from different parts of campus to meet each other. Alexandra Steinhaus, sophomore and the TPB Multicultural and Arts Coordinator, was glad she got to meet the UFMC staff. She added that “now that we have talked more, we can work on collaborating with different events.” Those in attendance got to put names to faces and hear about the work that others do on this campus. The experience was similar for the students that attended the final two mixers as well. Asian Student Association, Chaldean American Student Association, and Folklorico And Mariachi Association are three of the newest organizations within the UFMC. When they came together for their mixer, students learned what each of the organizations stands for and what type of events each holds. After the Association of Chicana Activists (AChA) and South Asian Student Association (SASA) mixer, students found that the work they do is very similar and students enjoyed each other’s company. “I did see a connection with both orgs, I think a good fundraising/charity event would be a good opportunity for both orgs to get to know each other better and help a good cause,” reflected Simrun Arora, a senior and SASA president. Many of the students hope that their organizations will collaborate and have another mixer in the spring.

In hosting student organizations mixers this semester, the UFMC took a small step in uniting the student organizations within the United Front Multicultural Center and build a stronger connection with TPB. Students who attended made connections with other students who they may not have talked to otherwise. Additionally, the mixers provided students with the opportunity to feel more comfortable in the UFMC and with UFMC staff.

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Written by Sara Mia Padilla c/o 2014

UFMC Student Intern

AChA Co-Chair