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The University of San Diego offers an impressive number of short-term programs during the summer session. These programs are offered in various international locations and are all taught by USD faculty members. Program locations and courses change periodically.

The tuition cost for these programs is subsidized by the university and USD International Center scholarships as well as outside scholarships are available.

The program cost ranges from $4,200-$5,075 and includes the following: three units of USD tuition, housing, excursions, class related visits, medical insurance, and some group meals Some programs offer students the option to take up to 6 units, which would increase the price to $6,550. Some additional fees may apply based on the course. For complete information on the program details, please click on the program link to be directed to the program-specific brochure page.

Summer 2016

Application Deadline: March 2, 2016

Applications for summer 2016 programs will be released in October 2015.


Course(s) Offered Professor Cost

AUSTRIA, Salzburg 

GERM 201: Third Semester German Dr. Christiane Staninger $4,800

CHINA, Beijing/Shanghai

COMP 494: Data Mining

Dr. Eric Jiang $4,800

CHINA, Shanghai

FINA 405: International Financial Management

Dr. Phil Zhu $4,600


COMM 480: British Media

Dr. Eric Pierson


$4,950 for ENGL/THEA 494 course

ENGL/THEA 494: London Plays in Production Dr. Cynthia Caywood
Dr. David Hay
ETLW 302D: Business & Society Prof. Linda Barkacs
Dr. Craig Barkacs
MENG 260: Introduction to Thermal Sciences Dr. Frank Jacobitz
MKTG 420: Consumer Behavior Dr. Kenny Bates
PHIL 330: Ethics & Moral Diversity Dr. Brian Clack

THRS 315: Introduction to Islam

Dr. Bahar Davary


FREN 201 is 4-week course


ARTV 355: Digital Photography

Prof. Duncan McCosker


$5,075 for FREN 201

COMM 494: Sexual Discourse & Society Dr. Bradley Bond
FREN 201: Third Semester French Dr. Michele Magnin
PHIL 334: Studies in Ethics Dr. Lori Watson
THRS 376: Saints, Sex, and Social Justice: French Feminism in Conversation with Catholic Theology & Ethics Dr. Emily Reimer-Barry

FRANCE, Paris & TURKEY, Istanbul

Take up to 6 units!

ARTH/ARCH 138/340: Biographies of World Cities

ARTV/ARCH 115/494: Recording the City

Dr. Can Bilsel

Dr. Juliana Maxim


$6,550 for 6 units

ITALY, Sorrento

4-week program

ITAL 201: Third Semester Italian Dr. Loredana Di Martino $5,075


Take up to 6 units!

FINA 300: Financial Management Dr. Shreesh Deshpande


$6,550 for 6 units

MGMT 309W: International Comparative Management Dr. Jo Hunsaker
Dr. Phil Hunsaker
MKTG 480 Advanced Marketing Project (Cases in Global Marketing) Dr. David Light

JAMAICA, Falmouth

Take up to 6 units!

SOCI 425: The Black Atlantic Dr. Rafik Mohammed


$6,550 for 6 units

THEA 375C/D: Theatre and Community Dr. Evelyn Cruz

SOUTH AFRICA, Various Cities

POLS/SOC 494: Education, Politics & Citizenship in South Africa

Dr. Mike Williams

Dr. Lisa Nunn


Summer 2016 Course Descriptions

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