Innovative Teaching Methods

Announcing the Mobile Technology Learning Center

The School of Leadership and Education Sciences is excited to announce the launching of a new teaching and research center, the Mobile Technology Learning Center (MTLC).  Because of the exciting technological developments now available to us, and with San Diego as a hub of technological innovation, USD is undertaking a leadership role in melding the theory and practice of utilizing new and developing mobile technology to increase student learning.

The MTLC is housed in the Department of Learning and Teaching and leverages the work of three well-established entities (ELDA, CEPAL, and the Global Center) within SOLES to drive innovation in education.  Collaboration with the centers brings a multidisciplinary approach to MTLC, and offers built-in faculty and student resources, influence, experience and creativity. 

The MTLC is designed to establish the university research environment of the future, while concurrently fueling innovation in K-12 education.  Research projects focus on the applications of mobile learning devices to learning and tests new solutions in real-world context:  brick and mortar classrooms.  The MTLC involves collaborations with local school districts to test research findings and provide future teachers with unique teaching and scholarship opportunities.  Local districts also have the opportunity to approach the MTLC with problems that can be addressed through collaborative research projects.   Current goals include:

  • Building links among university researchers and school-based practitioners.
  • Creating research teams consisting of members located anywhere, worldwide, via the Internet.
  • Supporting involvement of faculty, students, school district practitioners, government, education related businesses, and community partners.
  • Developing collaborations with leaders in device and technology innovation.
  • Enabling MTLC‘s Teaching Innovation Studio as a “living laboratory.”
  • Developing criteria of learning effectiveness for comparing mobile devices and features.
  • Creating and disseminating evidence-based practices for using mobile devices to support learning.

For more information, please contact the MTLC at