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Any USD-affiliated individual or group may request a Rainbow Educators Workshop for an on-campus organization, group, or class by submitting a Workshop Request Form on the Rainbow Educators' website or by contacting Adan Sanchez, UFMC Associate Director, in SLP 418B, via e-mail at re@sandiego.edu, or at (619) 260-6871. All requests should be made at least three weeks prior to the proposed date of the workshop. Presentations are tailored to the specific needs and learning goals of the requester/requesting group. For example, workshops may focus on one or more of the following: history, culture, stereotypes, religious issues, legal/political issues, coming out, hate crimes, diversity within the LGBT community, homophobia and heterosexism. Workshops are interactive, dynamic, and fun; they include films, role plays, visualizations, personal stories, and questions/answers.

To facilitate the planning process, the requester will be asked to provide the specific date, time, length, location, contact person, and expected attendance at the workshop, along with specific issues to be addressed. The UFMC Associate Director will then ask the Rainbow Educators to sign up for the workshop, as available. Rainbow Educators plan the workshop, and the UFMC Associate Director is responsible for making any necessary handouts.

Workshop options include:

Unpacking Privilege

Our identities provide us with social positions ranging from privilege to marginalization. In this workshop, participants will explore their various identities and the types of privilege that may come along with those identities, the interactions between privilege and marginalization, and how we can engage these issues constructively.

From Bystander to Upstander

Have you ever wanted to take action against a discriminatory act but did not know how to respond? In this session, participants will learn and practice intervention skills to identify and effectively address these situations to support any group targeted by social oppression and create an inclusive community.


In this workshop, participants will explore how identities and differences such as sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and religion intersect and contribute to marginalization and privilege. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to reflect on how their intersecting identities influence their daily experiences.


What do these letters mean? This workshop unpacks topics of sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Participants will learn terms and concepts to create a foundation for dialogue. Together, we will explore the construction, and our own understanding, of sexual and gender identities.

The Things We Say: Making the Invisible Visible

“When I look at you, I don’t see color.” Have you heard or said this before? In this workshop, participants will learn about how we have been socialized to perpetuate societal biases. Participants will learn about microaggressions and engage in dialogue about their frequent and long-lasting impact.

Safe Space Allies Training

This is a two and a half hour training where participants will establish qualities of an effective ally and set boundaries for ally work, learn language for discussing LGBT issues and clarify terms and concepts regarding gender and sexuality, explore anti-LGBT bias in their lives, learn strategies for intervening in anti-LGBT bias, and learn strategies for being a supportive ally when someone comes out to them.

Build Your Own

Do you have a diversity issue that does not fit into the workshops listed above? We can address your specific needs as we tailor a workshop just for your group! Workshops are interactive, dynamic, and fun; they include films, role plays, visualizations, personal stories, and question/answer section.

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