The student is responsible for ensuring that all of the paperwork and required meetings are completed in a timely manner. The following checklist, which is listed in chronological order, should be used to make sure you do not miss any steps in the process:

  1. During the semester prior to registering for the internship, contact both your faculty advisor and the Director of Field Experiences (DFE), Teresa VanHorn or (619) 260-4760)  to initiate dialogue with the DFE regarding internship possibilities..
  2. After you've been placed/accepted at a site, complete the Internship Application Form which will be reviewed by both the DFE and your faculty advisor.
  3. Review the Internship program goals/outcomes on the Leadership Studies website for details.
  4. Initiate a dialogue with the onsite internship supervisor concerning your leadership activity goals.
  5. Once steps 1-4 are completed, you will be cleared to register for the internship seminar.
  6. Register for LEAD 598 if you are a masters student, or LEAD 698 if you are a doctoral student.
  7. Set up a triad meeting between you, your Field Supervisor, and your University Supervisor. This meeting should be arranged prior to the first seminar class meeting.
  8. Access the course syllabus on the internship website and review the course requirements prior to the first seminar class meeting.
  9. Attend all required seminar meetings (these are held 4 times per semester).
  10. Turn in completed Leadership Studies Internship Log.
  11. Turn in final project and/or other assignments as noted on the course syllabus.
  12. Arrange for a final triad meeting prior to the end of the semester.
  13. Complete the evaluation forms at the end of the semester: Student’s Evaluation of Internship Experience and the course evaluation.
  14. Ensure that your Field Supervisor completes the Intern Assessment Form, reviews it with the intern, and sends it to Teresa VanHorn, Director of Field Experiences. 

Director of Field Experiences

The Director of Field Experiences (DFE), Teresa VanHorn (, is responsible for helping students find the appropriate placement. The DFE is also the first point of contact when the student decides they would like to do an internship. When the student meets with the DFE, she will talk to the student about career aspirations, and assist the student in identifying the type of placement that might be most beneficial to him/her. Even if the student already has a placement in mind, it is required that she/he contact the DFE to discuss their plans. Subsequently, the student will fill out the Internship Application Form that needs to be approved by the DFE, the student’s advisor, and the University Supervisor. This process is required to ensure that everyone is aware of the student’s plans and to proceed with finalizing the internship placement. The student cannot register for an internship until he/she has met with the DFE and completed the Leadership Studies Program Internship Application Form.

Toward the end of the internship experience, the DFE will send an email reminder to the Field Supervisor with a link to the evaluation form. The form will be completed by the Field Supervisor and sent to the DFE electronically. Prior to sending the form electronically, the Field Supervisor should print the form and review it with the student and the university supervisor at the final triad meeting.

University Supervisor 

The University Supervisor is the faculty member who is the instructor of record for the internship seminar. She/he will support the intern in identifying specific goals and objectives for the internship experience. The University Supervisor works closely with the DFE to ensure that the internship is closely aligned with the intern’s professional and programmatic goals. The DFE will also assist the intern in ensuring that the Field Supervisor understands the internship requirements. Finally, the University Supervisor helps the intern to communicate to the field supervisor his/her expectations for the internship experience.

The University Supervisor will facilitate* the triad meetings to create an effective strategy for three-way communication between the University Supervisor, the Field Supervisor, and the student.

The University Supervisor also evaluates the intern’s progress, all of his/her written assignments, and submits the student's final grade for the seminar.

Although the University Supervisor will facilitate the triad meeting, the intern is responsible for setting up at least two triad meetings between the intern, the University Supervisor, and the Field Supervisor. One of the meetings should occur prior to the start of the seminar, and the other near the end of the semester/internship.

Field Supervisor 

The Field Supervisor (FS) is the person in an organization that has the breadth and depth of professional experience in a specific organization setting and/or profession. Often this person is one who has a position of authority in the organization where the intern plans to work. The FS acts as a mentor to the intern as she/he learns to negotiate the environment at the internship site. The FS also has periodic meetings with the intern to offer feedback, provide direction on specific job responsibilities, review previous assigned work, and to help the intern develop the skills and abilities as outlined in their Leadership Activity Plan.

The FS works in collaboration with the University supervisor to make certain that the intern stays focused on the activities outlined in the Leadership Activity Plan, and is able to maximize her/his opportunities as an intern. The FS, University Supervisor, and the student meet prior to the start of the internship to discuss goals and objectives, and at the culmination of the internship to evaluate the work of the intern. There may also be occasions for the FS and the University Supervisor to talk during the course of the semester to review the progress of the intern. This is a decision that is generally made as the semester progresses.

Toward the end of the internship experience, the FS will receive an email from the DFE reminding the FS to complete the intern evaluation form. The email will include an electronic link directly to the form. The form will be completed by the FS and sent to the DFE electronically. Prior to sending the form electronically, the FS should print the form and review it with the student and the University Supervisor at the final triad meeting.