Types of Field Experiences

We have designed our fieldwork experiences to ensure our students are aware of and appreciate the diversity found in San Diego schools. Each student is required to participate in field experiences that are diverse with respect to school site, grade level and cultural backgrounds of the students.

Types of Experiences

There are four types of field experiences and each credential program course utilizes one of them.

  1. Classroom Observations provide the student with the opportunity to observe teachers in a variety of settings.
  2. Service Learning is experiential learning through service that meets the needs of the community and the student.
  3. A Practicum is an opportunity for the student to work with experienced teachers and to practice the specific techniques being taught in a methods course.
  4. Student Teaching is a training process that provides the student with opportunities to gradually work into being responsible for total classroom management, instruction and planning, and the other duties of a regular classroom teacher.  Student teaching is the culminating course and experience in the credential program.  This experience is organized to give the student the opportunity to observe, plan, and practice.  It is a time for the student teacher to extend his or her understanding of concepts developed in the prerequisite coursework and to continue to develop skills to meet the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs).