Office of Undergraduate Research

Drop Shadow

Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers

Mentor Workshop

The Office of Undergraduate Research routinely offers a half-day workshop for faculty on mentoring undergraduates in research and scholarship. Attending this workshop is highly recommended for faculty who serve as SURE, McNair, and Keck mentors. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research for a list of upcoming workshop dates.

Collaborating with Undergraduate Researchers

Dr. Kriz gave the October Tech Talk presentation on how to use Blackboard orgs as a research collaboration tool. This Tech Talk demonstrated how the Blackboard Organization feature can be used as a multi-semester collaboration space for faculty-student projects including research groups, independent study, capstone projects, and Honors theses. If you missed this talk but would like to learn more about how to use Blackboard to collaborate with your undergraduate research students, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research for a one-on-one consult.