Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Student Teaching

How do I apply for student teaching?

Applications for Student Teaching are available from the Director of Field Experiences, in the Student Teaching Handbook, and from your advisor.

I am an undergraduate student and would like to student teach after graduation. Is this possible?

An undergraduate student can student teach after graduation. To do so, you must also submit a shortened application for graduate admission through the Admissions Office. If you are seeking admissions to a Master's degree program, you must submit the complete application. Undergraduates taking special education credential coursework frequently complete the credential coursework and/or student teaching as a graduate student.

When will I know my student teaching assignment and where will I be placed?

You will find out your student teaching assignment at a mandatory meeting the week before student teaching begins. The university places students in districts throughout San Diego County and works with site leaders to locate optimal experiences for each student. Students can request placement within specific districts. However, we cannot guarantee that all requests can be honored specifically.

Can I work part-time during my student teaching assignment?

Student Teaching is a full-time experience. Being successful requires hours of preparation. We recommend that you not hold a job or take coursework along with student teaching.

Can I interview for a job while student teaching?

Yes, you can set up job interviews during student teaching. Make sure that your co-operating teacher and your university supervisor are aware of the exact times when you will need to be out of the classroom. If you are responsible for lesson planning, you need to provide those lessons to your co-operating teacher in advance.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding student teaching, please refer to the Student Teaching Handbook.

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