Internships can vary in their length and time requirements. For example, some students decide to take the internship for two semesters instead of one. Students do this for a variety of reasons. For example: they might want be involved in an organization that wants them to continue, and they feel they can benefit from another semester; they might want to learn more about the organization and one semester is not enough time; or they might have an assignment at the work site that takes them two semesters to complete.

Generally, a student enrolls in one 3-unit internship, and stays at one site for a minimum of 150 hours. However, students can do a combination of sites, hours, or semesters. Our goal is to be flexible enough to maximize opportunities for you. We suggest that you plan carefully, and talk with the Director of Field Experiences and your faculty advisor to develop a plan that best meets your needs. You should also talk this through with your field supervisor once you have identified an appropriate placement.

Students must keep track of hours worked using the Leadership Studies Internship Log. See link to forms on the website.